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A picture is worth a thousand words, with Tesco Photo *

I’ve always loved personalized items and gifts and when it comes to Christmas or birthdays, if I can get someone personalized I absolutely will. I was keen to try out the Tesco Photo service, when they contacted me, despite shopping in Tesco more or less every week for my entire life, I didn’t actually know they offered this service?! Like have I been living under a bridge all these years? 

They offer a fantastic Express Service, where if you order your items in the morning, you can collect them at your local Tesco after 3pm the very same day and they offer a range of products from prints from 5p each, photo mugs, personalized photo frames, cushions, calendars, photo books and more and compared to many other online photo printing service, their prices are really affordable.

I was lucky enough to pick out 4 personalized items equaling a total of £50, 3 of these arrived within a few days (I didn’t use the express service because I wasn’t sure when I was able to get to Tesco so I opted for delivery, which was still absolutely fine) and the final product took around a week because it was an engraved product which took a little more time to make. All 4 of these came to just short of £50 which for the size and quality, I’m really happy with!

Photo Blocks

White Photo Blocks & Black Photo Blocks – from £7 *

My first two products I chose were both photo blocks – because I wanted something a little different to your regular photo frame (although I did end up ordering a photo frame anyway so that logic went out the window very quickly!) The photo blocks come in either black or white and 3 different sizes from £7 up to £20. Both of mine were the middle size, 8″ by 6″ and were £9 each which for the quality I think is amazing value.

The photo blocks are really sturdy wooden blocks and definitely a modern alternative to a photo frame. Perfect for  on a desk or a shelf, they stand up on their own and the photo quality is absolutely spectacular. The first one I chose was a photo of my boyfriend and I at a wedding we went to this Summer and the second one is my boyfriend and his lovely doggo.

Personalized Photo Mug

Double Image Photo Mug – £10 *

We’re no strangers to personalized mugs in my house – we’ve bought each other mugs every year since I knew what a mug was. They just make fun “extra” gifts when it comes to birthdays or even Christmas and we drink a lot of tea in our house too so we’re never short of a mug!

It was my Mum’s birthday coming up when I ordered these so I chose to opt for a funny little mug “from the dog” to give to her as an extra birthday present. I chose two cute photos of my dog and wrote a little message “from him” on there too. You were able to chose the font and the colour and there were plenty of different photo options for the mug; 2 photos, 3 photos, a collage etc. Anyone who isn’t a dog loving family will think this is utterly ridiculous, I know. 

Personalized Engraved Photo Frame

Harriet Light Wood Engravable Photo Frame With Print – from £15 *

And finally, I chose a personalized engraved photo frame and this was the product that took a little while longer to get to me because of the fact it needed to be engraved but that’s fine. You can chose from a silver frame, light wood or rustic wood, they come in 4 different sizes starting from £15 up to £20 and you also get a print with it too. I went for the light wood because it’ll go in my room the best and I believe I have the 7″ by 5″ size.

This Summer, my boyfriend and I went to Brands Hatch – a race track in Kent – to watch the DTM (a German touring car series we’re super into). It was my very first live racing event I’ve been to and was one of the best weekends ever so I knew I wanted something to mark that occasion. Again you can chose the font of the engraving and have multiple lines engraved on your frame (I didn’t actually use all the lines available) and I think these would make a really lovely gift.

I’m absolutely delighted with the products, the service and the quality from Tesco Photos and I don’t think I’d go anywhere else for personalized photo gifts again now that I know these exist! What do you think of these? Do you like personalized gifts?

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review



  1. I love the photo blocks 😍😍

    1. They’re fab 🙂

  2. I have a photo block of me and my boyfriend on my next! I do love it, but I think I do prefer normal phot frames as it has trouble standing up and the one of my old dogs(normal photo frame) doesn’t. They are really unique though! I would love to stick a picture of my puppy on a mug! The engraved photo-frame would make the best gift!! I didn’t know Tesco offered this service too! x

    1. Ah really? These blocks are solid, they don’t move at all and stand up perfectly 🙂

  3. Amazing! I want to get a couple of bits done with my cats on xx

    1. Haha awh cute!

  4. Chelsea says:

    I love personalised gifts, I find them so heartfelt.
    My boyfriend and I are long distance, so every card we send always has a photo of us on; we love little things like that.
    Never knew Tesco offered this, glad to know about it now – I love the engraved photo frame!
    Great post 🧡

    Chelsea /

    1. Awh that’s sweet and definitely important!

  5. Macey Gloria says:

    Aw I love the engraved photo frame!! All of these products look like great mementos & gifts x

    1. They really are 🙂

  6. Would love one of these products as a gift.

    1. They make lovely gifts 🙂

  7. I love giving gifts like this! They’re gorgeous!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Thank you 😌

  8. These would be such lovely gifts for Christmas! I might have to look at getting some of these 🙂

    Chloe x

    1. They really would 🙂 They do so many different products!

  9. I’ve used Tesco photo a few times for photo prints and have seen they do personalised products! I think they’re so cute and i think a few years ago i got a mug with my dogs face on! They 100% make perfect gifts x

    1. They really do 🙂 I want to use their service for actual photos too!

  10. Laura at Palette of Thoughts says:

    These are lovely! I especially like the engraved frame, would be such a great gift! I also had no idea Tesco did things like this!

