I don’t write poetry. I don’t usually “get” poetry and it’s never been one of my favourite creative methods to both write or read. Can I blame it on school? On having that dreaded poetry anthology thrust upon us all in Year 9, in schools all over the country? Possibly. School certainly didn’t make poetry a fun experience; having to dissect every line, every word almost, constant analysis and notations. We were never really allowed to just read it, enjoy it and make of it what we wanted to – if anything.

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So, now I’ve said I don’t write poetry, here I am about to share some of my own poetry with you. I only started dabbling in this in 2017. I went through a what I would call, a creative shit-box stage where all I wanted in life was to be one of these adoringly creative people who drew and painted and wrote poetry and looked at things in a different way. I’m not one of those people but I thought I’d give this poetry thing a whirl anyway. After my “getting back into drawing” phase failed as did my painting phase. And if nothing else comes from this, at least I’ve filled up another day of content.

I’m not very creative with titles so they’re very basic. I also have no idea about different “types” of poetry – what should rhyme, when it should rhyme, if it should rhyme, how many lines, syllables. I have no freaking idea. So you will notice that what I’ve written, doesn’t fit into any category. In fact, I’m not even sure it can be labelled “poetry”, but whatever. I’m sharing something I feel deeply uncomfortable about sharing. I’m well and truly stepping outside my comfort zone here, which is something I wanted to do – blogging wise – more of this year.

One (a poem about what I was doing at that particular time of writing and stuff)

I sat on my bed. Alone.
I was dressed but under the covers.
The tea I was cradling was lukewarm,
but the mug still hot enough to make my fingers tingle.
Like you’ve jsut stepped into a warm house from being in the cold all day.
The day was bright.
The trees casting shadows and patterns through my window,
as they danced beneath the sun.
The sound of a lawn mower filling my ears and my brain.
Our street is small.
Every sound gets everywhere.
But everyone gets nowhere.

White souls (a poem about soul-mates or something)

Is the notion of souls and soul-mates true?
Or is it all just white noise,
there to distract us from the fact that we are all alone?

Make down

It’s the simple acts of brushing ones hair,
lining ones lips,
dressing ones eyes,
which makes me understand the futile nature of one’s lives.

The end (a poem I wrote when I was in a quite dark mental state, as you’ll probably tell)

Is this the beginning of the end?
I don’t think we will ever know.
But my thoughts wander to that of an empty bed
and dusty bookcases.
Unworn clothes and unused perfume.
All the simple things that make a life.
Even one as un-extraordinay as mine.

Old friends (and my personal favourite)

Do you ever look at photos of old friends
and as you’re staring intently at their smiling eyes,
you don’t so much as see them,
as much as you see yourself.
Staring right back at you,
in the eyes of those that saw you,
so fully and intently at one point in time.
And then all at once you can’t understand life without them,
but can’t imagine a life with them.

Okay there we go, that’s all I mustered up over the course of an entire year. To be fair, I did write these when I felt like I had something to say. I was definitely emotional or feeling something at the time so I can safely say they all came from the heart. I hope you enjoyed them – if you have any feedback for me, I’d love to hear it! Please share your own poetry in the comments.


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140 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. These poems are just so agreeable ❤ Love them.
    I read you're not very fond of poetry but do check out my page in case. Even i tried writing something. Hope you like it. Your feedback will be highly valued. 🙂

  2. This was such an interesting read! I noticed you mentioned at the beginning that you don’t know much about poetic formats etc., so if you are interested in knowing more about that, you can check out my blog poeticparadisum.wordpress.com
    But overall your poems are sooo good!

  3. Hello! This is some good stuff. I mean really. Honestly, i am able to get the picture behind the words and that’s what poetry is all about. Like a story with a relatable tune. I do poetry but what i like more is just writing down the things that come to my mind when i see something inspiring. My latest post is one of those. It is at https://thefourthdimensionoflife.wordpress.com/2018/04/09/the-song-of-the-rain/
    If you do check it out, i hope you like it. You have something great going on here. Just let it go. The feeling will speak for itself.

  4. Fortunately for our English teacher I fell in love with poetry. You’re so right. Love for poetry has so much to do with schools and teachers. Could relate to your various phases. Have been there on the same path☺. Nice poetry though for it came straight from the heart!

  5. Totally agree with the dreaded studying of poetry in school.
    I am a student in class 9th now and am totally suffering from it.

    Pretty cool writing in free verse. For me too expression of the thoughts gets much easier without all that rhyming and stuff. Check out my blog sometime please and comment if they are like at least “O.K.” sort of.

  6. i wanted to read some other people’s poetry on this site, and your post was one of the first that came up! totally relate to the not “getting poetry” part! school shoved poetry down my throat so hard that I didn’t even get a a taste! your style of writing is gorgeous, simple yet effective. i’ve gone through the same ‘revelation’ with poetry this year, so if you’d like a read here’s a link https://mindstutterings.wordpress.com/ ! but i’m not here to advertise (genuinely lmao) just to tell you to carry on writing 🙂 bless up!

  7. I like it. Poetry doesn’t need to rhyme. I write in free verse. Your poem, “One” reminded me of a poem I wrote. I think it follows almost the same style of just being somewhere and observing things around you. My poem is called, “Parched” and it goes like this:

    i feel your touch

    so i reach for you

    only to meet nothingness

    as you are whisked away from my reality

    your name softly bouncing off the walls

    if only i could’ve done the same

    as i stare blankly at the side of my wooded table

    wishing you were here

  8. I love your description “white noise”. It struck a chord – and I absolutely agree with you about school. Why do they expect everyone to be scholastic and not just feel beautiful thoughts? They probably put a lot of people off poetry for life!

  9. I really loved these!!! Your first part about knowing nothing about poetry I can relate to so much! But yet here I am still writing ‘poems’ and I’m completely and utterly in love with them! I posted recently on my blog feel free to check it out!

  10. There is much to read in your poetry. Please keep on writing. I am launching a poetry challenge for beginners this week. I would love you to join in. I am not much of a poet but when push comes to shove, occasionally a good word or two comes out. Keep it up.

  11. Ok I don’t know what you are talking about; saying your poems aren’t great. You write wonderful poetry; I loved reading it and I understood where you were coming from. I hope you continue to share your poetry; it was a brave thing to do. Dave

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