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Staying organised as a blogger

I’m going to start this post with a bit of self-praise, which is something I never, ever do. But the thing I like the most about myself is how organised I am, my organisational skills and my ability to stick to deadlines, work ahead of schedule and generally just never get in a flap about getting things done because chances are, I’ve already done it! I’ve always been an organised person to some degree; my homework was never late, I always used my planner well to keep track of homework deadlines and even in my bedroom as a child, everything had it’s rightful place. I was never a messy kid and I grew up to have a very Type A personality. I basically grew up and turned into Monica Geller. But back to the point, all of these skills and traits have served me really well in my blogging career, especially since I started taking blogging more seriously. 

And being organised is the main thing I get comments about on Twitter and as I said, I’m not one to toot my own horn, in fact I’ve always struggled with self-esteem issues so you know I’m not using this as an excuse to be big headed. Complimenting myself is something that does not come naturally to me at all! But I like to help others and share what I know, especially if it’s about a topic that I’m passionate about and tend to be quite good at – organizing is definitely one of those things.

A lot of bloggers would like to be more organised with their blogs, that’s no secret but obviously it’s hard and can be even harder when you have other commitments, such as kids, families, studies and jobs. As most of us do. But whatever your situation, I hope you can take something from the advice I’ve shared below and make it fit into your schedule and help you become a bit more organised with your blog! And as always, these are all things that I personally do and have found work for me. It’s not gospel and you certainly don’t have to take my advice.

Have a system

This will differ quite excessively for everyone but I’ve found having a system in place really helps me stay organised and figure out some sort of blogging “routine“. If you take blogging seriously or want to take blogging seriously and maybe start working with brands or even earning money, it can definitely help to treat it like a job with a routine rather than just blogging willy-nilly. But as I said, this won’t work for everyone but it did for me!

Schedule in advance

I will encourage scheduling your posts in advance until I’m blue in the face and someone locks me up for being so annoying. My idea of being organised is not having to frantically think up a blog post to write on the morning you want to have one up, my idea of organised is already having your content scheduled out so you don’t even have to worry about it. If you’re struggling to gather up enough content to schedule in advance, I’d recommend taking a short break from blogging (2-3 weeks) to write up content and schedule it from the following month. Once you’re ahead, you’re likely to stay ahead!

Notebooks, planners, journals

One thing that’s really helped me stay organised as a blogger, especially since the beginning of the year is my “bullet journal” (I use quotation marks because it’s not really a bullet journal, it’s more like a glorified note book). I’ve drawn up every month of the year and this is where I keep track of all my posts going up and I colour code them so I know what topics I’m writing about and whether there’s too much of 1 thing on any given week. The colour coding isn’t necessary but physically writing down and keeping a diary of when your posts are up is really helpful and can help you plan upcoming content.


You know when you see someone tweet a screenshot of their phone and it says “1,408 unread emails” on the front? Yeah, that literally gives me palpitations. It’s incredibly easy for emails to pile up and up and up and get overwhelming but I’ve always made sure that never happens and I check my emails every morning – it’s usually the first thing I do when I pick up my phone. I delete all the crap, reply to the ones I need to reply to and that way you can start your day with a nice, empty inbox. Also don’t forget to empty your junk folder every day too.

To-do lists

My saving grace. The to-do list. I bloody love lists and I’ve worked from a to-do list every single day (except for a handful of days when I’ve been away) for more or less the last 3 years. I categorize my to-do list into “blogging“, “general (chores, household things, the boring stuff basically)” and “me (self-care related things as well as anything I really need to remember to do like wash my hair)” and this makes them much more manageable. Writing down all your blogging tasks you need to complete instead of trying to remember them off the top of your head is obviously very beneficial.

Scheduling tweets

Promoting your posts can take so much time and effort and plus is really bloody boring so I always schedule my tweets first thing in the morning for the entire day, it takes 10 minutes and once it’s done, that’s it! You don’t need to worry about promoting your blog for the rest of the day! I use Buffer and I tend to schedule around 6-7 tweets a day. If I have a new post up that day, the majority will be that but if I don’t, I’ll use a mixture of my old posts and maybe an Instagram or Pinterest promo thrown in.


