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March Favourites & Wrap Up

I think the last time I did a proper monthly wrap up post was about 4 years ago, when I was still a book blogger and would do a monthly wrap up of all the books I’d read that month. I never do these sorts of posts because quite honestly, I don’t think I’d have enough to fill them with every single month of the year. Naturally some months are as quiet as a graveyard and others are busy and hectic and thankfully, I’ve had a lot happen in March to actually warrant a monthly wrap up style post.

The original post scheduled for today was supposed to be about my second weekend away to the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire but in the end, I decided to leave my camera at home because it’s big and I couldn’t be bothered carrying it around and I’ve also blogged about it before here, so I figured I didn’t want to be writing an almost identical post again this year as well.

So, here we are! Here’s what I’ve been getting up to in March and some of my top books, TV and beauty picks as well!

Books, TV and film

I’ll get books out of the way first because I don’t read fast any more and don’t tend to get through too many in a month. But I did finish The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder by Sarah J. Harris, which I gave 5 stars to on Goodreads as it’s a truly original whodunnit. And I finally started reading Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak.

Stand out series for me this month was The Umbrella Academy, which I absolutely ADORED. Robert Sheehan needs protecting at all costs. After Life, which caused a bit of controversy but I absolutely loved it it. I laughed and cried in equal measures. And finally, the series all us Formula 1 fans was waiting for, Drive to Survive. I was seriously impressed with this series and it’s a great option for those who are perhaps just getting into the world of Motorsport. We also watched The Order, which was pretty good. Very teen but a decent watch if you like witches, werewolves and magic!

I don’t watch an awful lot of films anymore but we bought Bohemian Rhapsody which was a joy to watch again. One of the films of the decade for me. We also watched Murder by Numbers, which stars Sandra Bullock which I really enjoyed and we binge-watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy when we were on holiday which although I’ve seen hundreds of times before, bloody loved watching!


I’ve really let myself go in terms of skincare over the last half a year, so I actually invested in some new products this month, thanks to the wonderful review from Lady Writes! Who said bloggers have no influence? I purchased a handful of products from the new My Clarins range, designed especially for Millennials and so far, so good! I love the packaging and they’re all Vegan AND CF, what’s not to love?


We were lucky enough to go on two breaks this month, the first one being to Pod Hollow, a Hobbit inspired pod in Suffolk. I did a full blog post about that trip here because I was very kindly offered one night free in exchange for a review. It was an outstanding place to stay and I’d highly, highly recommend it!

Our second trip was like I said earlier, to the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire. We do this once or twice a year, in Spring and Autumn when they run their steam galas. I don’t have much interest in trains to be honest. The engines are pretty impressive to look at but I just think it’s a really nice, relaxing weekend, away from my phone and my laptop and taking everything at a slower pace. Which is something I rarely do!


It’s been quite a busy blog month too, some of my own favorite posts this month have been:

I was also sent a big box of products from Popcorn Shed, which I thoroughly enjoyed trying and testing (who wouldn’t?) and was lucky enough to work with lots of amazing brands in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

I’ve been working on my second eBook a lot this month, with one of my goals for March being to finish writing it up. I have my Beginners Guide to Blogging but my new one focuses mainly on growing a authentic and engaged blog following. It’s been a blast to write so I’m hoping that’ll be on sale soon! Speaking of goals, I also managed to hit my goal of 8,300 blog followers and 11,800 Twitter followers!

I also re-made my media kit and I’m so happy with it and pitched to a few brands. I haven’t actually heard from any of them yet but there’s no harm in putting yourself out there, right?

And one last thing for the blogging section before we move on, I’ve had a bit of a re-vamp of my Facebook bloggers group, Starlight Bloggers and welcomed Karalee from Tales of Belle and Victoria from Victoria Austin as new admins to help me out! If you want to join (all niches welcome!) you can do so here!


And finally, in my person life, the biggest thing that happened was my Dad finally had his heart bypass surgery. For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, you won’t know that he had a mild/moderate heart attack just before New Year. The surgery was scheduled at the beginning of March but unfortunately got cancelled last minute due to a huge emergency. So it was re-scheduled for the middle of March and was successful this time. He’s been back home now for around 2 weeks and is slowly getting back to normal.

