I read a blog post the other day… And I didn’t like it. And I didn’t like some of the things which were said. I won’t name and shame and this isn’t a “reaction” type post; I don’t think I’d ever go through the effort of doing one of those. But it did prompt me to want to write my own post about this topic – a topic which was rather contradictory in the original post and a topic which I think needs to be emphasised more.

The blogging community lately seems to be a hive of bloggers all claiming they know what’s best for other bloggers. People giving out advice and tips and “do’s and don’ts” left right and centre. And whilst advice to an extent can be good; I honestly wouldn’t have know where to start with my blog without advice from another blogger, it can get borderline pushy.

I’m not a saint this with topic and I have wrote a few advice posts in the past however, I’ve always made sure I’ve stated, very, very clarly that I am writing these posts and sharing these tips because I have found, over time that they have worked for me. And that they may work for you too. If you wanna try them, do. If you have your own way of doing x, y and z, do. I don’t really care whether you take my advice or not but it’s there if you want it. That kind of thing.

But the amount of pushy, dictatorship style posts telling bloggers they need to do this, in order to achieve success has become a bit of a joke and it’s safe to say that blogger’s are sick of it. I fail to understand why the intentions of other bloggers (unless of course, they’re completely abhorrent intentions which for all intents and purposes, need to be called out) are of such a concern to other people.

Anyway, that was just something that’s been niggling at me for a while. Back to the blog post in question at the beginning, we were told in that particular post that bloggers should stop moaning at other bloggers for doing what they want to do. And I totally agree with that; unless a blogger is doing something very, very wrong and harmful we should all be able to do what we want but they then go on to say how they’re sick of bloggers doing x, y and z and therefore contradicting themselves by moaning at bloggers for doing what they want to do (completely harmless things may I add) which is what we were specifically told we she shouldn’t be doing. Hmm.

There’s also been a sense of how bloggers should SPEAK UP! And FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! And USE THEIR VOICE! And whilst we’re incredibly lucky to have a platform in which we are able to do those things and that is utterly brilliant, some bloggers don’t or can’t do that all the time. And that’s where the title of this post is coming from.

Every blogger matters. If you want to talk about current affairs, politics, mental health, LGBTQ+ rights and educate people on these important discussions then please, do. That’s incredible that you’re able to do that and you should be so very proud for speaking up, sharing your experiences and educating people about it. You’re doing a service to yourself, to bloggers and to human rights as a whole – even if just one person reads and learns something and eliminates a harmful behaviour because of your post.

But hey, guess what? If you like to blog about make up or beauty products and take the time to display them on pristine marble backgrounds with cute rose gold props, that matters too. Your post reviewing a new eye shadow palette might have entertained a make-up lover for 5 minutes who were having an awful day. It might have taken their mind off of what was bothering them, just for a second whilst they read your post and look at you swoon-worthy photos. And that… That’s bloody important too.

It’s our duty as bloggers to write about what we’re passionate about and that’s going to be a different collection of things / topics for each of us. Don’t belittle one bloggers passions just because it’s deemed as “less important” to you. Because it will matter to someone else.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic! Let’s have a civilised discussion in the comments!

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103 thoughts on “EVERY BLOGGER MATTERS

  1. I really love this post! I’ve seen a few posts like this recently too, on a certain book blogging subject, and it’s really winding me up ๐Ÿ™„
    Everyone should just be able to write what they want to unless it’s incredibly offensive or something.
    Amy x

    • Oh really? I haven’t seen the book blogging one – I’d love to know what post you’re talking about (DM me on Twitter). Regardless of the topics or niche though, it’s stupid. Thanks for commenting (: xx

  2. Good on you. With courageous democratic free thinking like yours… lawyers, vexatious litigants, and pedophiles with good jobs could go broke.

  3. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    I fully agree with Jenny, regarding not pushing advice down other peoples throats AND that EVERY blogger is important – except when they intend harm.
    Because my blog is intended as a resource and provides information for writers, I have to tread a fine line when it comes to sharing advice about marketing, blogging and writing – making it available if needed, yet, not endorsing it as the ONLY way to do stuff.
    Hopefully, I’ve been doing it ok so far – and I hope I’ll be advised if/when I’ve crossed that fine line ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I 100% agree that every single blogger out there is important because we are all different with different interests and opinions, and even if you’re helping just a small group of people with your blog, that is still super important. Thank you so much for sharing this message, there is no right or wrong way to do blogging and we should simply focus on what we’re passionate about as well as connecting with like-minded people โค

  5. I love this post! I’ve had to take a little break from my blog over the last month or so because of real life. I’m excited to get it back up and running the way I want it, but all I want to do is basically squeal about books and throw a few random posts in. It’s an escape for me, a hobby, and not something I can spend every day working on. I’m never going to have a big following but that’s okay, because I love what I do. I’m all for blogs that are all empowering and hey, may change the world. But I also love those ones where it’s one niche topic and the blogger clearly cares about said topic and that’s what is important. Oh wait, now I’m ranting… Just wanted to say this is a great post and definitely a message that needs to get out there!

