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Each and every month when I check my stats on my WordPress app, sitting at the top of my “most views” posts during that month are always blogging-related posts. These tend to be advice style posts and occasionally blogging related discussions but you can bet your bottom dollar that posts about blogging are almost always my most viewed posts. I’m most certainly no “blogging guru” (literally if you call yourself a blogging guru, go home) but I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now, learnt a hella lot along the way and I love to share what I’ve learnt with my readers. From anything from growing a following, how to find sponsored opportunities and tips on being self-employed – if I have some experience in it and/or have some strategies that I’ve found have worked for me, you can probably expect a blog post about it.

If you take a look in my drop-down menu under “other” you’ll see a category that says “blogging tips and advice”. This is where almost all of my blogging advice style posts go but as I’ve been blogging for so long and wrote so many goddamn posts, I sometimes feel like these posts will get a bit lost and if someone’s come here to look for advice for something specific, they might find themselves scrolling for ages before they find it.

I wanted to created an entirely separate post, with all the links to all my previous blogging help style posts so consider this your one-stop-shop for anything blog related. I’ll be updating this post, whenever I have a new relevant post up and I’ll also pop the link to this post in my sidebar, attached to the thumbnail image of the one above so it’s super quick and easy to find should you ever need it! I hope you find this helpful <3

Sponsored content, self-employment & business related

Utilizing sponsored posts and working with brands 
Great resources to improve blogger outreach
Sponsored posts, earning money and blogging as a business – tips and tricks 
Tips for offering advertising slots on your blog
Tips for people who want to go self-employed
Getting money savvy in 2019
How and where to find blogging opportunities
Things to consider when creating a blogging resource
The importance of your work space when you’re self employed
Growing your blog as a business

Helpful posts for newer bloggers

Things bloggers should never feel guilty about
Things to remember when you start a blog
Things to look out for in the blogging world

Growing your blog

A beginners guide to SEO for bloggers
How I increased my following
Tips to improve your daily page views
Things to do before you hit “publish”

Blog post inspiration

Practical tips for coming up with blog post ideas
25 bookish blog post ideas
25 Spring and Summer blog post ideas
25 Winter and Christmas blog post ideas 
25 Autumn blog post ideas 

Social media

How to make the most of comment threads 
Free and effective ways to promote your blog

Productivity, organisation and motivation

Organisational tips to incorporate into your blog in the New Year
How to stay productive when working from home
How I stay motivated
My blogging process
6 productive things you can do for your blog when you’re not creating new content

Misc. / discussions

Things you can do to help and encourage new bloggers
The follow for follow mentality in blogging
Blogging for bloggers: What’s the problem?
Being ghosted by brands… what?!
Things to consider before taking on a blogging challenge

I really hope you found this post helpful! If there’s anything else you’d want to see me write about, do leave any suggestions in the comments below!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. I’ve book marked this to come back and forward to as you have great topics.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Such a great post to refer to! So much advice for any blogger – thank you x

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  3. A great resource! Especially when you’re in a rut and don’t know what to write about

    1. Thank you 🙂

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