Things I noticed watching Friends again in 2018

You’re probably aware of the fact that hit American TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S (that took me so long to type omg) was added to Netflix at the beginning of this year. Everywhere you looked, people were shouting it from the rooftops. Netflix users were finally being graced with one of the most loved shows to ever be made. It took me a good few months to finally get around to start watching it again; just through being too busy and having too many other shows on the go. But in May, I finally did it. I committed, once again, to 10 glorious seasons of Friends (I cba with that again). And when I started watching it again, I was certainly surprised at what thoughts popped up. 

I wholeheartedly do not agree with all of these articles stating how we shouldn’t watch it because it’s too problematic. These writers seem to have forgotten one key thing and that is that the show was fine, AT THE TIME IT WAS MADE. The finale itself was aired in 2004 – 2004 – 14 bloody years ago. And that’s the finale. The show itself started in 1994 (I was two) when things were very, very different. Yes, looking back on it now, some parts are a tad problematic. But what show, made prior to the last few years isn’t?

But anyway, enough of that. Despite the fact that I did spot a few things which made me raise my eyebrows, I thoroughly enjoy re-watching Friends (for the billionth time). Here are a few things that I noticed, re-watching Friends in 2018 as a fully fledged, adult person:

  1. I am Monica. Monica is me. As I’ve gotten older, I have literally turned into Monica.
  2. Ross is a lot more annoying than I remember him being
  3. But he always gets the funniest scenes (Pivot and the leather trousers come to mind)
  4. But although he’s irritating a little problematic at times, why are the others always so mean to him?
  5. The cups from Central Perk are really nice and I want some in my house
  6. The diversity in the whole show is pretty damn awful
  7. Ross and Monica’s Mum is the worst human being in the actual world
  8. Monica and Richard were such a banging couple
  9. Richard is actually kinda hot… (the stark different between watching it as a 13 year old and a 25 year old – Richard has suddenly gone from EW IT’S LIKE MY GRANDDAD to DAYUM)
  10. I really miss the 90’s
  11. And I’ll never, ever get bored of the opening scene / song
  12. Although it’s a lot cheesier than I remember
  13. Chandler is much funnier now than he was when I was 14. And CUTER in season 1 and 2 *swoon*
  14. The celebrity appearances throughout the show were bomb (BRUCE WILLIS)
  15. Although we all though Emily was a bitch, now I’m older, I can kinda see where she was coming from
  16. Rachel is the style Queen of the universe
  17. Phoebe and Joey really don’t get an awful lot of their own, interesting storylines
  18. It wouldn’t have changed a great deal of the show if Phoebe wasn’t in it
  19. And Joey is a proper sleaze in the first season
  20. But he actually gets cute and lovely as it goes on
  21. The episode where Ross and Rachel have the fight while the others are hiding in the other room really is fucking sad now I’m older and understand relationships more
  22. Although there was a whole different attitude to smoking back then, the way they made the others be disgusted by Chandler’s smoking was actually pretty good
  23. It made me a lot emotional during some parts as an adult than it ever did when I was younger
  24. I was always under the impression that Joey was stupid but actually, he comes out with some very sensible things
  25. Actually, keeping a monkey, a chicken and a duck in APARTMENTS is kinda cruel. Why did they do that?
  26. But above all else, it’s made me terribly miss having a group of friends. It’s made me crave having a group of friends and it’s made me wonder whether all along, it was giving us an unrealistic and unattainable notion of real, true, honest friendship within a group of people of different sexes, of different jobs, hobbies and abilities, which just isn’t realistic in today’s society.
  27. It made me remember that when I used to watch it as a younger adult, my friends and I would always say how that’s what we were going to be like when we were older. And we literally couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Have you re-watched Friends since it’s been on Netflix? Did you have any different thoughts about it since the last time you watched it? Who’s your favourite character and which one are you most like? Let me know!


