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How I deal with headaches

I’ve always suffered with headaches. They started when I was in my teens and have differed in frequency but all in all, I’m just a headachey person. It’s mostly stress or tension and now, having anxiety, you can imagine I stress and tense quite a bit. Headaches are a strange thing because they can stem from almost anything; mental or physical stress. DID YOU KNOW that once I had a boyfriend that gave me headaches. No… Literally. I had a headache almost every single day that I was with him and I bet you can guess what happened after we broke up? That’s right, bye bye headaches! So if knowing the fact that boys can literally give you headaches is the only thing you take from this post then I’m happy.

In all seriousness though, headaches suck. However you get them. They can be really debilitating and throw you off for the entire day in some cases. Whether it’s sinus pressure (which I get every single year without fail as soon as my hay fever hits), stress or something else it’s always good to try and relieve them ourselves with a number of different methods and techniques. But PSA, obviously I’m no doctor and if you begin to get a lot of headaches which you haven’t had before or they feel wrong or different to you, please go to your damn GP and don’t rely on a blogger for answers. Okay, with that out of the way, here are a few ways that I personally manage my own headaches.


The obvious one but I take medication if I get a headache or I feel one coming on. This is without a doubt the easiest and laziest option but it’s effective. So if you’re able to take tablets such as paracetamol or something like these Asprin and Coedine Phosphate tablets * then you totally should.

Drink plenty of water

Even if I’m not dehydrated (which I rarely am, I drink so much damn water), drinking lots of water is always good. For your headache and for everything else! I always drink water throughout the day and probably more so when I have a headache.

Massage your face

This sounds daft but when I have a headache (especially a sinus / stress headache which congregates around my eyes and the front of my head) I always find myself kneading my cheek bones and my brow bone with my hand or massaging my temples with my fingers.

Do Yoga

Literally my answer to everything these days. Headache? Yoga! Stressed? Yoga! Just broke up with your boyfriend? Yoga! Seriously, Yoga can aid almost anything. I use Yoga With Adriene and she has a great video which is specifically for the release of headaches.


Another thing that helps almost everything is sleep. And when you’ve got a headache, sometimes sleeping it off can really help. Or at the very least, you’re clocking out for an hour so you don’t have to deal with the rotten thing! A little nap can really aid a headache and give yourself a break!

Stay away from screens

This is really hard for me to do when I have a headache because I work from home – on my laptop. Literally everything I do is either on my phone or my laptop and requires looking at a screen but I know it doesn’t help. So if you can, stay away from screens for a while and give your eyes and head a break.

Have a bath 

I think when you’ve got a headache – whatever type of headache – relaxing is key. When you’re relaxed, you’re obviously not tense therefore not making your headache worse so whatever you can do to relax when you have a headache, try and do it! For me, that’s usually having a warm bath (but I avoid any smellies because strong scents can sometimes make mine worse)

Do you have any tips for people who suffer from headaches? What do you do to relieve your own? 

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  1. I suffer terribly with migraines – although they are better controlled with drugs, I find co-codamol, hot baths, reading (so as to avoid screens) and sleeping really help!

    1. They all sound like perfect tips. Sorry to hear you suffer with them badly!

  2. I wish I read this sooner because I just came out of a three-day headache. Some tips I did try because I knew them already but they didn’t help. I think tension headaches are the hardest to get rid of. I’m going to try the massage the next time.

    1. I have a tension headache today- it’s bloody awful!

  3. My headaches are mainly hormonal related, but when they come every month they get bad really fast. I find the most effective (natural) remedy for me is doTERRA PastTense essential oil blend topically, and I also use a drop of Frankincense on the roof of my mouth. This combo works great for my family!

    1. Wow that’s a interesting method!

  4. akjmusicblog says:

    I personally don’t get that many headaches, but if I ever do then I’m coming back to this post for advice!

    Amy |

    1. Lucky you!

  5. I suffer with tension headaches and can hand on my heart say that I wake up with a headache almost every single day, and have done for last 6 months. I went to the doctor recently as I was concerned it could be something serious (my nana passed away a few years ago from a brain tumour). The doctor did some neurological tests and blood tests, and thankfully everything came back clear. So I need to try out some relaxation techniques such as yoga and breathing and go for regular massages to see if that eases things up before taking any next steps! Great post though, especially when someone like myself suffers with what you are talking about. Xx

    1. Oh no that’s awful! I’m so sorry you have them so regularly. Relaxation helps so much, I’d definitely recommend booking a massage!

  6. ashton says:

    I have not heard of bathing as being as helping one with their headache. Interesting

    1. Well I don’t suspect it helps everyone but it’s nice and relaxing

  7. I suffer quite badly with migraines – to the point where I could barely keep my eyes open and would have to just go to bed. But I got glasses a couple of months ago which I just wear when I’m at work or in front of a computer and the difference is insane! I used to have migraines daily but now I get them once every couple of weeks maybe. So I’d definitely urge anyone who hasn’t done so to go get an eye test! Back to your post though, these are really great tips for coping, I always love to have a bath when I feel a migraine coming on, just to help release the tension and relax xo
    Sian |

    1. That’s an excellent point. My friend was in that position, kept getting headaches and turned out she needed glasses!

  8. I suffer bad migraines so I know how even the smallest thing can set off a headache xx

    1. Sorry to hear that x

  9. I suffer with chronic migraines, and honestly they make me so ill, the only thing that saves me is going to bed!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Oh no! That’s rubbish 🙁

  10. I’ve suffered from migraines from a teenager and these can be brought on for a multitude of reasons. After having tried the basic types of analgesia I then went on to try many medications from the Dr, none of them helped. I then saw a neurologist that prescribed another type of tablet used for depression and nerve pain which helped immensely for a number of years but then I was in a car accident which induced my migraine with vengeance. I am having up to four a week which is so debilitating. I have tried nerve blocks and am now having botox to my scalp and neck to try to conquer these mighty painful headaches. Up until now these have been very successful but the drawback is you have to have them every 3-4 months. I can totally sympathise with you as this is a horrible condition that affects all aspects of your life.

