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Things to do before you hit “publish”

Since my little discussion about why I like blogging for bloggers, I’ve been inspired to write more blogging-related blog posts lately. I think there will always be a blogging related topic that someone needs or wants to find out more about and blogging is such a multi-layered hobby or career that even the smallest and seemingly most obvious pieces of advice can go a long, long way. I’ve certainly learnt that over the years I’ve been blogging; making the smallest change or doing what I think is something insignificant can make a impact on my blog. Today’s post is a little bit like that, a bit of a “well duhhhhhh” but sometimes it’s not “duh” at all. Sometimes we do genuinely forget to do the simplest things when it comes to blogging. I mean, we’ve got a hell of a lot to think about, can you blame us?

For some people, writing a post is just that, writing a post. Write and hit publish. Job done. Cup of tea. And that’s totally fine if you use your blog in that way, no judgement here. But for a lot of us, we do want to utilize these blog posts that we’re working ever so hard on and get them seen and make people want to read them. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past, I always seemed to be missing something out and hastily hitting publish (or schedule) without really putting my 100% undivided attention into making sure that the post was as close to perfect.

Disclose if necessary

Probably one of the most important things you need to ensure you do before you hit publish is disclose in your post if it’s sponsored, if you’ve been sent any items or if there are any affiliate links included within the text. Not breaking the law is cool, yo!

Have a to-the-point and clear title

For search engine purposes, a straight-forward title is usually more beneficial. If you’re reviewing a product for example, ensuring the name of said product is within the title instead of “See what I though of this amazing, new, affordable lip product!” which doesn’t actually give us anything to go on. You might be reviewing a product that hundreds of people want to find out more about but they don’t know that because it’s not obvious.

Change the permalink

I’m not sure how this works on Blogger (sorry Blogger folks) but on WordPress, right underneath the box where you write your title, there’s the permalink for your post. WordPress gives you the option to edit this so if you do have a slightly longer title, you can shorten the link itself to include only the key words search engines will need. E.g your title says, “Tried and Tested: Urban Decay New Range!” but your link might say, “Urban Decay New Range”. See what I mean? It’s also very obvious from that example that I know squat about make up…

Add relevant tags

Adding tags can be super beneficial to a blog post but make sure they’re relevant and make sure you don’t over-do it! I believe no more than 25 is perfectly satisfactory.


I find it so much easier to navigate a blog when everything is categorized, “books, food, music, beauty” etc. If you’ve had a look at my menu up top, you’ll see that my blog is quite heavily categorized because I blog about so many God damn different topics. I like to make sure all my topics are grouped together for the sake of readers.

Link back to your old posts where you can

I always, always, always link back to old blog posts, in new blog posts, where I can. If you have a new reader on your blog, this will be a super easy way for them to click through into your older posts and keep them on your blog for longer. So have a little skim through the post you’re writing and see where / if you can link some of your previous posts in, if it’s relevant.


This is where I definitely need to take my own advice! I’m fully aware that there are usually a number of typos in my posts; not necessarily spelling mistakes because I’m a fairly good speller but but silly, dumb-ass, typos which are from my own carelessness. It doesn’t hurt to re-read your own post once or twice to ensure there aren’t any.

Preview beforehand

Just to make sure everything is aligned correctly and not upside down, back to front and the wrong way round.

Do you have anything to add here? What else do you make sure you do before you hit “publish” or “schedule” on a blog post? Let me know!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. Great advice! I’ve certainly taken these to heart compared to my first few months as a newbie in blogging – checking, double-checking and re-checking before you publish is the BEST thing you can do to make sure everything’s fine and sorted. Thanks for making it so clear and simplified! 😀

    1. Thank you 😌 And I totally agree – it doesn’t take long either. You might as well be sure and make sure everything is as perfect as possible.

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