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When I’m lacking a few blog posts ideas, I find you can’t go wrong with a nice, simple tag post! And if it’s a bookish themed tag post, even better. Luckily… I found just that on Golden Books Girl and you can find her post here. Ready? Let’s answer some booky questions. If you want to do the tag yourself please feel free and link me to them as I’d love to read your answers!

Audiobook or textbook?

Textbook, all the way. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an audiobook in my life! Although maybe that would be a god idea for those long winded classics, like Lord of the Rings and Great expectations that I can’t be arsed to read myself.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback but only for convenience. When you have limited bookshelf space as it is, it’s so much easier to fit the paperbacks in! I also find hardbacks a bit uncomfortable to hold, especially for long periods. Basically, I’m lazy AF.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Fiction. I only ever read Non-Fiction when it’s topic I’m deeply passionate about. Which is why I read a lot of Formula 1 drivers autobiographies. But aside from that, it has to be Fiction all the way. Escapism baby. The world is shite.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

Okay… confession time. I have read all the Twilight books and I bloody loved them. I was completely hooked. I haven’t, however, read all the Harry Potter books and quite frankly, I get a little bored of them. I understand that Twilight is kinda problematic and I so wasn’t down for Robert Pattinson as Edward. But I adore the Harry Potter films. So to answer your question… Harry Potter. Probably.

Bookshop or online?

Online, just for convenience and choice but you just can’t beat a bookshop can you? Aimlessly strolling around the aisles, picking up book after book and turning each of them over in your hands, the smell of paper drifting up your nose… Aaaaah!

Standalone or trilogy?

Standalone, definitely. I’m not a huge trilogy fan, unless it’s something exceptional that I cannot put down. For the most part, if I read a book and just liked it”, I won’t read the sequel (if there is one).I like new stories, new worlds and new characters unless I’m hooked, I like to move on to the next.

Sweet and short or heavy and long?

Sweet and short! I’m instantly put off by long books. But I do love a deep, dark, heavy story.

Cosy read or reading in the sun?

Can I make my own one up for this? Because I prefer reading in the bath, with some chocolate. I always get the most reading done in one sitting in the bath! Although in the summer I do like to sit out in my garden on our swing and read. That’s always very relaxing.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Weird, why isn’t it tea or coffee? But neither. I’d choose tea, every time! Milk and two sugars, please.

What would your answers be to these questions? If you don’t want to do the tag yourself, leave your answers in the comments!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

72 thoughts on “Bookish this or that tag

  1. I always wonder if I should try an audiobook in the gym but then worry I will fall off the treadmill haha,so I have not listened to any either. Bath & Chocolate with a cup of tea sounds like a great category for book reading, I guess I like cosy reading as I like to read in window nooks.


  2. Love this tag! I think pretty much every single answer you gave would be the same as mine except i hate tea and coffee so it would be hot chocolate for me! X

  3. Twilight used to be my guilty pleasure reading when I was a teen until I grew up and realise how problematic the love lines are. #TeamJacobBtw

    Can I pretty please do this tag? It looks so easy to write xD. #InALazyMoodToWriteAnything

  4. These are some really great answers! I can completely understand why you would pick twilight over Harry Potter especially if you haven’t read all the books! I also love tea but I’d have picked coffee x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  5. How amazing is this little tag! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.

    Ooo, reading in the bath scares me senseless. What if you drop the book?

    Em xxxx

  6. That’s so interesting about the Harry Potter/Twilight thing, I’m not sure I know that many people who have read all of Twilight but not all of HP! I’ve read them both, Twilight was pure escapism for me as it was such an easy read, but HP definitely appeals to me more.
    Also your mention of the smell of a new book has me desperate to go book shopping haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  7. I’ve only recently got into audiobooks just because of their convenience and I love them! I spend a lot of my days reading for my uni studies, so to have someone to read to you in the evening is super relaxing too! I also love strolling through bookshops, nothing makes you feel more content, but I often shop online because it’s cheaper!

    Abbey ⚡️

  8. I love book shops and that`s the reason I am not buying books online. I like the idea that I can actually see the book, touch it, check the back enjoying the moment of choosing something. Being surrounded by books is also being in the place where I want to be 🙂 Lovely post as always 🙂

    1. I love going into a bookshop for that reason, being able to pick the book up and just lose myself in them. But online is just so convenient and I tend to stay away from big chains like Waterstones and we have no little independent bookshops near me! xxx

  9. I love the idea of a hardback, but they are such a pain to lug around. I’ve been trying to get through the same book for months now, and it’s literally only because the book is so big I can’t carry it on my commute haha! xx

  10. I love this tag, I definitely need to start reading more again. When I’m looking for a new book I always find I go to the store to find the book and then order online as it’s cheaper haha. I loved the Twilight books too and have read all but one of the Harry Potter books. xx

  11. I love this book tag post! I just don’t want to say too much about my answers because I think I’d like to do the tag myself, haha! So I’m going to have to say watch this space 🙂 thank you, Jenny (and by extension, Golden Books Girl), I’ll definitely tag you when I’ve done it! X

  12. I’m the same, I love love love wandering around a huge bookshop filled with random books, but nothing beats going online and finding exactly what you want for a great price and getting it delivered quickly. I think I’d have to pick both!

  13. Love a bookish tag post, love a tag post regardless. They’re just fun. Helps me learn all about my favourite bloggers too.

    Great answers fyi. I feel exactly the same about bookshops, they’re so lovely to mosey around but since where I live has no bookshops, ordering online is more convenient.

    1. That’s how I feel about tag posts too. And yeah I agree, I mean we have the big chains like Waterstones and WH Smith’s but I love small, quaint, independent bookshops which are a rarity to find now xxx

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