Being ghosted by brands… what?!

Working with brands is one of my favourite things about blogging and I’ll always be grateful that brands want to work with me, pay me or send me stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever, ever, ever take that for granted because in all honesty, I’m still gobsmacked that I’m even in the position for this to happen. I’ll always be enthusiastic about working with brands and this post is in no way a dig at any brand in particular. It’s just a little… word vomit… about something which I’ve noticed happen recently. Both to me and other bloggers.

We all know what it means to be ghosted but usually, our experience with being ghosted lies with a boy (or a girl) who we think we’re getting on with and then all of a sudden they drop off the face of the Earth, never to be heard from again. I wasn’t aware that the same thing could happen with brands on a more professional basis. But it does.

Now before we get into it, let me say this. I completely understand that brands can only work with a select number of bloggers on most campaigns and they often get a lot of interest from us lot that there’s no way they can work with all 783 of us who have expressed interest in a certain campaign.

I also get that, sometimes, although unfortunately, a brand might have found someone 110x more suitable for a particular campaign than I am, therefore may have to retract the offer of working with me. Look, I get it. There will always be some bloggers more suited to certain things than others. I’m not mad, honest. It’s business.

But if this is the case (and as we’ve just agreed on, that’s fine) I fail to understand how it’s a problem to drop a quick, “soz but no thanks” (although hopefully worded better) email just to let us know that actually, we’re not what they’re looking for and they’re going to go elsewhere. Please don’t be offended (which, again I’m not)

Yes brands have to send a lot of emails out and are super, duper, really well and truly busy. But so are we. And surly it would save a whole lot of awkward “ummmm, just chasing up again to see if you got my email” emails. Nobody likes sending those, do they. Communication is crucial in any industry, especially where there are two hard-working parties both looking to benefit from working together.

But what really bothers me when it comes to being ghosted by brands is when they send you a big long email, explaining their campaign and why you’re oh-so-perfect for it and how they would oh-so-love to work with you and send you X, Y, Z. Just to respond with this email with your X choices from the website and where to send the products.

So you do.

And you don’t hear from them again. And all of a sudden, a random person has your home address.

I don’t know whether this is me being incredibly naive and well, stupid but I’ve worked with brands for long enough to recognize a dodgy email. I know when something is BS. But these are sometimes agencies which don’t bother telling you that you’re not going to be working together, even after you’ve sent along possibly your most personal detail. I just… don’t get it.

Like I said, this was just a bit word-vomitty and it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now. It happened to me and then I actually saw a tweet from another blogger saying it had happened to them too. So clearly it’s a “thing” that happens.

I’d love to know if this has ever happened to you? Do you have any brand-related horror stories? Are you a PR person yourself with anything to add? Please, be kind. No hate here!


41 thoughts on “Being ghosted by brands… what?!

  1. Completely relate! It’s when I’ve already given them my address that stresses me out the most, mainly because I know some random company out there knows my address and it’s slightly offputting… a simple “no” or “we’ve changed our mind” would be great.
    Jas xx

  2. It’s really sucky, especially when you have given out your address! Because that’s personal information. Just a simple “sorry, we have reached our limit/no longer want to work with you” would be 100% better.
    This has happened to me, but with a publicist for a book blog tour, he straight up ignored me for three months and then about five weeks after my stop date (where I had hastily chucked together a post) actually sent me the content (: Now I have an out of date guestpost just kinda lounging about my drafts.
    Cora |

  3. Luckily this hasn’t happened me so far but I don’t work with so many brands. But I have actually felt it on the flip side through my job. Where you spend ages conversing with someone about a campaign, do loads to find them something suitable, even as far as sending them the product and then nothing!

  4. I’ve not actually worked for a brand yet as the one who reached out to me wanted me to buy their bag at a discounted cost and then review it – which I wasn’t up to as I don’t have the spare money to spend so they can get their free advertising!
    But I 100% agree that brands should be much more responsive even if they’re telling you they can’t work with you! It’s like job interviews that never get back to you – always leaving you wondering why they didn’t hire you. Communication is super important to me, so I wish it was equally important for everyone else too

  5. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with this! I haven’t reached out to any brands yet and they’re usually the ones who contact me so I always find it weird when they don’t respond back after I’ve given my address because they were the ones who contacted me in the first place. I ask myself so many questions and worry that I’ve given my address to strangers but I’ve learnt this was something very common for brands to do xx

  6. This is a slightly different issue, because I don’t do what you all do (I refinish furniture). But something I’ve caught on to lately is other brands that connect with me, then start stealing my content.

    There is another business like mine here (there are tons, we’re a saturated market) and she literally steals my content, EVERY DAY. Every day I go look at her Facebook page, and every day, she has used at least the same idea, if not blatantly reused my material, from the day before.

    Just wondering if anyone else faces this issue. It’s not exactly plagiarism, but it’s certainly not flattering.

  7. This is defo one of my biggest pet hates when it comes to blogging. It hasn’t happened to me too many times but the first time it did I remember feeling so so upset!

  8. I have never worked for a brand before. I really want to. 😦 So sad that this happens but still, you are lucky that some brands do push through. Understandable too since there is a vast number of bloggers all over the internet.

    Joy to the World

  9. Ugh! It sucks so much to be ghosted by brands because you’re on the edge of whether to pursue the open proposal or to forget out it. I mean I get that people don’t like to reject others and it’s more of the representative of the brand who’s more at fault – but it’s good to at least give a heads up that they retract their offer. Hope there will be a change in the culture where communication actually takes place!

    Nancy ♥

  10. This has only happened to me once, I was approached about reviewing some products on IG for a skincare brand. They said they’d send me an email but of course one never came. So annoying!!

  11. I had a stationery brand contact me, give me a link to their catalogue and ask me to pick a few products. I chose some products and emailed them back, they asked another question, I answered it and then never heard back from them. A few months later I had another email from them asking if I’d like to review some of their products and here was the catalogue link (as if they’d never messaged me before). I emailed back pointing out we’d been in contact before but I’d not heard back. I then got a reply saying they knew that but they wanted more information… Never heard from them after that! So annoying!

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