Bettering yourself is of course something that everyone must do. It might not feel like it, but it’s true. You better yourself in a thousand small ways every day. It might be you decide not to pig out on chocolate and instead eat a salad for lunch. You might decide to drive very safely and keep to that each day. You might decide to be friendly to people as a default. This might be your good nature and it might come easy to you, but that is absolutely ‘bettering’ yourself on a daily basis, in that you are always acting towards an ideal. People often forget to see the value in their character, and are too quick to see the flaws they have. Sometimes the best feeling in the world is to think ‘oh yeah, actually I’m not that bad at all.’ An intense requirement of modesty and humility is espoused as being completely necessary in the modern day, but sometimes feeling proud of yourself is absolutely necessary.

Funnily enough, this feeling of ‘my life is okay and I want to make it better’ is a much stronger motivational force than ‘my life is terrible and I must renew myself through this challenge.’ While both are challenging, you can see how one might provide you with more energy, and a better overall attitude to the process of betterment.

With that being said, positive growth is different for everyone involved. We’d like to suggest that the following is likely to impress upon you in the best manner possible:

Saying Yes To Opportunities

Accepting opportunity is one of the fundamental components of a successful life. Too often we can be deterred when opportunity comes knocking because we neglect to say yes to it. This might be for a variety of reasons. You might not think that the opportunity is something that you are excited about, or interested in. You might not believe that there is a positive route upward for you there. You might not be skilled in that certain field. However, often times saying ‘yes’ to even the most hesitant choice can lead you down a path that can reward you immensely.

Life can wind in many different directions and push you on strange paths, but you become a richer and more varied person as a result. There is a perspective in today’s economy and society that you need to have your entire life charted out by the time you leave school. This means you need to know what job you’ll progress in, when you hope to be promoted, when you hope to move out and when you hope to find your own home and settle down. Of course, everyone knows this is a ridiculous expectation. As you leave school you barely have an idea of who you are, and this isn’t because you haven’t found yourself yet. Life is about building yourself, not finding yourself. Of course you should do this within certain parameters of your interest, but finding your passion is not always as completely obvious as you might think.

Think about Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay, two of the finest three michelin star chefs to ever come from Britain. Neither of them knew they wanted to be a chef as they left school. Marco was simply pushed into a cooking apprenticeship by his father, and Gordon failed as a semi-professional footballer. They now enjoy millions of dollars in their bank accounts, and have experienced a wide and varied career worth boasting about. With this mindset to grasp what’s in front of you (but never feeling afraid to go onto new paths,) you might just find similar success.

Becoming A Lifelong Learner

There is absolutely no way around becoming a lifelong learner if you hope to be happy. The content of our thoughts and our minds are what makes up almost all of the happiness we experience. The more you know and have experienced, the better your life can become, and the more utility is open to you. That is essentially important if you hope to experience success, or adventure of any kind. Otherwise, neglecting this can force you to stagnate, and become older than your years.

Thankfully, there are many methods of learning new things, from travelling the world, to elearning course development, to simply diversifying your working capacity and moving from job to job. It might be you read non-fiction books, or stay an informed citizen regarding the daily news. Becoming a lifelong learner is essential to being a happy person, so be sure to start sooner rather than later.

Maintain Your Health

It might sound quite dismissive to say this, especially towards people who aren’t currently living in the most healthy fashion they can. However, a healthy and active person will always enjoy life more than someone who is physically the opposite, or someone who neglects their mental space. This isn’t to say that mental illnesses or physical maladies can be helped at all. In those cases, managing and making the best of a situation is the most important. However, there are always methods relating to how well you optimize your health, no matter the circumstance.

Eating light and healthy, ensuring you get the best exercise you can and resting appropriately with adequate sleeping hours will always help you apply yourself more thoroughly to anything in your life. Not only that, but it will help with your working memory, your daily motivation, it will help you feel unchanged by adversity, it will help you work longer hours or simply have the confidence to push in a manner that is most appropriate to you.

In Summary

The previous tips we have described are very useful but also very simple, and that’s worth considering. Simplicity is key when it comes to the daily effort of being a better person, and it should put you in better stead for the remainder of your life efforts. We can only wish you the best of luck in everything you hope to achieve. With these attitudes, you should be well on your way.

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  1. I love this! I’ve definitely missed out on some amazing opportunities from saying no due to fear of the unknown or simply not feeling good enough. I also love maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s something so simple yet has such an amazing impact on my well-being. Great tips! x

  2. Awesome tips! As always, there are a lot of ways to expand on these but I thought you hit the nail in the head when it comes to the top 3. It is uncomfortable. But we grow during those times we get out of our comfort zones. Great post!

  3. These are great tips and things that I feel help me feel better about myself. I’m a big advocate for staying educated and continuously learning, whether it’s traveling, watching documentaries, podcasts, or classes. It’s so beneficial to keep our brains up and running even after school is over. Great post girl, and great tips!

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