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I bloody love Winter. After Autumn, Winter is my second favourite season as I adore the cold and thrive in these colder months. I love wearing cosy jumpers, freezing cold walks with the dog, hearty food which warms your stomach, all the twinkling lights and starting my Christmas shopping. Although I’m not mad about Christmas Day too much, I love the Christmas and Winter ‘aesthetic’ – it’s truly the prettiest and cutest time of the year. So I’ve put together a little Winter wish list of things which are super cute which I would love to own this time of the year. You can find links to each product below! Happy shopping! 

Metal Tea-light Holder (£3) – Boohoo: Candles are one of my favourite things about winter and Christmas. The gorgeous scents and the flames flickering around the fireplace. I absolutely love this tea-light holder; the stars are really Christmassy and I love the copper colour inside.

NYX Professional Make Up Dream Catcher Shadow Palette (£14) – ASOS: I’m not a huge make-up enthusiast but I love the colours in this palette, especially the subtle blues and browns which you could make a really lovely wintery lookout of (if you’re good at make-up that is!)

Ted Baker Faux Fur Collar Skirted Coat (£349) – ASOS: You can’t have winter without a brand new coat, can you? I actually have a similar one to this at home so this must be my sort of style. However, I’d never be able to afford this gorgeous one! (that’s why it’s on my wish-list!)

Christmas Print Cushion Cover {Reindeer} (£6.99) – H&M Home & Christmas Print Cushion Cover {Red Stars} (£3.99) – H&M Home: I really love these two Christmassy themed cushion covers and along with Wintery bedding, you could make a gorgeous aesthetic in your bedroom.

Leather Strapped Watch (£24.99) – H&M: I fell in love with this watch immediately and although obviously it’s not strictly Winter / Christmas themed, I think the cool tones would look really lovely with Wintery outfits.

Harry Potter Glitter Baubals (£5) – Primark: I couldn’t not include these on my wish-list because they’ve literally been on everyone’s wish-lists or Primark hauls lately! Well done Primark, well done.

Spiced Orange & Cinnamon Candle (£3) – Primark: I love the sound of this scent and it’s another little gem from Primark, who have done so well with home-ware this year! Oranges is such a Wintery / Christmassy scent, too.

What’s on your Winter or Christmas wish-list? What products featured above are your favourites? Let me know!

* This is not a sponsored post and none of these products were sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and I don't take credit for any photos used in the above image.



  1. carolineontheglobe says:

    Ohhhhh candles. They change everything for better! 🙂

    1. Love a nice candle! xxx

  2. So many amazing things, I adore the Tealight holder and the grey watch, they’re both very aesthetically pleasing! Xx

    1. They are aren’t they!

  3. Ive been looking for some wintery cushions and these two are so lovely!! I agree that the cool colours of the watch would match up perfectly with winter fashion and its such a lovely design too!! I love candle holders but I think my collection is far too big to think about any more haha!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

    1. Haha candles can get a bit out of hand can’t they! xxx

  4. The tealight holder, Harry Potter baubles and the cushion are absolutely adorable! I’m definitely adding them to my wishlist! xx

    1. Aren’t they! 😍

  5. Winter is my favourite too!! Just love everything about it, the cold, the atmosphere… just LOVE it. I also love that coat!!!! Xxxxxxxx


    1. Same! I love the smell in the air in Winter… is that weird? Haha Xxx

      1. Hahaha I know what you mean. It is a bit weird hahahaha xxxxxxx

  6. That coat is die for!! I love these sorts of posts xx

    Jamie | http://www.jamies-corner.com

    1. Isn’t it just xx

  7. Kayleigh Zara says:

    The watch is so beautiful – and it really does look like an Olivia burton one. I really love the H&M Christmas bits and bobs too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. It looks so much more high end doesn’t it?!

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  9. Isabel says:

    Whaaat Harry Potter baubles?! I didn’t know about these! I need to get to a primark now!

    1. Apparently so haha!

  10. lisamclachlan says:

    I love those cushions, they are so Christmassy and an absolute bargain price too. My all time favourite Winter candle is The White Company’s Winter candle, it’s quite pricy but just gorgeous. Hmmmn, you’ve made me start thinking about Christmas and we’ve not even had Hallowe’en yet! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the White Company but I haven’t ever smelt or had any of their products!

  11. HARRY POTTER BAUBLES? Whelp. Time to take a trip to Primark. They really know how to get us to spend our money..
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. Haha they do don’t they. Do we NEED Harry Potter Christmas baulbauls? Not really (;

  12. The watch is so simple yet so pretty, and also really well priced!

    1. Right?! It’s really classy isn’t it!

  13. I neeeed the Harry Potter balbaul 😍

    1. Gorgeous aren’t they!

  14. Ooo watch is sooo great.it looks like high end brand 🙃

    1. That’s what I thought too (:

  15. thatmummarocks says:

    I am loving all these things! Especially the baubles and those cushion covers…I am actually so excited for Winter, I’d take the colder weather over the hot weather any day xx

    1. Same! I hate summer and heat so I’m buzzing for this time of year.

  16. I want those baubles! I love Primark’s Harry Potter merch collection! I also think you have great taste for homeware – those candle holders are gorgeous! I’ve yet to collate my winter wish list but you’ve reminded me to get on it!

    1. Thank you very much (:

  17. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    Winter is my second favourite season next to Autumn (I adore Autumn). I definitely love the new Harry Potter baubles but I have’t seen any when I’ve been in primark unfortunately! You definitely always need a new candle to match the season though right 🙂 Lovely post and hope you get everything off your wish list. x

    1. Thank you (: I think the Harry Potter merch gets sold out super quickly!

  18. I love this watch! Can’t believe it’s only from H & M. Great guide.

    1. Right it looks much more high end doesn’t it.

  19. SimplyUntamedNatonya says:

    Sorry left out a word, typing too fast lol! Adore the skirted coat by Ted Baker!

  20. SimplyUntamedNatonya says:

    Ted Baker is stellar, adore the skirt and those the Christmas pillow is soooo cute! I want to get more Christmas theme items in the house. Decorating for Christmas and getting winter ready is so fun! Lovely post 🙂

    1. I want to decorate and get ready for Christmas more this year too! I tried to last year but it didn’t really work haha.

  21. Emma Blogger (A Booking Good Read) says:

    I love the watch it’s so pretty, I need some new cosy pyjamas for the winter nights 💕

    1. I definitely need some new winter PJ’s too!

  22. Beautiful collection

    1. Thank you (: xx

  23. My mum has been trying for ages to get those baubles in Primark and no sign of them at all.

    1. They’re probably sold out in a lot of stores, they’re very popular.

  24. Primark has been seriously on the mark with their Harry Potter merch! Love that deer cushion as well 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. They have indeed! I mean… it can certainly go a bit overboard and I wouldn’t have a TON of Harry Potter decor in the house but maybe a few little bits! 😉

  25. oooo that watch is a bargain! it’s similar to my olivia burton one but loads cheaper, I need it!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | http://www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

    1. Hehe isn’t it gorgeous! It’s so classy and understated 💚

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