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I tweet about blogging a lot. Blogging is my main source of income, the thing I spend the most of my life doing and the thing that makes up the majority of my thoughts on any given day. So I think it’s pretty standard that I’m going to talk about it a lottttttt. A little while ago, I mentioned that I had over 30 posts scheduled for the coming months on my blog and that tweet got one hell of a response from praise, awe and just general disbelief. Not tooting my own horn here whatsoever but as I said, blogging is my main “thing”, it’s not just a here-and-there hobby to me any more, I take it extremely seriously so I don’t think it should be that much of a surprise that I’m so organised with my blog.

And I totally get that we’re all blogging for different reasons and I’m not saying I feel like I’m better than anyone else because I’m a literal Monica Gellar and cannot function unless I’m 4 months ahead of schedule. Not saying that at all. But I know from the responses of that tweet that some bloggers do want to get more organised and blog a bit more regularly. I know having hundreds of posts scheduled certainly isn’t for everyone and some people enjoy just writing as and when and posting as and when but for me, personally, it helps me stay focused and organised and takes a whole lot of pressure off when I know I haven’t got to whack out a post on the quick because hey presto! They’re already scheduled. 

So on that tweet, I got a reply asking about my blogging process and I thought I’d share a bit of it today which may help someone who wants to get a bit more organised with their blog and maybe start planning and scheduling content in advance! I’m not saying my way is the right way (no way is the “right” way when it comes to blogging) but this is just what I do and what works for me! If it helps you too, brill! If it doesn’t, well just ignore this post and move on. 

Blogging schedule

I never used to have a blogging schedule but I’ve established a nice little one which has been working really well for me at the moment. I always schedule 3 posts a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then leave Tuesday and Thursday open for any last minute sponsored content or product reviews which might come in. I also always try and leave weekends free so I have a little bit of a break from the constant promotion etc!

Since writing this post, I’ve actually had a revamp of my blogging scheduled and from September on-wards I’ll be posting twice a week, Monday’s and Thursday’s instead, with days spare for sponsored content etc. I know this will work better for me and allow me more time to promote the posts I write, rather than just churning out content for the sake of it. Quality over quantity! But it’s another important point to remember that it’s okay to change things up if it’s not working for you!

Coming up with ideas

I simply use a note on my iPhone to keep track of my blog post ideas. I split it into months – just in case there’s a certain post which might bode better for a certain time of the year (e.g a Valentine’s themed post going up in February) and this is a simple but effective way to keep track of your ideas and an accessible way to note them down on the go – because we’re always in the strangest places when we come up with the best ideas.

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At the beginning of the year, I created a “bullet journal” which turned into a glorified blogging notebook basically. I’ve drawn up each month and write down when my posts are going up. But here’s the fun bit… I COLOUR CODE them, yes that’s right, I’ve reached peak Monica Gellar status. No seriously, I colour code them by topic so I can see how varied my content is in each given week and can make sure I don’t have too much of one thing (this obviously doesn’t apply to you if you only blog about books or make-up or whatever!)


I tend to do the writing part before I add the photos because that’s the part I enjoy the most and taking photos can take soooo long and requires so much effort. So yes, I always focus on the writing before anything else. When I have the time, I’ll usually sit down and write out 2 or 3 blog posts from the list on my phone. Add in all the tags, links, categorize it – all that “extra” stuff and then save it as a draft for the time being.


Then the next day (or whenever I have time / can be bothered) is when I’ll take my photo/s for the posts, edit them, add them to the post itself and get it scheduled. I use aboard with some white wooden-style sticky back on as the background for my blog photos then use a load of random stuff including notebooks, fairy-lights, fake flowers, candles, confetti, pens, quotes and whatever else I can find and arrange them to make a semi-decent photo. My photos are a far cry from the incredible photography we so often see but I’m trying my best! I take my photos with my Nikon Coolpix camera, edit them on the VSCO app on my phone then add my ‘Jenny in Neverland watermark using Canva.


Once my post is finished, I’ll schedule it for 8:30am on the morning of whichever day I want to have it up. I’ve always preferred posting in the morning but obviously you don’t have to. If you’re wanting to start scheduling posts in advance, the way I’ve done it before it have a little break from blogging first and during that break, work on your ideas and schedule for the following month. Then as you’re working on new content, you always have content going up!

So there we are, that’s more or less my blogging schedule and everything from thinking up the ideas to hitting “schedule” on the post! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, e.g how I promote my posts or where I share my posts, do leave me a comment and let me know! I hope you found this post helpful!


  1. Sounds like a great way of working on the blog! I need/ want to be more organised as in having more written content already prepared. On my 2019 to do list 😌🙏🏻

    1. Wow that’s great! Glad you’ve found a system that works 🙂

  2. Super helpful, thanks for posting!

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  4. Really helpful! I’m on a ‘thirty-posts-in-thirty-days’ crunch, just to see if I can, but I mainly use stock photos, and alternate articles with philosophy quotes, so I have to tip my proverbial hat to you; you really go all-out! Scheduling has indeed been really helpful, but I had been thinking about changing my schedule after my thirty days are up. Your suggestions seem like just the ticket!

