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Hello! I’m back with another Disney related post for you today! I’m soooo enjoying writing about Disney again, it’s totally ignited my love for it again and I’ve had Disney songs on repeat over the last few months. Of course, I have plenty of Disney soundtracks on my iTunes so this is the perfect time to talk about my favourite Disney songs. Of course I won’t be able to mention every single one and I’m by no means putting these in order (that’s just cruel and impossible!) but here are some of my favourite ever Disney songs!

Evermore – Beauty and the Beast

Obviously one of the newer songs of the bunch but Evermore really, really, really grabbed me by the heart and hasn’t let go. I absolutely love the fact that they gave the Beast his own song in the new film, I think it was a really good move and the song itself is absolutely stunning.

Two Worlds – Tarzan

Tarzan has always been one of my favourite Disney films, I think it’s so fun, well made and I love the characters (especially Terk) and it’s certainly got one of the best overall soundtracks of all the Disney films. It was tough narrowing it down but I think Two Worlds is my favourite!

Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

This isn’t usually the kind of song I’d really super duper enjoy but Kiss the Girl is such a cute and fun song! I absolutely love the scene in The Little Mermaid when this song is playing as well. Also, if you’re not aware of Jonathan Young on YouTube who does rock covers of Disney songs… His cover of this is fantastic!

Prince Ali – Aladdin

There’s no way this one wasn’t going to be on here. I went through a phase where I just wanted to listen to this all the freaking time. I burnt it onto disks to play in the car and seriously think my boyfriend started to get a bit worried. It’s just such a good freaking song, okay?!

Eye to Eye / Stand Out / After Today – The Goofy Movie

Sorry, I literally couldn’t pick just one for this one! The Goofy Movie is one of my favourite Disney movies and I think it’s so underrated as well! The songs are bloody brilliant and so damn catchy.

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – The Lion King

Despite the fact that I’ve only seen The Lion King 3 times in my 25 years because I literally cannot watch it without breaking down into tears (like, seriously, it’s a joke now), I Just Can’t Wait to Be King has always been one of my firm favourite Disney songs!

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo and Stitch

This song just makes me so damn happy. I don’t know how anyone can listen to this song and not naturally start bopping along. It’s such a cute, fun and uplifting song and I think Lilo and Stitch is another fairly underrated Disney movie!

God Help the Outcasts / Topsy Turvy – The Hunchback of Notré Dame

Again, another Disney film that I don’t think gets near enough praise or recognition! This film holds a special place in my heart because it was featured heavily in the parade at Disneyland Paris when my parents took me when I was 5. Although I obviously don’t remember it, there’s plenty of footage on an old video recorder. I had to feature two songs on here. God Help the Outcasts is a really beautiful song and Topsy Turvy reminds me of my mum and is super fun!

What are your favourite Disney songs / soundtracks? Let me know!


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  2. Under The Sea and Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid 🎶❤️

    1. Great songs 🙂 xx

  3. Kiss the Girl is so catchy, isn’t it? Prince Ali is probably my favourite on this list , great post!

    1. SUCH a fun song!

  4. magicoftmrw says:

    Evermore is one of my new favs!! I absolutely LOVE that song. I Wont Say I’m In Love is another good one. I feel like a lot of people can relate to it lol

    1. Same I can’t stop listening to it xxx

  5. Beauty and Fashion says:

    Two worlds is my favorite! Great list! Now I need to go binge watch some Disney movies! Starting with Cinderella lol.

    1. I wanna binge watch some Disney too!

  6. Loving this post! its a great idea to post because sometimes we forget classic songs and its interesting to learn new ones from other people! You have def inspired me #LetsGetDownToBusiness

  7. Great choices! I love anything from Tarzan & Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride is my jam! If I was to add anything to this list it would defs be Why Should I Worry from Oliver & Company 😊

    1. I love that song so much!

  8. Delightful list! My personal favorite is “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan

    1. Great song!

  9. Kiss the Girl is one of my favourites too! I also love At Last I See the Light from tangled 💖🌟

    1. Awh that’s a beautiful song x

  10. I love ‘Just can’t wait to be King’. The Lion King has an amazing soundtrack! It takes me back to when I went to the movies to watch it!

