Organising your bedroom will not only help you keep it clean and tidy, it will also help you to feel more calm and in control of your own life. Having clean and tidy surroundings should help your mind to feel more clear, not to mention the fact it will make going about your day to day life so much easier if you know where everything is and you aren’t falling over bits left out on the floor.

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Yes, you might have to spend an hour or two tidying up, but it will be so worth it and once you have down a proper clean, staying on top of the cleaning wont be so hard or take up so much time next time. Oh and before you start, make sure you’ve got good storage solutions to put all your things back into when you’re finished. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to really sort out your belongings if you don’t have anywhere proper to store them in afterwards. Places like Lionshome have a great selection of storage options from cupboards and cabinets to shoe storage and highboards so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something suitable for your needs.

Here are a few of our tips on how you can organise your bedroom…

Sort Through Your Belongings

The best way to start is to do it in sections. So perhaps you are going to start off with your wardrobe. Take everything out of the wardrobe and place it on the bed. Although you may be a little overwhelmed when you see the big pile you’ve just created, rest assured, you’ll find once you get going it doesn’t seem so bad.

Create Piles

You want to create three piles as you go…one is for clothes no good to anyone that need to be binned, one pile for things you want to donate to a charity shop and a pile of clothes you want to keep for yourself.

Do I Love It?

Once you have gone through the entire pile on your bed and made your three smaller piles, begin to put the clothes to donate and bin in black bin bags so you can see exactly what you have left that you want to keep. At this point you may also want to go through this pile again to see if you can get rid of anything else. Try to get rid of as many items as possible. You may feel as though you want to keep everything, but try to remember this won’t help you to be more organised. You really need to thank about each item and ask yourself – Do I love it? Have I worn it in the last year? Does it have sentimental value? If you answer NO to these three questions, or it takes you more than a few minutes to answer, you want to be getting rid of that item!

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Organise To Suit Your Needs

Once you have got your final keep pile, put these items back in your wardrobe in as organised a way as you can, or that would work for you. So perhaps all your coats together, all your jeans in one place…etc. This will make it so much easier to find what you want when you need it. However, this should be personal to you. There is no point in organising your clothes or other items as someone else has done it if it wont work for you as you just wont keep on top of it. You should also find that now you have less ‘stuff’ in your wardrobe, finding an outfit to wear wont be such a hassle as everything you have left should be things you wear often and really love.

You should put this practice in to place when you do each section of your room until you have finished. Doing it section by section will hep you to stay on track without getting side tracked or distracted and wont overwhelm you as much, especially if you have not of ‘stuff’ to get through.

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  1. I Marie Kondo’d the heck out my closet when I first moved into my new apartment over the summer. I love having a much more minimal wardrobe – less “stuff” means less to clean up or keep track of!

  2. well, this post is a reminder for me.. 🙂 i have been meaning to clean up my closet and will use these tips tomorrow when i get to it finally (hopefully!)
    love your blog and reading the statement ‘a little bit of everything girl’ had me nodding my head in agreement.. except for the organizational wizard part (and I sit at the Hufflepuff table!:) )

  3. I love these tips! I recently went through my closet and got rid of things that I no longer wear or use. But I need to go through my entire room and do the same so I can clear some clutter!

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