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The book blogger insider tag

I haven’t done a bookish tag post in soooo long. I used to do a fair few of them in the early years of my blog, when I blogged predominantly about books but as of late, not many tags have come my way. So thank you to Kris from Boston Book Reader for tagging me in this one! It looks like fun and hopefully you’ll learn a bit more about my bookish loves, hates and habits!

Top 3 book pet peeves

My top pet peeve when it comes to books are book snobs. No, you are not any better than me because you read a certain genre or read 100 books a week compared to my 1. Another peeve would be when bookshops (such as WHSmiths) plonk whopping great big stickers on the covers which are impossible to get off without leaving loads of sticky crap. Third and final bookish pet peeve would have to be chapters which are too long. I just don’t do well with super long chapters and it tends to take me twice as long to finish a book if they are!

Your perfect reading spot

Either in the bath – I get soooo much reading done when I’m in the bath – or my ultimate favourite is sitting on our swinging chair in the garden in the summer with a cold drink and no distractions.

3 bookish confessions

I haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books (Deathly Hallows is the only one left), I turn the corner of pages over which have great quotes on and don’t feel guilty about it and I get through books twice as fast if I’m reading them on my Kindle!

Last time you cried whilst reading a book

I can literally tell you the exact date, which was Saturday 17th March, whilst I was away on the Severn Valley Railway for the weekend. I cried whilst reading How To Be Happy by Eva Woods.

Number of books on my bedside table

I have one hardback on there at the time of writing (Looking for Alaska by John Green) and I also have my Kindle on there so technically…. I have hundreds of books on my bedside table 😉

Favourite reading snack

Oooh it’s gotta be a nice cup of tea and some cake or chocolate!

3 books you’d recommend to anyone

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (my all-time fave), The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson-Walker and Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

A picture of your favourite bookshelf

I really like my entire bookshelf but the second from top shelf has to be my favourite because it’s the one with most of my favourites on!

How much books mean to you in 3 words

Books are life.

Biggest reading secret

Hmmmm… I don’t tend to have reading “secrets”, there’s nothing to hide when it comes to reading. I mean, it’s not a secret but I really can’t stand romance novels!

I’m not going to tag anyone specific but if you’re a book blogger or book lover and would like to do this post and answer these questions then please feel free. Tag me in your post so I can read your answers!



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  3. +1 on the books snobs point!

  4. It’s such a nice idea!!!! I will for sure tag you! Thank you for the idea!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 xx

  5. This is such an interesting tag! And thank you for three recs! The Book Thief has been on my TBR for so long. I really need to get to it!

    I, too, am a book blogger! Infact, on my blog, you’ll find bookish stuff, my poems, articles, collaborations, tips, and much more! I would love to know what you think about my blog!

    Here’s the link to my recent bookish post:

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