I suppose I should mention how excited I’ve been that the Formula 1 season has started again! You probably know I’m a huge Formula 1 fan and the Winter break feels so long! So I’m absolutely buzzing that my favourite sport is back on our telly. I’ve even started putting small bets on this year (which is something I’ve never done before!) and finding that really fun, too.

And there we go! There’s my March! I really enjoyed doing a monthly wrap up and might consider introducing these posts into my blog again. But enough about me, how was your month?! Let me know!


  1. I’m so glad to hear your Dad is doing well. You’ve had a great month! I’ve also just started using the My Clarins stuff, only I’ve only got the night moisturiser which I’m absolutely loving so far! Definitely going to have to check out their other bits. Great post – it’s always lovely reflecting back on everything that has been going on in a month.

    1. Oooh really! I’d definitely recommend the others. I LOVE the refreshing mist. It’s so nice.

  2. Wow what a month it has been for you Jenny! I too never seem to have enough to fill a month up until there’s one month where there’s too much. I loved reading this post as it’s always nice to read about what people have been loving and been up to. There’s so many amazing things on here! Congrats on reaching some more goals and your E Book. A really nice read!
    Alex x

    1. Thank you! I rarely have enough to fill up a whole month worth of a post with haha!

  3. I’ve actually never once done a favourites post, much like you I just don’t have enough interesting things to talk about usually haha! I definitely love reading them though as I’m nosey and they give me product inspiration. A friend of mine has tried the RE-MOVE cleanser and she said it’s an absolute dream! I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried anything from Clarins but I know my mum used to love it. Your breaks look so lovely and I’m counting down the days til I go away in 5 and a half weeks! March has been hectic for me but I’m really loving it as it means my health is finally improving which I couldn’t be happier about after so long of being so unwell!
    Alice Xx

    1. I’m so happy to hear your health is improving! Onwards and upwards 😌 The Clarins products are amazing. I love that they’re Vegan and CF too!

  4. I haven’t heard of The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder before, but most definitely going to check it out on Goodreads – I’ve been reading this one book and it’s taking a while to get into – which means I sort of never want to pick it up – it’s taking a while to get to the main plot!

    It seems I’m adding a lot of things to my list, The Umbrella Academy, just read the summary and wow now I’m hooked to see how it all goes down in the series.

    Oh yay skincare! One thing that I swear by is the GlamGlow face mask – it works absolute wonders! The Pod Hollow looks like a dream to stay in – it must have been so much fun, I’d feel like I was living in the Hobbit! I’ll have to read up on your post on your stay there!

    So great to hear that your dad is feeling better now and it was a successful appointment that didn’t get pushed back again!! 🙂

    1. Thank you 😌 you NEED to start The Umbrella Academy! So good!

  5. Simply Chloe says:

    Wow a lot has happened in March for you! First of all I’m so glad your dad is going well and things are slowly getting back to normal! I hope he has a fast recovery 😊 I’ve never been on a railway break before but it sounds like a good place to relax, same with the pod- I love a good Hobbit reference! Congrats on all your achievements with your followings and your new ebook sounds so good, I can’t wait for you to release it (I bought your beginners guide ebook and loved it too). Thanks for sharing 😊 xx

    1. Thanks so much Chloe 😌 My dad’s doing well! And my eBook is out now 😌

  6. The umbrella academy is something I really need to watch and fast! Your mini holiday on the Severn Valley Railway sounds like a lot of fun as well 🙂

    1. Definitely! I wanna watch it again

  7. It sounds like you had a great march! It’s great to hear that you’re dad’s surgery was also successful!
    Sarah x

  8. This was great to read. I got some popcorn shed popcorn to try too 🙂 xx

  9. Lena Dee says:

    Aww that’s such a cool pic of you in the forest! I think lord of the rings is that trilogy you can never get tired of. I swear every watch is like you’re seeing it for the first time and it will always be captivating 🧙🏻‍♂️🧝🏻‍♀️ I’m yet to see Bohemian Rhapsody actually but I’ve been hearing loads of lovely reviews. You’ve had quite the busy month, I’m glad March was good to you! 💕

    xx Lena |

  10. Foodandbaker says:

    Love a good monthly round up! Also shows us posts that we’ve probably missed too! Also a great way for yourself to look back on!

