Some current goals: an update

On 26th June, I wrote a post about some current goals I had at that point. My target for these goals was my birthday which is on 4th September. Well, it’s the 1st today so we’re only a few days away and how did I do? Did I achieve any of my goals? I’m taking a look back at them today and seeing how I did!

1. Reach 140k page views before my birthday: I completed this on 1st August, so exactly a month ago today. So it’s safe to say I smashed that one! I’m still stunned that I have over one hundred thousand views on this little blog! Thank you to everyone who reads or visits every now and again!

2. Post every day in July: I sure as hell completely this and it was difficult – especially towards the end but I did it and I loved it! I wrote a post on what I learnt from blogging every day here.

3. Reach 7,000 Twitter followers before my birthday: I completed this on 7th July, so way before my birthday!

4. Read more and blog more about books in the coming month/s: I definitely did this in July, I found myself reading more and posting much more about books. Some of my reviews from the last 2 months are; Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas, Tin Man by Sarah Winman and The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor.

5. Start a new project: Now… This one is where things didn’t run as smoothly. I had a wonderful idea for a project I was hoping to start, I sent out emails and started planning but then I realised just how much work it was going to be and I literally just gave up over night. But… I guess this can be counted as a project but I have now started writing a book! A publisher has said they want to see 3 chapters from me for a novel idea I have that they really like so that’s what I’m currently working on. Exciting, huh?

6. Hit a certain amount of savings: Completed this one on 26th July. Way before when I thought I was going to so I’m super happy about that.

7. Finish watching The Handmaid’s Tale: I’m so bad at starting a TV show then giving up halfway through. Even if  loved the show. But I really wanted to finish The Handmaid’s Tale because it was so utterly brilliant and the finale did not disappoint!

What goals have you achieved recently? Do you have any goals for September? I’d love to hear them!

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20 thoughts on “Some current goals: an update

  1. Congrats on accomplishing so much! Posting ever day musty have been a lot of work! And 7000 Twitter followers is brilliant! My birthday is on the 3rd of September 😀 Happy Birthday to you in advance 🙂

  2. Wow, you really have smashed some huge goals, that’s amazing, saying well done doesn’t seem enough somehow! Wishing you all the best with your book chapters, that’s fantastic news. And early happy birthday wishes for Monday too 🎂🎁🎉 Lisa x

  3. The biggest of congratulations on EVERYTHING above. Go you, you are one amazing lady(I don’t know know you, so that sounds weird but it is true, you are such an inspiration)!! (and no pressure, but can’t wait for the book!!!)

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