    1. Sorry to hear of all that that you have to go through but please don’t feel for me because I don’t suffer with migraines, just general headaches. I have no idea how awful migraines can be and I can’t begin to imagine how they feel x

  11. Okay I am saving this post and showing it to my other half later because he seems to get headaches on – at least – a weekly basis. Hopefully some of these tips will help!

    1. Oh no! Hope some of this helps!

  12. Oh! I also love Yoga with Adriene! That’s where I get my yoga fix. 🙂
    One thing I missed in here though, is that a side effect of headache tablets is headaches. I used to have a lot of headaches as a teen, so I took a lot of paracetamol tablets (no more than allowed), which eventually gave me paracetamol induced headaches. Ugh!

    1. Oh dear that’s not good! Thankfully I’ve never experienced that!

  13. I’ve been having headaches here and there lately. Oh man, glad you’re not with that boy who gave you headaches anymore! Toxic people can go away :’). I totally agree with water and sleep! You need to stay hydrated or else your body will feel super sluggish. Thanks for sharing these tips!!

    1. Haha me too! It was the ultimate toxic relationship that was!

  14. These are some great ideas, I get headaches sometimes but not too much thankfully. I do get stomach aches a lot more though, which I think are partly due to stress so a lot of these tips help for that too! xx

    1. Oh no! I get a few stomach aches too they’re awful too!

  15. ofbeautyand says:

    I always get headaches but I think the main reason is because I don’t drink enough x

    1. Exactly why drink plenty of water is on this list 🙂

  16. I suffer from terrible migraines lately and I definitely think it’s to do with staring at screens constantly, I agree drinking plenty of water helps and sometimes just taking medication is the best thing to do. It stops it from getting any worse! Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you suffer from those! Being in front of a screen can certainly bring them on x

  17. This was super helpful! So glad someone wrote a post about it 🙂

    1. Thank you :)!

  18. I just got glasses that have the blue light protectors for screens and it has been helping immensely. I’ve suffered from headaches on and off (sadly they are on again) and found out mine have a lot to do with hormone imbalances and medications are one of the only things that work for me. Amazing tips!

    1. I’m glad you’ve worked out exactly what causes yours so you know how to handle them 🙂

  19. This advice comes at the PERFECT time. I’m not normally a head-achy person, but I think the heat of the last few days, plus the fact that I’ve not been drinking enough lately equals HEADACHES FOR JENNY

    1. Heat can give me a headache too, you’re not alone there!

  20. I generally avoid medication for headache.. i feel the body develops immunity after a while. I prefer the more natural options. 🙂

    1. I try natural options as much as I can but sometimes I always need that extra help

      1. Till now I have been able to vure mine using natural remedies.. hope they never get worse! 🙂

      2. What natural health products do you use and what were your results?

      3. I don’t use natural health products I mean just not using medication until necessary. So sleeping, going Yoga, meditating, drinking water that sort of thing!

  21. Yesss! I also get really bad headaches (and also migraines but that’s another story) and these tips are pretty much the only things that help me. I tend to have a bath, drink loads and then try and sleep it off. Also that is so funny about the guy who gave you headaches – I’m glad you’re free of that!
    Beth x

    1. Hahaha oh gosh me too! Absolutely nightmare! I don’t think I’ve ever had a migraine – I’m sorry that you do!

  22. lifeinkarolingston says:

    I think you ve written down the best solutions for headaches! 😊

    1. Yay I’m glad to hear it! 🙂

  23. I’m a headachy person too, I can get them from absolutely anything! 😫 my mums the same and she recently had her daiths pierced…since then she’s had almost no headaches! I’d get them done myself but piercings don’t like to heal for me and tbf I’m a wimp when it comes to pain 😅 but might be something to consider if you’re good with them yourself ☺️ xx

    Jade |

    1. Oh goodness I don’t think I could get that pierced! I have a fair few piercings but I couldn’t have anything like that but that’s interesting to hear that that’s helped her!

  24. I suffer with cluster migraines, they are caused by a neurological issue so are treated with medication to prevent them. But i find aside from medication, putting a hot flannel on my neck can help release some of the tension, there are homeopathic rubs you can put on your temples which help to relieve the symptoms… They usually stink but work quite well. I find eating well, avoiding junk food improves my chances of getting and recovering although the old wives tales about cheese don’t seem to make a difference to me. I have a relative who only has to look at chocolate to get a migraine, she hasnt eaten it in decades because of that.

    1. Ah no Claire I’m sorry to hear you suffer with those I bet they’re absolutely horrendous! I’ve literally never heard the thing about cheese before?

      1. Haha have you not? Literally very time I mention migraines to someone i get told “don’t eat cheese it will make them worse” it makes me laugh now.

  25. Also headaches could be related to too much caffeine consumption, cheese, or sugar withdrawal.

    1. True but I’m not really talking about why we get headaches I’m talking about how I personally prevent them. I don’t drink caffeine, eat enough cheese or have sugar withdrawals so I know those aren’t my issue.

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