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Q&A with Klara from Magic Chest

Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a bookish subscription box from Magic Chest to review. If you read my review of that box here, you’ll know that I absolutely loved it. It was such a well put together box, with amazing contents and an incredible sounding book to go with it. Obviously, these incredible bookish subscription boxes don’t fall from the sky; there’s always some hard working individual/s behind them. So today, I’m having a chat with Klara, the brain-power and mastermind behind the Magic Chest box where we talk about what the box entails, inspiration and the inner workings of having your own business!

Hi there – first of all, tell us a little bit about Magic Chest.

Magic Chest is a fantasy book subscription box that provides you with the tools to go on a unique magical adventure. In each box, you will find a hand-picked fantasy book (hardcover) and 4-6 bookishly magical products to help you throughout the adventure of the month. All items are mainly exclusively hand-crafted and designed by small local businesses for Magic Chest.

What gave you the inspiration to want to start your own bookish subscription box?

Before I started Magic Chest, I had a bookish blog where I mainly focused on fantasy books. In time, I got to know many subscription box services but most of them were outside the EU and so, quite expensive. That’s when I decided people from Europe need an alternative. And so I started my own fantasy book subscription service.

And where do the ideas of which type of products to include come from?

I browse a lot around on Etsy, but as I’m really active on Instagram, I get to know a lot of shops and designers there as well. Sometimes, I ask them and sometimes, they email me and ask whether I’d like to collab. I love bookish merch, too. So if I buy privately from a shop and I like their products, I’m likely to ask them to create something exclusive for a future box as well.

How many people are there in the Magic Chest team and which elements of the brand are you individually involved in?

Currently, it’s mainly me. I have Kevin, who helps with customer service questions. And I have somebody who does the accounting for me. Otherwise, I read the books, decide on themes, source products and vendors. I mainly do the marketing, basically everything 😉

In your opinion, what is the most challenging thing about having your own business?

I think the most challenging thing for me is accounting and myself. When you open up your own business, you invest a lot of time, money and love. But you also have a lot of stress and sometimes, the thing that stands in your way is you. For example, through my business I learned how to be patient but also how to treasure the free time I have and to be more appreciative of the smaller things in life. Magic Chest taught me how privileged I truly am for being in a position where I can open up a small business, do things in my own pace and earn money by doing what I love. Most people don’t have that privilege and I’m grateful for my customers who gave me that opportunity.

How do you come up with the monthly themes for the box?

I look for books first. If a book has swept me off my feet, I brainstorm a lot to find the perfect monthly theme that fits the book.

Do you only include books in which you’ve read yourself and would recommend?

I only include books which I would give 5 stars.

As this is a Fantasy based subscription box, what are some of your personal favourite Fantasy novels?

That’s a tough one, Jenny! I love The Hobbit and A Song of Ice and Fire (the classics), but The Last Unicorn and Harry Potter will forever have a place in my heart. More recent books, or rather authors, are Jade City by Fonda Lee, Blackwing by Ed McDonald and The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale.

Which 5 book characters would you invite to a dinner party and why?

I would invite, of course, Bilbo Baggins and perhaps even Gandalf and Dumbledore along with Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow. They are some of my favourite characters and I think the conversation we’d had would not only be magical, but deep, personal and funny. A night to remember 😊

Where do you hope to see Magic Chest in the future? Any more plans that you can share with us?

Well, the next thing that is coming up is new custom packaging for our Magic Chest boxes. I want to expand the Newsletters and maybe create a blog, but as I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree, that is talk of the future. As for the rest, wait and see 😉

You can find Magic Chest here! The June box is now available and is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Six of Crows!



  1. I don’t really tend to read fantasy but I absolutely love the idea of this business. It’s so nice that it’s all so personal to Klara, I love that she handpicks the books. It must be a lot to take on but it sounds like she’s formed a business she really loves and cares about!
    Beth x

    1. Absolutely I agree I love that she only includes books she’s read herself 🙂 xxx

  2. Woman! Do you ever sleep?! You are a machine I swear!!

    1. Nope haha

  3. kattieh says:

    This is so cool!! I would love to receive one of these – it’d be perfect for me 🙂

    1. Awh. Check them out on Twitter, they were looking for bloggers to work with a little while ago! xxx

  4. This sounds like a great subscription! 💖🥂

    1. Thanks, it is! xxx

  5. ofbeautyand says:

    Magic Chest looks like an amazing subscription box – great Q&A x

    1. Thank you 🙂 xxx

  6. oh wow! I loved this interview, it’s a wonderful follow up to your post about the box!

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 xxx

  7. This box looks awesome xx

    1. Thanks, it was xxx

  8. This is such an amazing box, I would definitely purchase this!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. It was fab xxx

  9. I really wanna get myself one of these boxes! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. They’re a really nice treat xx

  10. I’m not sure I would subscribe to a fantasy box but I appreciate that someone is offering a more accessible service.

    1. I wouldn’t either but this definitely isn’t hard core fantasy x

      1. Good to know!

  11. Loved reading through this Q&A, I’ve always loved the look of these boxes so it’s great to hear all about the person behind them:)

    Kate x

    1. Thanks, it was fab to read Klara’s answers! xxx

  12. Jheelam says:

    Thank you for posting this lovely interview. 🙂 Always good to learn about the journeys of creative start-ups, in an otherwise, tech-led entrepreneurship scene.

    1. Thank you 🙂 absolutely!

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