At the beginning of every year, I sort out the folders on my laptop. Everything from the previous year gets put on a USB and wiped from the laptop and I start afresh with brand new folders for everything from personal stuff to blogging. My blogging folder contains a number of folders within it, all dedicated to certain things so I know exactly where to go and what I’m looking for. These include, “Useful stock photos“, “Book covers“, “Documents“, “Useful graphics” and a dedicated album for my advertisers. I also save my “Header photos” and “Product review photos” in their own albums. Basically, be as specific as possible with your folders!

It’s important to remember that not all of these pointers may work for you or be feasible for you and your situation but that’s okay. I’d recommend taking one of them and then slotting it into your routine and seeing how you get on. For example, setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier to schedule tweets for the day and check your emails. Or writing yourself a blogging-related to-do list before you go to bed for the following day.

Being organised is really quite subjective and whilst one person’s life might look very neat and tidy with everything in order (like mine) and someone else’s looks chaotic, as long as both of those people are getting their sh*t done, neither one of them is right and the other wrong in their approach to staying organised as a blogger. These certainly aren’t the only ways to stay organised and if you’re not really much like me, personality wise, there may very well be better methods for you out there somewhere. But this is what I know and I hope you found it helpful!



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  2. Fantastic advice! Getting more organised with blogging has certainly helped me keep making quality posts for readers, while spacing it out on a weekly basis gives me time and space to re-read and correct any errors I might have initially overlooked. 😀 Thanks for such worthwhile tips – well done on making such great progress with your own blogging! 💐

    1. Thanks so much 😌 I’d always always always say that being organised as a blogger will help you in the long run!

  3. Some really great tips that everyone can benefit from x

    1. Thank you 🙂

  4. Loved this post! I started blogging a few months ago and so these were helpful. I also hate having unread emails. You inspired me to clean out the folders on my computer. Right now I just have one folder for blogging and it could get quite confusing. Thanks for the tips.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

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  6. Thanks so much for sharing your tips! I really nee dot get my head around Buffer! I absolutely adore bullet journals. I love using mine and practicing all the different lettering to make it pretty! Using it definitely helps me stay on top of things!

    1. I haven’t done any lettering in mine – I’m not patient or artistic enough 😂

  7. I really need to get myself organised, baby on the way means I really should start planning ahead a lot more with my blog stuff, there are some things from your book I need to start putting into practice. I love your blogger tips posts.

    1. Thanks Hayley! I’m sure you have more important things to think about right now with a baby on the way though!

  8. I’m really good at keeping up with my emails, having a schedule of days i post and i think on the whole im well organised, some weeks im writing up posts the day before they go up so i think i could be more organised with planning ideas well in advance!x

    1. Sound like you’ve got a good system!

  9. Soffy S says:

    Oh Jenny this post is perfect! Well done for praising yourself and that doesn’t make you big headed at all! As for the actual post, this couldn’t have come at a better time, I’ve become so lazy with my blog I feel guilty! I’m always giving myself excuses about work and having a toddler but deep down I know I need to get my act straight, if I set my mind to it and become organised I can manage! This was very motivational for me so thank you so much xx

    Soffy //

    1. So glad you’ve found it helpful! 🙂

  10. Scheduling in advance helps so much. I feel I write better as well when I’m not in a rush to get something out.

    1. Oh same for sure!

  11. So many great tips here. Organisation really is the key I find too.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  12. These are brilliant tips! I tend to be quite organised but I’ve definitely let it slip with my blog a bit recently, once you fall behind it can be so hard to properly catch up again. Scheduling in advance is definitely a good idea, I try to get loads of posts written at once when I’m feeling motivated so I know I’ve got them ready to go xx

    Tiffany x

    1. It really can! I’ve been there!

  13. Love this post, it’s reassuring to know that some people can keep organised with logging. I’m going to start getting my folders more organised on my laptop and see where we go from there! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration! Xx

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

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