100 thoughts on “Things I noticed watching Friends again in 2018

  1. I honestly never had a problem with Ross. He’s my second favourite character after Chandler, because I could relate to him and even though he had his moments, Rachel had her moments as well when she was expecting Emma.
    Friends was good at depicting what everyone can be like when growing up. Whether it be the bad traits that define us or even the good ones.
    Chandler is my favourite character because he has the greatest character arc and generally changes as the series progresses. Even the trials and tribulations he goes through are heartfelt as well.
    Friends is easily one of the best sitcoms ever because we identify with the characters and it has a lot of heart that resonates to this day.
    Great analysis. Looking forward to your next post 😊😊

  2. I love this!
    I was so happy when they added Friends to Netflix! I’m currently working my way back through the seasons but it’s a long process haha!
    I can always remember coming home from school to watch the two repeat episodes that were on every weekday afternoon.
    I also remember balling my eyes out when they aired the finale 😥
    When I was younger my favourite character was definitely Rachel, she was always so glamorous and I was constantly shouting at the TV for her and Ross to get together! (or back together ha)
    But like you as I’ve grown up I’ve definitely turned more into Monica.
    can’t wait to read your next post! ❤

  3. Jenny I would have LOVED to re-watched friends with you because I agree with everything you’ve come to realise… except I think Ross gets funnier, I don’t like him the first few seasons but by season four onwards he’s hilarious!
    I felt the same when I was watching it “back in The day” that I would have a group of friends like that but it didn’t happen. Brilliant post! And now I fancy watching it all over again lol xxx

  4. Jenny, This is an amazing post it’s really made me laugh.

    I LOVE friends so so much and I completely agree with every single point, I often watch it too even now it’s always on in the background or whatever…
    Monica and Richard were the best but I’m happy with her and Chandler and I completely agree that Richard is now hot as an adult me… lol

    Becky – x x x

      • Yes I do 😀 I understand he’s a controversial character for many but he’s always been a favourite of mine. I’ll elaborate why: First, he’s the backbone for the entire series, with all the complicated situations that break down his front door. The drama starts off with him – the reason for his failed marriage, which I suspect, was what caught the attention of the audience in the first place – and ends with him – Getting back together with Rachel permanently. He’s a very dedicated father, determined to make at least one thing out of his failed marriage work out for him, which not just shows how much he cares, but how he cemented the idea of only looking at one girl for the rest of his life. It shows huge commitment from his side, something the other five don’t get into at that time. And then comes Rachel, to whom he is always ready to do anything for. Despite his other relationships, it’s always her his eyes go back to. While Monica and Chandler show us how easy love can be, Ross and Rachel show us the more difficult side of it. And Ross puts up with it all, his love for Rachel always unwavering.

        Ross is basically, never intentionally funny. Situations just get that out of him naturally. Which is the best part. Plus, he also has the best physical comedic scenes, the best example stuck in his leather pants. Chandler keeps saying he’s the funny guy, but it’s just sarcasm and witty comebacks from his side, while Ross just keeps the scene running with the next trouble he gets into or stunt he pulls.

        I’ve seen how many people say he’s whiny and obsessive and neurotic and you-name-it … But I think they aren’t good reasons to dislike him though. It’s only the situations that make him that way. His first failed marriage, after eight years of being with her, and the reason it falls apart – they all make a platform of a head-splitting feeling of insecurity. You can’t blame him for thinking whatever he may do from then on may end up wrong. True, it’s definitely annoying for Rachel when his possessiveness crosses the line, but you can actually sympathise with Ross for that. Because he was too afraid of what happened with his ex-wife that he couldn’t handle a similar scenario with the true love of his life.

        He’s basically a very sweet person, caring for a member of the gang when the others don’t. Like, for example, he’s the one to feel extremely bad for Phoebe not having her first bike, which leads him to gifting one himself. He also helps the others whenever he can. Even though he may shake his head at a ridiculous request, he ends up doing it anyway, because they’re his best friends.

        Ross Geller is always the best character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S in my opinion 🙂

  5. This was so bittersweet to read because I can so relate to the expectations of a big friendship group like that and not having it! I’ve found the more I rewatch it the more annoying Ross and Phoebe are – but they do have their loveable moments.
    I high key relate to Monica and Chandler 😅

      • It really did! Don’t get me wrong I’ve been friends with my best friend for 4/5 years and we’re closer than I’ve ever been with anyone – but I really did think I’d have this huge tight knit friendship group that hung out all the time! But I love Jodie loads and I’m perfectly happy with just her!

  6. Fabulous post, so true Friends is a completely different experience with 10 years distance. Joey went from worst to best character at the end. Phoebe went from best to worst. I always hated the Joey/Rachel storyline. And, I never noticed all the random hooking up the first time around, now I watch it with my daughter and constantly say this is funny but please don’t ever do that.