    1. Awh same great song!

  11. What an absolutely fantastic idea for a post? There is NOTHING better than watching a Disney movie and SINGING ALONG TO THE SONGS. Lion King would haaaaaave to be on the top of my list ahaa (p.s. love you blog) x x


    1. Absolutely. The Lion King soundtrack is legend. And thank you!

  12. I love your Disney posts, and this had me opening iTunes and putting on a Disney album – so thank you haha! My favourites are I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan, and pretty much all of Hercules (but especially Go The Distance and Won’t Say I’m In Love). Although it’s so hard to pick cause Disney knock it out the park on every film!
    Beth x

    1. Haha yay! Mission accomplished!

  13. OMG this is one of my favourite posts from you, love love loved it! (Now I’ve got I just can’t wait to be king from The Lion King stuck in my head). Hahahah!! I loved this post so much!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thank you 🙂 xx

  14. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    Fab list Jenny! I kept singing along to these in my head as I was reading them. Though I have such a soft spot for The Hunchback of Notre Dame and God Help the Outcasts. It’s a great film with excellent song choices.

    1. Agreed! So underrated too!

  15. I used to sing along everyday, when the kids were tiny

    1. You still should!

      1. Well my kids are adults, and not much time right now to watch a movie, but I will sing tonight, because your right!

  16. I’m going with Aladdin as well!

  17. As a huge Disney fan I loved reading through your favourites, I love two worlds from Tarzan two, and the evermore song from beauty and the beast. So hard to pick a few favourites but mine are probably I’ve got a dream from tangled, Step in time from Mary poppins, and all the songs from Brother bear and Tarzan, haha!

    Kate x


    1. Step in Time is such a fun song!

  18. Ahhh Jenny you’ve picked so many good songs here! I Just Can’t Wait To Be King is my absolute fave & I looooove Evermore! xo
    Sian | http://www.siankathrine.co.uk

    1. It’s such a fun song. I listen to Evermore in the shower haha xxx

  19. Imogen says:

    I Just Can’t Wait to be King is such a hype song :’)
    I love A Dream is a Wish Your Heart makes for when I’m cleaning and feel like Cinderella!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. Awh that sounds so cute haha! I’ll make that my new cleaning song 😂

  20. Great list, Jenny! I haven’t heard some of these songs. The Hunchback is currently on my watch list so I’ll have to do that soon! I love Evermore but I do prefer the animated Beauty and The Beast over the new one and Aladdin and Little Mermaid are two of my faves x

    Em ~ http://thisisemsworld.com

    1. Love Aladdin. Ah I much preferred the new one! Funny that Evermore has just this second come on my iTunes as I read this

      1. Em says:

        I like both versions, I think I’m just not that keen on Emma Watson as Belle, I love her but I wish they had a proper singer/actress instead of an actress that can sing a bit. I do love Luke Evans and Josh Gad though!

  21. Louisa says:

    I don’t think you can beat the Tarzan soundtrack. I mean, it’s perfection. I listen to it all the time.

    I think that I See The Light from Tangled, Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid and Colours Of The Wind from Pocahontas are definitely up there with the best too.

    Louisa | http://www.loubeeloublogs.co.uk

    1. Totally agree!

  22. I love the fact there are more unusual choices in here! I love Hunchback of Notre Dame too – totally underrated movie as it is beautifully animated and the story line is so gripping. Kiss The Girl is one of my faves too, it’s so pretty! x x x

    1. Yay thank you! There are such gems of Disney songs!

  23. justbehappyhealthyyou says:

    Pretty much every song from Aladdin and TNBC🤣 and Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid!

    1. Aladdin has such a great soundtrack

  24. I think the reason I loved Disney films so much as a kid was because of the songs. All the emotions just jumped out at me. Reflections in Mulan, circle of life in lion king and all the songs in Tarzan make me cry!

    1. The songs can be so nostalgic!

  25. oh my goodness, i love this post so much! i love ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’ from cinderella! great post x

    1. Awh that’s a lovely song

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