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6 Facts About Fertility Everyone Should Know

AD | Many couples require the support of a fertility treatment to help them conceive a child. This could, in part, be due to the limited education people are offered regarding infertility as a health issue. It’s important for anyone hoping to become a parent to know the follow six facts about fertility.

Were you surprised by any of these facts? Do you have a unique fertility story to share?

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  1. So glad to see it’s not until 35 that it reduces. Some would have you believe 21 they way they go on.

  2. Macey Gloria says:

    This post is so important, and I definitely learned quite a few things. Reading yours & Sophie’s (Glow Steady) posts on this topic today, and the fact that this is something I already think about frequently reminds me that I should be actively aware of what’s going on in my body. I don’t have any concerns about my fertility as of right now, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know how my body is doing especially as it’s one of my biggest desires to have children!

  3. These are helpful facts for couples who want to conceive a child & I was a bit surprised by how many couples are affected by infertility.

    Tales of Belle

  4. I wasn’t surprised with any of these, since one member of my close family is trying to conceive for years now and yes, she is having a professional help too.

  5. Great advice here. I think this is a very important post for everyone to read!

  6. This is so helpful. Hoping for for some baby dust my way xx

  7. This is really great information to know honestly! Even though I don’t want kids (at least right now), this is good to know! I always knew smoking wasn’t healthy in general and can cause issues with pregnancy… but I never knew smoking while pregnant can cause the child to potentially have fertility issues as well. I personally live a straightedge lifestyle (no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs/mind-altering substances of any kind), but that is still a good thing to know!

    Katherine Isabella |

  8. Fantastic facts that I think more people need to know!

  9. Those are some super interesting facts!

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