  7. I still love love love friends. Since it came back some people have slated it and I’m just not here for that! I always fancied Richard 😂

  8. I love how Joey sort of grows up, he still is a womanizer but he gains a heart when he falls for Rachel, its been such a long time since i saw Friends and amazon prime doesnt have it :(:( I also recommend you watch Ugly Betty! such an amazing series

  9. My wife and I re-watched the entire series from start to finish with our kids. We have actually been introducing them to a lot of the shows we used to watch. My youngest is kind of Friends-obsessed now. In fact, we visited the set when we did the Warner Brothers tour back last summer on our cross-country trip. Even got a pic on the couch…which may be my favorite picture of us of all-time. Check it out…

  10. Loved the post! It really brought back many things (note:- Not everything. Being a guy, some things are different…) I myself thought of the show. You’ve really made me nostalgic and I actually might start rewatching the show… Again! (#3)

  11. I feel like I’ve missed out! 🙈 I never watched Friends other than a few episodes here and there. I agree though, I miss the 90s, they were awesome! Maybe I should start watching all the episodes now it’s on Netflix 😄 xx

    Bexa |

  12. This post, oh my, I thought I was the only one I saw it in a whole new light. I found it 10 times funnier than I did all those years ago, probably because I understood the jokes now…
    Ross though, I didn’t even know what to say, he is awful! – I’m definitely as weird as Phoebe, dress like Rachel and act like Monica! haha

    Alys /

  13. Wow, this list is so accurate. As I was reading them, I was like omg right?! for almost all of them. Also, i agree on your last couple. It’s sad to think that my friends and I used to think we would be close forever like they were, and that is definitely not the case now.

  14. I was so happy when they put Friends on Netflix! Surely no one will ever get bored of the opening song?! Love this post, thankyou for sharing ☺️

  15. I loved friends. I was doing my GCSE’s when it started and I’m 41 now 😀 Wow firstly your post made me feel old. Then I realised yep, I am Pheobe. Doesn’t matter how much I try to deny it…I’m a teenager of the nineties, the theme tune is stamped into my skin like my late nineties tramp stamp hahaha

  16. I’ve never watch Friends from starts to finish, I’ve watch random episode on tv but thats it. I need to watch it all on Netflix now, its sounds so good. I love rewatching old shows on Netflix, you always pick up on new things.


  17. I totally agree chandler is hilarious. And I love Rachel her style is serious goals! I also agree that the show lacked diversity. It’s just a product of it’s time I guess.

  18. I get really upset watching some of the scenes as an adult! How Emily felt about Rachel, when Phoebe pretends to be Ursula… however problematic it may or may not be looking at it today, it’s a damn good show.

  19. I’ve never watched Friends all the way through, but am currently doing so now, and have just finished season 1! I agree, I literally just said today that Rachel is a STYLE ICON. Like I wanna recreate every one of her outfits! Great post!

  20. I think I’m one of the only people in the world who doesn’t get the hype with Friends! (I’m expecting a lot of people to hate me for this) I’ve seen a few episodes here and there and while I do think it’s decent I don’t think it’s amazing, I just can’t get into it unfortunately! I wish I had the patience to sit and watch every single episode just so I could say I’d seen it all!

    Jess //

  21. I watch Friends religiously and as I got older I stated to realize how heartbreaking the Ross and Rachel breakup scene was. Both Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer played their parts so well and you really feel the emotion when you watch the scene.

    Great post! x


  22. Ahhh I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S so much!! 😍💕 I honesty didn’t realize people we’re trynna act “woke” and find it problematic 🤦🏽‍♀️ I swear humans get bored and ALWAYS have to find a problem with something. I agree with you that it’s unfair to compare something made in a different decade approx 14 yrs ago to all the ungoing stuff now 😕 I def agree that as I get older I’m Monica 😂😂 But I always knew that honestly. And yes, chandler was super cute in the old season. Great post Jenny! 📺 💕

    xx Lena |

  23. I love this! Honestly I was so happy when they put it on Netflix because I’ve not rewatched it in years! I totally agree about chandler in the early series being cute, he’s definitely my favourite now. He’s actually hilarious! Wish they had more storylines for phoebe and Joey though!! Great post xx

  24. I have also started watching Friends again on Now TV as they show it sometimes on Fox I think it is. I also find Chandler a lot funnier than I remember. I still love Phoebe and think I would definitely be her!

  25. I feel the same about friend groups. I do have some good friends but it feels they are falling in numbers over the years and most of us live in different countries. I know I’m lucky but I never thought when I was younger that adult friendships wouldn’t be like Friends and sometimes I feel quite lonely. On a lighter note, Ross is my fave 🙂

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