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I recently saw this post on Lize in Disneyland so I straight up can’t take credit for it but I thought it looked like a fun idea and basically I’ll take any excuse to talk about Disney so here we are. I’ve vowed to blog about Disney more this year and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it! You can find all my Disney related posts here and I hope to continue as I mean to go on and share much more Disney related content in the future. I asked on Twitter for some questions and questions I got! Some very hard questions actually! So let’s dive in, here’s my Disney Q&A!

What are your thoughts on Disney making all the live action remakes of the classics? (@janetbargmann)

I actually did a whole post on this not too long ago, so if you want a really long answer to that question, click here. But cutting it short, I adore the remakes. I’m not naive enough to think I’m going to personally adore all of them but I think they’re a wonderful idea, which cater to a new audience and also keep up with our rate of animation.

Which live action remake have they not announced that you think they should make? (@theprosemachine)

I’d love them to do a live action remake of Brave! I think the graphics would be incredible, I love the story-line and I think you could get a really incredible cast.

If you had to create your own Disney character, what would they be like? (@missviclb)

I’d create a female Yoga and meditation loving character who levitates when they meditate. They wouldn’t be the main character but they’d be like the wise guide to the main character who helps them along the way!

If you were in charge of the casting for live action Disney films, who would you cast in the roles? (@merkittyblog)

Ah! This is SO difficult! I thought the Beauty and the Beast cast was perfect and I also thought the voice cast for The Jungle Book was perfect. I’m really stuck on this one. If I think of a decent answer, I’ll tweet it!

If you could live in any of the Disney worlds, where would you live? (@Raiin_Monkey)

Think it’d have to be Neverland! (I’d feel like a traitor if I didn’t say that)

Which of the Disney Princess dresses is your favourite? (@Raiin_Monkey)

I’ve always loved Aurora’s pink dress the most!

If you could rewrite an ending to one Disney film which one and what would the alternate ending be? (@hellobexa)

I mean, the ending of Alice in Wonderland is a little anticlimactic isn’t it? “And then she woke up and it was all a dream”. So I’d probably change that a bit but I’m not sure how! I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland though, so no hate!

What is your least favourite Disney movie and why? (@adventureanx)

I’m not a huge fan of The Aristocats. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of cats and I just think it’s a bit boring?

Name two Disney films you think are overrated and why? (@LittlePink_Blog)

Frozen, definitely. I mean, it’s a good film and I can see why it’s popular but there’s no denying that there’s many better films than Frozen. I just can’t stand “Let It Go” either like why is she screaming this song at me?! And I’m not sure if you’d say this was “overrated” but I didn’t particularly enjoy Maleficent either. I just didn’t like where they took the character.

Which Disney character would you like to be and why? (@FrasersFunHouse)

Vanellope von Schweetz because she’s cute and a racing driver.

Who is your favourite Disney villain and why? (@loubeelou_)

I loved Maleficent (from the original Sleeping Beauty). She’s just pure evil and the part with the dragon always scared me! I definitely think she’s the most intimidating villain. However, I think Scar is also a fab villain because he’s just so damn horrible but has one of the best songs.

If you could be any sidekick who would you be? (@Chloe3May)

It’d have to be Tinkerbell! She’s sassy, gets to throw tantrums, fly and live in Neverland. What more could you want?

Who’s your favourite Disney Princess? (@SteffieReads)

I think it’d have to be Merida or Moana purely because their stories didn’t include a Prince or a love interest and they’re both fierce and brave (see what I did there?) and totally inspiring, even for a 26 year old!

Which movie has the best overall soundtrack? (@ingeswonderland)

I think I’d have to say Tarzan for the best overall soundtrack. Every song in that movie is just fantastic!

I’d love to hear your answers to some of these questions! Let me know in the comments below!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


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  3. I definitely agree with most of your answers but I would argue Hercules or Moana for best music for sure! Also Tangled and The Little Mermaid would have to be in there somewhere for me and they are two of my absolute favourites!

    Abi | https://whatabigailsays.co.uk/

    1. Yeah Moana had great songs didn’t it 😌

  4. Ohhh a yoga and meditation character would be so cool!


    1. Hehe I know! That’d be so cute!

  5. I would want to be tinker bell too 🙂

  6. OMG a yoga and meditation loving character sounds like perfection!

    1. Haha right!

  7. This was so much fun to read!! I really adore the Tarzan soundtrack. For some reason it just makes me super emotional every time I listen to it! 😂

    1. Two Worlds makes me SO teary!

  8. Loved reading this – I love Disney stuff, although I’m not a die-hard fan x

    1. Thank you 🙂

  9. I second the remake of BRAVE! I loved that movie. I think I’ll watch it tonight thanks to you hahah. Who doesn’t love a good Animated movie! I was forced to watch so many animated movies that I do it on my own now shamelessly! Great post❤️❤️

    1. No shame! Brave is such a wonderful film!

  10. I couldn’t even bear to watch Frozen at all! I loved Moana though. When I was young, I had the 1976 Ronco Greatest Hits of Walt Disney that I played so much as a kid! My least favourite Disney movie has to be The Rescuers. Never really like that, or Basil the Great Mouse Detective! 🙂

    Sarah <3

    1. I don’t blame you hahaha! I don’t think I’ve actually seen The Rescuers?

  11. Great tag! My favourite princess is Belle and Beauty and the Beast is my fave film and soundtrack.

    1. It’s such an amazing soundtrack!

  12. I loved this post and I love that you love Disney!! I’m a huge fan of Disney and really enjoyed reading your answers!!

    I’m not sure how I feel about the live-action movies, but I am excited to see Mulan. I’d love to see them make Hercules!!

    Totally agree about Frozen being overrated….! I actually really enjoy Tangled.

    1. I hope they do Mulan well! Tangled is a fab film!

  13. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Aw, no, I loved Maleficent, I thought that was a fabulous film with Angelina Jolie, especially as it turned true love’s kiss on its head. But I will completely go along with Vanellope, she is fab, I’m always up for watching Wreck-It Ralph with Flora. And YASSSSS to Scar. Hard to imagine anyone voicing him better than Jeremy Irons except for maybe Alan Rickman. Fab post, loved your answers! xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I mean, as a film it was good, I just didn’t gel with it! Angelina Jolie is amazing in anything though – I’d watch her in a cereal advert. Jeremy Irons was SO perfect as Scar!

  14. i love any post about disney so this was right up my ally! I absolutely love scar, in like the sense of a villain otherwise he can kick rocks lol. Moana is such a great disney film. I actually bought the dvd before I ever saw the movie because i just KNEW i’d love it, and I was right lol great post jenny! xx

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. I love that! When you know you’ll love a film so take the risk and buy the DVD!

  15. Everything Eden says:

    Such a super cute and lovely post. So lovely hearing all your thoughts on Disney! Such a creative post xx

    1. Thank you 🙂

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