[AD] Working from home can be a tricky thing to crack. Even if you have a thriving business under your belt, adapting to a working lifestyle but from home instead of an office can be a tough transition. It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, right? You just wake up, whack your laptop on and spending the day working from your bed in your pajamas. I mean, certainly there are days where that is the case but on a whole, just like with any “regular” job, us work-from-homers need to find a healthy and balanced routine that separates the “work” and “home”, in working from home.

I’ve been working from home for a number of years now and I love what I do but I definitely still haven’t got it all figured out. There’s definitely things I could improve on and things I should change in order to be more productive and work more efficiently. One of the main aspects of working from home that we need to consider, is food.

Sounds silly, right? But when you’re constantly within walking distance of your fridge or food cupboards, it can be very easy to slip into extremely unhealthy habits, especially as everything is so convenient.

So if you work from home and find yourself constantly reaching for the microwave meals and last night’s Chinese takeaway leftovers, here are some alternative ways we can be eating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle when working from home!

Meal prep

Sometimes, it’s definitely the thought of actually having to make something which can put you off trying to be healthier and eat a more balanced lunch. This is where those handy microwave meals come in! So preparing your food the night before might be a great option. Grab yourself a bunch of tupperware boxes, stick some labels on the top and you’re good to go!

Try something new!

If cooking is your thing but it’s the inspiration that you’re lacking and find yourself coming back to the same old meals, then maybe it’s time to seek inspiration elsewhere. Tools such as The Recipe Matchmaker from HelloFresh can help as it’s a simple but effective way to find meal ideas. You can even specify what sort of meal you’re looking to make, so if you need something quick, they’re got you covered!

Healthy snacks

Snacking is definitely my weakness some days and it’s so incredibly easy to just reach for the chocolate, the crisps or even the Babybels in the fridge as a quick snack! There’s nothing wrong with a few snacks throughout the day of course but if you’re a big snacker, like me, then it might be time to switch it up! Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruit available, yogurts (I love the dairy-free Alpro yogurts the best!), granola, Nakd bars (chocolate crunch are my favourite!) and things like that.

Delete the takeaway apps

Hands up who’s ordered a pizza at lunchtime because it was convenient and they couldn’t be bothered cooking or trying to think of something to cook? *sheepishly raises hand* I know it’s not going to delete the actual takeaway shop but deleting the app is a good place to start. If you spend a lot of time on your phone (like I do), then not seeing that icon on your home screen and feeling the temptation really does help.

Get moving

Although not a food-related point but it’s really important to make sure you get your body moving when you work from home, especially if you work from a computer all day. You don’t get to walk to the bus stop or the train station in the morning on your commute and get that element of exercise in your day but you can carve out time to go for a walk around the block, go for a run or do some Yoga to make sure you get the blood pumping!

Do you work from home? If you do, what ways do you try and stay healthy?

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  1. My eating habits are so strange, especially in winter. As I’m photographing a lot of my food I end up eating dinner for breakfast a lot when the days are short in daylight hours. Literally the only thing I like about summer is the fact I don’t have to stress about that. It’s so easy to snack on easy/ unhealthy stuff when you’re working at home though! x


  2. I really want to try Hello Fresh at some point since I keep seeing it everywhere and it would help when my mental health stops me from going out! I haven’t used my microwave for so long and I’m actually proud of myself. c;

    Dee xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  3. I only work from home one day each week, but when I do, I find that I’m actually healthier than when I’m at work. I think it’s the ability to cook up anything I like, with a lot more options in my cupboards (I’m not organised enough to take meals to work with me so normally end up buying something from the local shop). Since the turn of the year, I’ve also been making sure I leave the house at lunchtime for a jog around the local park. I do wonder if this would still be the case if I worked from home more often, but I like to think it would be 😊 great article, thank you for sharing

  4. I haven’t properly worked for quite a while now due to my health so it means I spend a hell of a lot of time at home and it is so much easier to just grab something that’s there rather than make a whole meal. The meal prep is such a good idea as you’ve got all the things you need at home to warm things up etc, too! I really do struggle for inspiration sometimes especially as I’m not the best at pairing flavours so I’m definitely going to have a look at the Hello Fresh recipe matchmaker! Totally agree with buying healthier snacks too, I make sure the fruit bowl is well stocked and if I do have chocolate I make sure it’s fun-sized bars so I can satisfy my craving without over-indulging! Great post 🙂
    Alice Xx

    1. Totally agree – I’d never deprive myself and if I fancy chocolate, I’ll have chocolate! I know microwave MEALS aren’t great but like you said, if you prep a healthy meal the day before it only takes a few minutes to warm up! xxx

  5. Very informative Jenny! Working from home causes you to live quite a highsedentary life as cool as it is to not be in an office. Exercise definitely helps to combat this though, stretching particularly. I think getting rid of all the junk food in your cupboards and fridge and replacing them with healthier alternatives is very good as that’s all you’ll be able to eat when you find yourself slipping into the habit of going to the kitchen and snacking.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  6. I used to love to cook, well bake more than cook, to be honest. I really miss baking! All my meals are prepared for me now, which is ok but sometimes I wish I could cook my own meals. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  7. I don’t work from home but being on maternity leave I’m home most of the time and I’m awful for eating junk, It’s a case of grab something while you can because you never know if you’ll get another chance. I meal prep Rhys’ meals for work though so I should probably do some for myself as well. The smoothies in your photo look delicious by the way. I’ll hopefully be able to make more things like that when Mila is on blended fruit and veg.

  8. This is really useful because snacking can be such a temptation– just one more biscuit– so healthy snacks sound like a good idea. And meal prep as it can be tempting to just be lazy with meals!! 😊
    Great post!!

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