  6. IMHO the ‘How to’ posts and the ‘Do it this way’ posts are also helping bloggers to keep their names out there who may be worrying about their stats and on-line presence reducing if they cannot think of anything meaningful to write about!

  7. Great post, Jenny. I agree that there are some helpful “how to” posts out there but there are also a lot of what I would term (IMO) preaching posts that have sometimes made me feel if I don’t do what that particular blogger recommends my blog is no good and doomed to failure. I blog for me because I love writing and sharing my thoughts. I’m also learning so much about social media and photography and HTML, it’s a form of CPD for me. So if anyone likes what I write about that’s brilliant but I don’t need to be made to feel I can’t write about whatever I want just because it’s not a big cause. And, lastly, I love how supportive the blogging community has been to me, I’m very grateful, and the engagement with others is an absolute joy. Thank you for writing this, sorry I’ve rambled on! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    • I’m so glad to hear the blogging community has been good to you! Obviously some people don’t have quite so pleasant an experience. But I agree there are some super preachy posts and it’s like I don’t care?! Haha, blogging is so subjective to each individual xxx

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  9. I 10000% agree. That is so true. Especially saying that we can only be successful bloggers choosing 1 single niche. What if someone is passionate about hundreds of other things? In my opinion blogging is us whatever we think whatever we do what we are passionate about. It`s simply the way of expressing ourselves and as it always is everyone is different so the way we do it is up to us. No restrictions or silly rules should be there. That`s how we are and why we should change it?

  10. Thank you so, so much for this post, Jenny. The bombardment of “you must blog this way” posts have made me uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking of writing a sort of “anti-advice” post to discuss what I’ve tried and how it hasn’t worked… and then tack on my own “do what you want” advice on the end, haha. Anyway, you’re 100% right that we all need to write about what we love — because that’s the content you’ll write best, and because I don’t want to follow 897 of the same exact bloggers, you know?

    Your post came at a great time. Thanks again. x

    • I totally agree! Some of those posts are utterly ridiculous- I don’t know who some bloggers think they are; it’s blogging not a dictatorship! That type of post sounds brilliant. I did a really sarcastic post called “How to be a good blogger” and basically ended it with, “this is all rubbish, just do you” ๐Ÿคฃ xx

  11. I agree with you. If what you do is put something into the world that someone else might find helpful, cheering, encouraging – whatever – it’s all good. And often, how we deal with the really big issues also has its roots in how we deal with the small issues. So, for example, complaining about beauty blogs and makeup reviews… could be a gender thing going on there, could be a trivializing of something because it is something women find appealing. At which point, blogging about beauty becomes one of those important empowerment activities, and turns out to have been deeply political all along!

  12. I completely agree with what you’ve said. I don’t know what it is about the blogging community at the moment, but everyone seems to be at each others throat’s, criticising people for not blogging ‘right’. As bloggers, we should write what we want to and are capable of writing about, and do it in a way that we enjoy. There’s no point in producing exclusively content that you feel you ‘should’ be writing about all the time, especially if that’s not something you enjoy, because where’s the versatility in that? Love this post!

  13. I totally agree with you! It baffles me that some folks get so invested in monitoring what other people do on their blog. And while I agree that people who write about social issues are doing a service to society, I experienced firsthand the service that fashion blogs (in my case) can render to someone going through a tough time. The blogs I read helped me adjust to my 1,500 mile move to a new city!


    • That’s exactly the type of example I was looking for! Absolutely (: every topic matters to someone and whilst someone may write about an important topic and help change the world, someone else might write about a smaller topic that’s deemed less important but change one persons world. It all matters xx

  14. Great post Jenny. I couldn’t agree more, I often fall out of love with my blog/social media because I feel like my content isn’t worthy of being read. I find that some bloggers can have such a presence on social media and they sometimes come across as if they are superior, which actually in turn makes me think what’s the point because I don’t follow what they class as the ‘should be’

    • Nooo! I hate that you think like that cos your blog is lovely (: some bloggers do have a huge presence and that could be down to years of hard work or a fluke but there’s more room for more big presences too (: xx

  15. You couldn’t be any more right! I am so incredibly annoyed with the bloggers who blog about blogging tips to help bloggers be successful blogging. It’s so incredibly ridiculous. Furthermore, it’s bloggers who are subscribing to these types of posts and bloggers. So their success comes from a completely different place than a lifestyle blogger or a fashion blogger. Meaning, what they did to become successful could be a different path for another niche blogger. I am so guilty of buying into these types of posts, but I’ve come to realize that I can only be myself and produce the content that I like and that other people will like. However, sometimes I feel like I don’t matter because I don’t have at least 1k in followers. It can be a bit discouraging, but I’ve learned that I need to focus on putting out quality content.