    Jessica & James |

  11. Wow, you’ve certainly had a busy month Jenny! My favourite has to be binge watching LOTR in that Hobbit style house, which in still dying to go too. Hopefully when I take some time off at the end of April so fingers crossed.

    I’m glad to hear your dad’s surgery went OK and hope he continues to recover well.

  12. I am gpad to hear your dad’s surgery went fine and that he is okay now. I followed your updates on Twitter.

  13. I tried to get into the umbrella academy but just wasnt vibing with it!

  14. Definitely sounds like you’ve had a brilliant month!!! I also don’t read as fast anymore or as much as I used too – work gets in the way lol. You’re super lucky to have been on two breaks this month. Both sound amazing. I’m happy for your dad that his surgery went well. Hope you have a great April xx

  15. Lupe says:

    What a busy month! Its amazing to see all you have accomplished, especially going on two holidays! Hope I can go on one soon

  16. Popcorn Shed does the best Popcorn! Pod Hollow must have been fantastic! I have watched the order and the umbrella. Loved both so much!

  17. Good read! Love the pictures. What a wrap-up for march! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

    1. Thank you 😌 I’m not currently looking to do ant collabs with bloggers right now, sorry!

  18. Wow sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself really busy! Lots of exciting things here! The trips sound amazing! I’d love to stay in one of those pods! What an experience 🙂

    Love Lozza xo

    1. It really was amazing! Would love to go back 😌

  19. Omg how adorable does Pod Hollow look!! Now that’s a place I would LOVE to stay!
    Glad to hear your dad is coming around <3

    1. It was incredible! Highly recommend! 😌

      1. OMG I had no idea that hobbit hole inspired pod existed! I need to go so badly now!!! It’s really close to me as well.

  20. March has felt like a month of hospital appointments. I have sort of got myself back into posting regularly on my blog. Doing more than one post a month is an achievement for me and I managed to get 10 posts up so far – so a BIG improvement.

    I’m so glad to hear your dad is recovering well from his surgery too, must be such a relief for you all. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

    1. I seem to see you ALWAYS having a new post up in my inbox so that’s amazing, well done! 😌

  21. What an eventful month! I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well with your dad, I hope he’s doing well also.

    I absolutely love these round-ups and can’t wait to get writing my March one! Loved reading this 🙂

    P.S. I completely agree with you on Robert Sheehan needing to be protected at all costs!

    1. Hahaha he’s just…. a gift to the earth. And thank you, my dad is doing much better 😌

  22. After Life made me so emotional. I thought it was so well done to make me feel so many things at once.

    1. Me too, it’s definitely a stand out show of 2019 so far!

  23. I’m about half way through The Umbrella Academy at the moment and I’m really enjoying it! I absolutely love the cast. Bohemian Rhapsody is just brilliant too isn’t it? One of my fave films last year xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Agree to both! You’re in for SUCH a treat with the ending of Umbrella Academy! 😍😍

  24. March has been my hardest month, we lost one grandbaby, while another grandbaby is on the way, cue awkward feelings and emotions all around. Both sets of parents being very ill, and hospitalised. Then getting ill myself. But positive pants on, the skies are gorgeous blue, the sun is shining and parents are much much better. Glad your dad is recovering well xx

    1. Oh no that is a rough month! I’m sorry to hear about your loss x

      1. Thank you sweetheart, it’s rough when your two daughters are struggling with feelings and raw emotions and you can’t help either. X

      2. believeinbumble says:

        I really love reading people’s round up posts so thank you for sharing 😊 so glad your Dad is on the up 😊 I write a monthly review each month and I find when you take the time to reflect there is often lots to write about 😊

      3. Thank you 😌 I really enjoyed this one I might consider making it a regular thing!

  25. I am so glad your dad has had his surgery, I hope he’s doing well.

    Sounds like a very good month, I’m just finishing my review. I do love a good review. Certainly to look back on in years to come.

    Here’s to a fabulous April x

    1. Thank you 😌 he’s doing much better thanks!

      1. So pleased, my Mum has heart surgery years ago and I know how difficult it is but so glad he’s well x

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