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The perfect 10: Tan out of Ten *

Look at me, two beauty related blog posts in the first 2 weeks of the year! I’ve always said I’m not a beauty blogger (and predominantly I’m not) but lately, I have really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and branching out a little more to this genre. I may not have the most articulate language to describe smells and textures of things but I enjoy it and that’s what important, right? Anyway! When I was sorta, 16-19, I was an avid fake tan wearer. If you knew me in person now, you’d honestly wonder how that was possible and whilst I look back and miss being a bronze goddess, I didn’t have the best skills and knowledge of fake tan. You just put 4 layers on right on top of each other and be done with it, right?

But I was contacted by Tan Out of Ten, a tanning brand which I was keen to try. I’ve never heard of them, nor tried them before so it was a clean slate (unlike my bathroom counter afterwards!) with no expectations. I received 3 decent sized tester sachets of the Medium Self Tan Lotion. They have 5 different products in this new range thus far, including a mousse, lotions in Medium and Dark tones, a matte finish tanning gel and a shimmer tanning gel. Although I’m only trying one, it appears that they have products to suit everyone and different needs / occasions. Sometimes, I prefer a mousse. Other times I prefer a gradual, moisturizing tan lotion. It entirely depends on the situation!

I’m aware this looks kinda weird, haha!

The product: Before we go any further, I know what you’re thinking, “she’s not wearing a mitt, SHE’S NOT WEARING A MITT. GOOD GOD CALL THE TROOPS”, I said I used to be an avid fake tan wearer – I didn’t say I did it properly now did I. No seriously, I know, I need a mitt. I just don’t have one so let’s move on. Despite the back of the sachet saying it recommends using a mitt, clearly I didn’t have one so I used my hands. I started with just my forearms – especially with it being a brand new product, I didn’t want to do my entire body only to find out I’m allergic to it (I’m not, yay!). The tan is very dark in the packaging but don’t let that put you off – once it’s rubbed in properly, I can guarantee it goes lighter.

The Self Tan Lotion was very creamy – it almost reminded me of an Alpro Chocolate Pot. It was very smooth and went on fairly easily – even with fingers. But the thing that stood out for me, was the smell. Mmmmmm. The press release states that it has a papaya and coconut scent and whilst I can’t really pick out individual fragrances (I’m rubbish at describing smells), I can say that it smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s flipping GORGEOUS. Basically, it smells like holiday. It smells like Lanzarote. That’s the only way I can describe it. But trust me, it’s beautiful. It’s very fragranced so have that in mind in case you’re someone that likes a more low-key natural smell. But honestly, I wish this was a perfume.

This is and isn’t a gradual tan. It develops over 6 or so hours to it’s full colour but when you put it on initially, it still has a slight colour. It’s not too dark to begin with though so you do have to leave it for a while to see the finished result but the good thing about the instant colour is that you can immediately see where you’ve missed or any patchy areas, as opposed to the completely clear gradual tans when you only notice the next day that you look like a Wotsit which has been in a washing machine.

I really liked the shade on first application – even though I only did my forearms to begin with, it wasn’t an overwhelming colour which would look odd on me, as I’m very fair. It wasn’t orange, it gave me a nice, healthy glow. Which is exactly what I want from a fake tanning product. I know it’s the dead of Winter right now but any fake tan enthusiast will know that it’s never too late or early to start trying out tans for the summer and getting your fake tanning routine in order. You can find Tan Out of Ten here, on Instagram here and can purchase the products on Boohoo, Amazon, Fragrance Direct, Glitterstore and Xtras.

Are you a fake tan user? What’s your favourite fake tan product? Do you have any fake tanning tips or tricks? Let’s discuss!

* These products were sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Props to you for being able to use self tanning products! If I use them I look so odd! I’m just too use to being a pale girl I think lol xx

    1. Haha well there are some really lovely, gentle ones for pale skin out there. Dove do one I’d highly recommend xxx

      1. I’ll have to check it out!!

  2. I’m not the biggest user of fake tan but I am so pale, so I always think I should use it more! I didn’t know Technic did fake tan though xx

    Jamie |

  3. I’ve honestly never in my life used fake tan because I am so scared I’ll look… well, “like a Wotsit which has been in a washing machine” (laughed out loud at that). This looks really good though, and easy to use! If you managed to get a good colour (even without mitts!) I might have to see if I can get my hands on some before I go away next week!
    Beth x

    1. Haha there are some really great light, gradual tans out there which double up as a moisturiser as well. Dove do a brilliant one and they don’t leave you orange at all! xxx

  4. not heard of this brand before but it sounds good im always so scared to apply though haha

  5. I used to be an avid fake tanner too but it gave me terrible eczema so I had to stop. I tried to dip my toe back in the tanning pool a few months ago with just a gradual tan moisturiser…but nope…skin reacted immediately. It’s a no-go for me *sob*
    Anna xxx

    1. Oh no what a shame! It’s a shame they don’t have an eczema cream which had tan in it haha! xxx

  6. Isabel says:

    I’ve always been too scared to use fake tan on my ghost pale skin, but I like that you can see where you’ve missed straight away, to take the guess work out. If I ever get up my nerve I would love to try it!

    1. I have such pale skin as well don’t worry! But there are some fab tans which are really faint and gradual and work really well on pale skin xx

  7. I tan 2/3 times a week and so finding new tans to try is sooo exciting. I LOVE the name of this, that’s an instant winner for me! I’ll definitely have a look at their range and see if there’s anything that catches my eye!

    Sarah | xx

    1. I would love to start tanning 2 times a week again! I could but it’s laziness that stops me haha xxx

  8. I’m laughing at the idea of you spreading an Alpro chocolate pot on your arms! I never fake fan being that I’m so pale one of my friends calls me Casper but I might look into some as I become literally translucent..

    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. Hahaha you can definitely get some really light tans which

    2. Sorry – which develop really gradually and won’t look out of place (: xxx

  9. This was so helpful, thank you!

    1. Thank you xx

  10. i love your reviews; without them, i really have no idea what i’m doing! ha. so thank you 💙☺️

    1. Haha thank you xx

  11. I fake tan all the time and my favorite tan to use is Bondi Sands! As well as smelling like coconuts, it’s not streaky and very easy to apply! My biggest hack when it comes to fake tanning is putting my tanning mitt on my hair brush so I can reach the places on my back that my hands can’t! It’s a cheap alternative to buying the applicators that are sold in drug stores and works perfectly!
    Also my top tip for removing fake tan is to lather yourself in coconut oil so you look like a slug then sit in the bath for half an hour, it’ll come right off!!xxx

    1. Wow these are brilliant tips! Thank you! xxx

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