  16. I agree with this! Our blogs are our own little spaces on the internet to write about whatever we want to. I think when it comes to other social media networks like twitter though, I like to follow people who discuss more than just what they blog about, i like to hear their opinions politics and current affairs and more, because I enjoy getting to know the blogger as a whole! So yes, I don’t think people should ever try to shame or belittle people on the basis of what they blog about, but I can’t deny that I do enjoy engaging with bloggers who speak their mind on a range of topics. Eva x


  17. I couldn’t agree more! Especially that line ‘Itโ€™s our duty as bloggers to write about what weโ€™re passionate about’ hit home, because I felt bad about not speaking up about my mental health when the whole diversity drama went down, but mental health is not what I’m passionate about. I rather put up a random silly travel post than a post about my mental health that made me uncomfortable while writing it…

    x Envy

  18. Completely agree! I know myself, sometimes I want to read about some of the hard-hitting issues of the world, and I want a long, interesting post to read. Other times, I want to read something more light-hearted like what jumpers are in the sale?! I love reading beauty reviews, for example, because it gives me a better idea about whether or not a product will work for me – saving me time and money!
    Great post, thanks for sharing it! x

  19. Bravo Chickie!!!! No one should ever go after another blogger and tell them how they should “DO IT.” Advice is one thing, its guidance.
    I do write about Mental Health Disorders. In fact, the reason why I write about it is to assist others who suffer from it. But, I would never jam it down someone else’s throat.
    I sincerely love to read from other bloggers because I love learning about the individuals, and where they are from. I also love learning about other subjects matters.
    I’m very happy I didn’t come across the blog your speaking about.
    Good for you though!!!!

  20. A great topic, Jenny. I actually do like “advice” posts because I have an opportunity to learn. I suppose it comes down to tone and intent as to whether the post rubs me the right or wrong way. And I always do have the option to stop reading if a post doesn’t sit right. I totally agree that kindness should be the rule, and it makes for a much better and more fun blogging experience. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. I completely agree, especially in regard to speaking up about important matters.. I agree that we all have a voice, a voice that is often heard more than some others, but I often feel under qualified or lacking in knowledge in certain areas, and would rather stay quiet or simply listen and educate myself, than voicing my opinion! Itโ€™s such a difficult area.. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

    Andi | http://www.andthenzen.co.uk

    • Totally. If you’ve personally found something useful then it’s brilliant to share that advice but it’s when it starts turning pushy and dictating what you should do is when it becomes a problem (: xx

  22. Live and let live….I totally agree with you Jenny ( and I love your header) so pretty. Most of us are passionate about what our blogging niche is..I make everything I truly have a thing about anything mass produced I want to know what is in my food…BUT …I just tell you how to make it..follow it if you want, I know people are busy and have life outside the kitchen….The offer is there…I also promote and share other posts…It’s too hot to wear much makeup here but someone else might so I share…Blogging should be fun and not dictate and I have read some horrors lately and yes we all have our opinions and they are just that but it doesn’t mean to say someone else’s is not just as valid or useful….A good post on the right way to approach blogging..

  23. Fantastic point! Although I’m fairly new to blogging, I really love discovering a variety of blogs (from mental health, beauty, and television). I created my blog to express what’s on my mind (which generally are mental health issues or television shows), but I find that my blog matters no more or less than beauty blogs, for example. I really enjoy reading them ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I absolutely agree with all you said. We’ve all started blogging for different reasons but we’ve all have a passion about it. And nobody should be shamed for what they love or write about. Advices are good to help you start and improve as long as they are objective and respectful. xx corinne

  25. Very well put Jenny! I love ‘how to’ and ‘tips and tricks’ posts, but I’d hate for everyone’s blogs to become the same from ‘doing the right things’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Jenny I absolutely loved this post! I saw tweets a few weeks ago saying like you stated how bloggers should use their voice blah blah and to be honest was a little offended by the way it was put. Being a beauty blogger I obviously talk about lipsticks and eyeshadows and skincare and feel that’s just as important as other posts! It wouldn’t be any use for me to write a post about politics because quite frankly I know nothing and to be honest it wouldn’t interest me to read one! You’re right, every blogger matters, no matter what they write about!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  27. Such an interesting post! There are so many posts like this around. I’ve asked my viewers what posts they would like to see and someone always says a tips/blogging advice post! I haven’t done one yet as I’m no expert, I don’t feel worthy to write that post. I’ve learnt as I’ve gone along the only advice I could give is trial and error is best! Xx

  28. Excellent post, in particular the ending. If you reach one person and save their day, you’ve done something, in fact if I knew I’d done that at least once I’d be happy. Thank you for being a voice of reason:)

  29. I literally just started my blog yesterday and reading this was really encouraging. I posted my fist piece basically this morning. However I haven’t got anyone to read it . Anway I’m still very confused as to how this works and how to get followers because I’ve never done this before…
    So thank you very much for this ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

  30. Hey Jenny.
    See, the reason I started blogging was simple. A blog is meant to be your space. A digital journal kind of deal on which you can ask for advice, suggestions or whatever else you need from it. Blogging has given me too much. And based on that same principle, no one has the right to invade your personal space (Semi-personal in case of blogs, I guess). But like real life, people just can’t stop rubbing their nose in other people’s business (I guess I am doing that too right now ๐Ÿ™‚ ). So the point simple remains this, “Do whatever gives you gratification.”
    Nitesh (Sketches by Nitesh).

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