    Laura at Palette of Thoughts //

    1. The frame is really lovely, I was so impressed!

  11. I had no idea Tesco offered this service either. I was going to say the blocks were my favourite. BUT you got your dog on the mug. So the mug is obviously my favourite 🤷 x


    1. Hahahahaha! Yeah I have to agree 😂

  12. I love personalised gifts for giving as presents especially around Christmas I find them really personal. These photos looks really great, the photos frame is actually really lovely. I also love the mug! Great post x

    1. Thank you 🙂 I always try and include personalised gifts for Christmas too!

  13. Natasha MacFarlane says:

    Great post! Such a great gift idea! Really love the photo blocks!

    1. Thank you 🙂 They’d all make lovely gifts!

  14. I didn’t know about this service in Tesco either! Those photo blocks are my favourite thing you picked up and the price is so good I’ll definitely get us some of these when we find a house!

    Jess //

    1. I love the photo blocks 🙂

  15. this is so lovely! i love personalized gifts! I’ve been known to get my friends personalized or engraved things for their birthdays over the years but the place by me costs about 50 dollars for anything which is more than i can afford unfortunately. it’s so awesome that they offer so many different things. I don’t our local pharmacy’s have photo stations but i don’t think they are anything like this. such a cool thing to have in the super market! order them before work and then swing by after work and pick them up along with some dinner, how perfect! xx

    mich /

    1. Ah that’s a shame they’re so expensive!

  16. I always do my photos at Tesco’s but I’ve never tried out the gifts they have to offer. Definitely something I shall look into now Christmas is fast approaching! Especially for my university friends now we live so far away from each other. 🙂


    1. They’ll be perfect for Christmas! 🙂

  17. These look great – I like the photo blocks the best. Personalised things make great presents because they show the person you were thinking of them and didn’t just buy something random at the last minute! I didn’t know Tesco offered this service so thanks for this post.


    1. Yeah exactly! That’s why I love them 😌

  18. I sometimes feel like I’m in the minority, but I don’t really like personalized photo gifts. I wouldn’t want a coffee mug with someone’s face on it and I don’t display photos of people in my home either. I have a weird relationship with photographs I think…..

    1. Huh that’s odd. I mean I wouldn’t want any old persons face on my mugs, mostly my dog.

  19. I did know they made anything like this – so cute x

    1. Aren’t they 🙂

  20. These items are lovely! I particularly love the engraved photo frame. I never would have thought to go to Tesco to get items like this!

    1. Me neither! I honestly never knew they did it but so glad I’ve found out how good they are 😌

  21. I made some cute photo blocks last year and still love them now x

    1. They’re really lovely aren’t they 🙂

  22. It sounds fab, and it all looks like amazing quality!
    We’re a big fan of personalised mugs in my house, I don’t think we even have two mugs the same any more.
    We do gifts “from the dog” too, just fun little things like a selection box at Christmas, a box of Malteasers for birthdays.
    Cora |

    1. Yes we do that! Everyone always has a gift from the dog 😂

  23. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I’ve never heard of photo blocks but they are fab, so different. Personalised mugs are something I’ve always wondered about but I’ve never been convinced of the image quality. But your mug looks beautiful, and how lovely to have two different pictures too. You’ve chosen some gorgeous pictures and the quality is outstanding – I’ll have to check this facility out next time I’m in Tescos, I had no idea they offered this either! xx

    Lisa |

    1. All the personalised photo mugs I’ve tried in the past have all turned out really well actually 😌 I’ve never had one where I’ve been disappointed with the quality. The quality of the photo blocks is amazing too!

  24. I always think personalised items make such lovely gifts! Your dog mug is sooo adorable, I’m the kinda person who would 100% get a mug of my cats he he. I’ve never seen photo blocks before, but they make stylish alternatives to frames. I love the engraved frame too, that’s a really nice way to remember a special day. Great review Jenny and lovely photos! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I love the photo blocks for that reason! If I had my own place and I was decorating it I’d definitely consider the blocks instead 😌

  25. The items you’ve mentioned in this post look like such good quality! I’d never heard of this service before you posted about it despite living over the road from one, but now that I do know it exists, it’s given me SO many ideas for Christmas. The engraved photo frame would make an amazing gift for my parents, and I love the idea of the photo blocks for my best friend who’s gone off to university as there’s no risk of glass smashing when she’s transporting her things to and from university every year!

    1. The photo blocks are perfect for that! They’re so sturdy and durable like you could lob them through a window and nothing would happen to them! (But don’t haha 😂)

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