AD | Not long ago, we had International Women’s Day and whilst it was a great day filled with positivity, you definitely don’t need one single day to express your admiration for women who you look up to. This industry has introduced me to an abundance of inspiration women all over the globe. Most of them are online, other bloggers, businesswomen or YouTuber’s but nevertheless, they’ve all done and achieved amazing things.

There’s absolutely no way I’d be able to mention every single woman who I look up to in one blog post but here are 6 of them which I think deserve special credit, in their own way!

Lady Writes

Chloe from Lady Writes has been a huge blogging and business inspiration of mine for a while. Although we might not blog about the same things (Chloe is heavily beauty based whereas I’m not), to me, she is the epitome of girl boss (I know we don’t all like that phrase) and someone I heavily admire based on her work ethic, her attitude and of course her beautiful blog! Chloe always kills it with her content and never half-asses anything, which is really admirable.

Dana Nicole Designs

Dana is a new find for me but what a gem of a find she was! Dana from Dana Nicole Designs is a Canadian (but living in Copenhagen) blogger, blogging coach and copy-writing strategist who has completely nailed her industry and now helps people make an income from their blogs as well as improving their marketing strategies, SEO and other things. She has loads of incredible free resources for bloggers on her blog, which I’ve certainly made the most of!


I’ve been watching Loey’s YouTube channel for the last 2 months and honestly? Nothing else. I discovered LoeyLane by chance but she’s very quickly become my favourite YouTuber and a huge inspiration to me. She’s so sweet and down to Earth but makes incredibly high quality videos, mostly around paranormal investigations and creepy stories but also with some plus sized fashion content thrown in too! Loey has followed her own path with her YouTube channel and it’s paid off.

I’m Just a Girl

Chloe is someone I’ve been following for a while now but only semi-recently have I looked at her blog and thought, wow. This is a girl who I aspire to be like. Chloe’s blog is gorgeous and her photos are to die for and she really is just the sweetest person imaginable. But she’s also a successful freelance writer, travels a lot and has an entire trip around the world planned for next month. Which is incredible. Her lust for life and travel is contagious and I can’t wait to follow her journey!

Absolutely Lucy

I’m inspired by a lot of travel focused women, probably because I’m not one of them. Although I’ve never been one to want to travel extensively, I always read these blogs in awe and admiration for what they do and Lucy is definitely an inspiration and admirable figure in the travel blogging community. I’ve been following Lucy more or less since I started blogging and I even remember when she jetted off on her first solo travel adventure a few years ago now. Lucy will probably always be one of my biggest inspirations.

Rebekah Gillian

And finally, Rebekah Gillian is another big inspiration to me. You’ve probably seen her around the blogosphere, she’s very active and a huge advocate for autism awareness, which is amazing on it’s own but she’s just completed her first year of being a freelancer and a successful year it has been! She’s built up her freelance business totally from scratch and her work ethic is literally out of this world.

Although there are certainly inspirational women in the spotlight, most of my main inspirations comes from normal people, who work hard and make their dreams a reality!

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  1. It’s always amazing to big up other amazing women as some people are always so quick to tear them down. It’s so lovely to see you dedicate a post to these brilliant people and that you’re giving them the feedback they deserve. Positive posts are always my faves! I’ve only heard of one of these lovely ladies so I will have to check the rest of them out. Thank you for sharing them with us all!
    Alex x

  2. Ah I love these kinda posts of women supporting women, especially because it helps me learn about new people! Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m going to check out all of their blogs!

  3. This is such a great idea for a post! I love reading about different female inspirations for people – it introduces me to a whole range of new people! I’m going to check all these amazing sounding women out!!

  4. Oh I’m obsessed with Chloe from Lady Writes too! I absolutely love when posts like this include ‘real’ people and it’s so nice to see a few names I recognise here as well. I’ll have to check out the ones I don’t know, we seem to have similar taste x


  5. This is such a sweet post! I know of a few of these ladies and totally love what they do, too. I’m completely the same in that most of my inspirations and heroes are just normal people that refuse to accept societal norms, work their absolute arse off or talk openly/raise awareness about things the world needs to know more about. I’m so tempted to do a post like this of my own, LOVE it!
    Alice Xx

  6. What a lovely post! Found new bloggers and you tubers to follow + that will inspire me to pursue my passion and motivate me to be the best I can be. Thank you for sharing!

    Sandy | BeautyBlissandChaos

  7. What a fabulous concept for a post! I totally agree with you – we don’t need just one day to celebrate women! I love Rebekah’s blog! I’ll be checking out the other bloggers I’m not so familiar with. Can I also add that I’ve followed your blog for a while now, and to me, you’re an ultimate girl boss!xxx


  8. Hi there

    No we certainly shouldn’t rely on just one day to acknowledge those we look up to.
    I think it’s absolutely lovely what you did and I just discovered an autism blogger – Yay 😊😀

    Thank you for that💜

  9. This is a gorgeous idea for a post! Rebekah is the only one I’ve come across but she has left me really inspired by the posts of hers that I’ve read. I’ll definitely be checking out these others, they sound incredible. I love this – such an uplifting post!

  10. A great selection, I will have to check out those I have not heard of – which is all of them except for LadyWrites aka Chloe – she is most definitely an inspirational woman! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  11. Thank you so much for including me on a list alongside many other inspirational women. I literally read this post with a smile on my face; thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot that you would have thought of me for a list like this.

  12. I’ll definitely be checking out all of these lovely ladies! I loved International Women’s Day but I think women should be recognised for their hard work every day! Great post as always x

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