    1. So glad you found it helpful! A schedule is always great and posting every day for a month is a MISSION but I feel like you learn a lot from it. Best of luck with it!

      1. Thanks! 😊

  5. I love taking notes in my phone. So handy!

    1. Definitely really handy 😌

  6. Boxnip says:

    Really great post and very helpful too!

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  8. Great post. Love how you break it down into categories. I think I will be applying this kind of process to my own blogging to make it more fluid and organized instead of the chaotic mess that it is now.

    1. I hope it’s helpful and works for you! 🙂 xx

  9. Sarah Sullivan says:

    Photos are one of those things i love doing and hate doing at the same time haha, i used to schedule everything but i am more relaxed about it all.

    1. Haha when I’m having a good session taking photos, I don’t mind it but there’s always those times when it just doesn’t work xxx

  10. Love this post! Maybe it’s odd but I always find it fascinating how other people work on things like this! My own blogging scheduale uses a few of these tricks and while I am normally a little bit ahead I am not nearly as far ahead as you are! Great job.

    1. Not odd at all! I find it fascinating how other people keep organised! xxx

  11. This is sooo useful! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 x

  12. I like to take things down on my iPhone as well. It is very useful!

    1. It certainly is 🙂

  13. aisasami says:

    I stick with a schedule too! But, I don’t rely on sponsor material (as I am a music blog). But I try to write a post on Sunday and then on Wednesday.

    1. Fair enough 🙂 twice a week is a good amount of posting I think xx

  14. I love getting insight into your blogging world! I feel like having a schedule was the one this that completely changed my blogging game!

    1. Yep agreed! 🙂 xxx

  15. tornpagesandroses says:

    I didn’t really plan my posts that much before but with uni and work and other life stuff coming up next month I probably have to, thanks for writing this post, very handy!

    1. Hope you find planning more helpful 🙂 xx

  16. togetherqueens says:

    Great post! I definitely have issues with sticking to a blogging schedule so this definitely motivates me to get back on track

    1. I just find a blogging schedule so fool-proof. It’s so handy 🙂 xx

  17. Using a bullet journal as a way to keep track of your blog posts is a great idea! You’ve made me want to get one and start using it lol.

    1. Haha you should! 🙂 xx

      1. Yes, def. want to! Thanks for the inspo 🙂

  18. Hats off to you, and all the bloggers who post consistently and follow a schedule. I am just so disorganized in this area. Need to get my blogging game better!

    – Aditi

    1. Hope this post can help 🙂 xx

  19. Such a nifty idea! I tried bullet journaling and note booking but I just can’t stick to anything I’m so bad! Plus my schedule at the moment is just bonkers! I will get a grip though as soon as the paid work comes in!

    1. It’s definitely useful for non paid work too xx

  20. You make me want to be more organised! x

    1. Haha I’d always encourage organisation in blogging, it just makes life so much easier!

  21. Ashiana says:

    Such a helpful post! I definitely agree that the writing process is much more enjoyable, I love taking photos as well but the writing for me is less stress. That is so awesome how you have everything planned way ahead of schedule, I aspire to be organized like that. Do you have any promotional tips?

    1. I’m the same regarding photos and writing! Promotional tips, as in on social media?

      1. Ashiana says:

        Yes, what are the best ways to promote a brand new post?

      2. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Scheduling tweets for the day it’s live, sharing on Pinterest sharing boards, taking part in comment swaps 🙂

      3. Ashiana says:

        Thank You!

  22. I liked reading about your blogging schedule, thanks for sharing it with us. I’m definitely getting more into prepping posts in advance and panning when I am going to post them.

    1. Thank you 🙂 xx

  23. Ahhhh yes! I’ve been waiting for this post for months haha! I am in awe of how productive and awesome you are so thank you so so much for spilling your secrets and allowing me to get so much inspiration from them!
    Beth x

    1. Haha I hope it didn’t disappoint! 🙂 xx

  24. This is really interesting to read Jenny! Thanks for sharing your tips. I always take photos first then write afterwards (usually the day before it’s posted!). I’d love to be more organised and ahead of schedule. I’m the same and currently post 3x a week and I’m also thinking of cutting this down to twice a week in October once my studies start again. Also, yay for colour coding, a pretty planner is always so motivating 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Ooh really! The only time I take photos first is if it’s a product review because usually the photos take ages and I always dread it so it gets it out of the way 😂 xx

  25. I do think I’m pretty organised but you are much better than me! I wish I was that organised, I need to get myself a good journal to plan a bit more and sort out what days I post! This is a great post x

    1. A good journal can work wonders! 🙂 xx

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