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3 Survey Sites I Use To Make Extra Money

Read any money making blog on the internet and chances are, somewhere they will have spoken about survey sites as a way of making extra money. I’m not really a money or a finance blogger but I have been using various survey sites for years now and personally I think they’re a really good way to make some extra cash which requires pretty low effort and can be done on the side of well, almost anything really!

Now, call me cheap or call me cautious (either one, I don’t really mind) but I’ve never been willing to take part in these survey style websites which require you to use your own money to sign up for a subscription of some sort then you’ll get £20 back later. I just don’t trust them and it’s not worth the risk IMO. So today I’m going to share with you the 4 survey sites I use on a regular basis and how much I’ve earned from them in a month.

Over the course of March, I kept track of my earnings from all 4 of these sites very closely for the sake of this post. And just for reference:

  • I checked these sites every day that I was able to
  • I took part in / tried to take part in every survey that was sent to me
  • I was on holiday twice with no internet, so there were a few days that I did miss

But without further ado, here are the survey sites I use to make some extra money throughout the month, what I think of them, how much I earned over the course of March and links for you to sign up too!


Prolific is definitely my favourite of the bunch as the surveys are generally much more interesting and are more research based than anything (i.e professors may use the results of these surveys in their classes).

Pros and cons: Prolific benefits me because I work from home, I can keep the tab open and see instantly when any new surveys come in. Each survey only has a limited number of spaces and this site tends to work on a 9-5 basis. So if you can’t get online during the day, this one might not be for you.

How much does it pay? Each survey is totally different. Some might pay you £1 for 3 minutes of your time, others may pay you £5 for longer. You can cash out at £5 via PayPal or Circle.

What I started the month with: £0

Amount earned in March: £21.28

Sign up for Prolific here!


YouGov is definitely the one I’ve used the longest and I’ve had 2 or 3 cash outs from it, so it’s definitely worth it. It’ll take a while but it’s an extra £50 for little effort.

Pros and cons: Some of they surveys are a bit boring and repetitive. You won’t believe the amount of times I’ve been asked about who I voted for in the election! But they’re not normally too long and you can set your preferences so you receive as many surveys as possible. The website is also quick and easy to use.

How much does it pay? It works on a points basis. So each survey completed will give you anything from 25 to 75 points. When you’ve reached 5,000 points, you can cash out £50.

What I started the month with: 665 points

Amount earned in March: 570 (1,235/5,000)

Sign up for YouGov here!


This is a relatively new one I’ve started using but it’s becoming one of my favourites. I’ve just had my first pay out and again, this one works in points rather than money.

Pros and cons: Surveys are fairly frequent and can range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. You’ll be eligible for almost all surveys so as long as you check your emails regularly then you could get a fairly quick payout from this one. Cons? Erm, sometimes they’re a little repetitive.

How much does it pay? Surveys range from £1 to £5 but are added up as ‘points’ on your account. So £3 = 3 points. And when you reach 50 points, you get a payout of £50. All payments are made by cheque.

What I started the month with: 36 points (£36)

Amount earned in March: 15 points (£15)

Sign up for PopulusLive here!

As you can see, I did have some success with these throughout March and earned a little extra which is always helpful. Unless you’re a member or hundreds of survey sites all at once and are able to check them all multiple times a day, you shouldn’t expect to make loads from them but the money you do make is a nice extra which is always helpful around birthdays and Christmas!

Bonus addition:

After publishing this post I came across another app to make some extra cash by doing surveys. I don’t have any results like the above but I did want to mention this new app I’ve found because I’ve enjoyed using it over the month and thought you’d like it too!

Curious Cat

Pros and cons: Pros is that it’s an app, it’s free to download and it’s incredibly easy to use. You usually get a fair few surveys every day of varying payments and money goes straight into your app when they’re complete and you can clearly see how much you’ve earned. You also get 1 point for every survey you attempt but don’t qualify for. So it’s a good extra incentive. Cons is that you don’t qualify for every survey. There’s been occasions where I’ve attempted 6 surveys but not qualified for any of them.

How much does it pay?: Surveys vary from around 10 points (1 point = 1p) to over 100 points. I’ve managed to earn about £11 in a couple of weeks.

Are you a member of any survey sites? Do you have any others to recommend?

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  1. I’ve just signed up for PopulusLive 🙂 Hoping to earn some extra money on the side, and it seems simple enough! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It sure is simple! Hope it works out for you 🙂

  2. I very rarely use survey sites anymore, mainly because I forget to go on them! But recently I’ve been using Prolific and its great to earn some cash from! Will definitely check your other recommendations out xx

    Em //

    1. I save them all in my bookmarks so I don’t forget about them haha!

  3. I used to do surveys all the time for a bit of extra pocket money but I haven’t in ages but this has reminded me to start it up again. Prolific sounds really great, I’ll have to give that one a go! Such a helpful post x

    1. Thank you! Hope you find it beneficial x

  4. Thank you for this list. It is so hard to find genuine sites anymore with the swarms of scam websites that keep popping up. A lot of the companies I used to use appear to have gone bust over the years.

    Grace x

    1. For sure, you can definitely get a lot of dodgy ones! These aren’t, I promise!

  5. Nice post, Jenny!
    Honestly, I had never heard of making money from survey sites until I read your post. You got me interested. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure my wife will be even more interested. I’m bookmarking your page and going to send her a link to it as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Mind and Love

    1. Hope you/her find it helpful! I’d definitely recommend if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes in the day!

  6. I am a member of one survey site and that is PINCHme. They only give free samples for doing surveys. I am glad you found survey sites that pay money because I did not know that they existed!

    1. Hope you can start using these ones too!

  7. This is exactly what I needed. I’ve heard about a lot of survey sites but never actually looked more into it. I’ll definitely check these ones out.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Hope you find them helpful!

  8. This is so helpful, Jenny! I always what to try these sites, but get worried that they’ll be scams or something like that knowing my luck! And I agree with you about what you said at the start about being “cheap/cautious” as I do the same!
    Prolific sounds like my best bet, thanks for flagging it up!

    Rhianna x

    1. I promise these are all legit, I’ve had multiple payouts from these 🙂 It’s good to be cautious though!

  9. I know someone who avidly uses sites like these to make extra cash! I am going to share this with her today!! Thank you for the great info and pros and cons 🙂

    1. Hope she finds it helpful!

  10. lolitambonita says:

    I used to use survey sites all the time but didn’t find them beneficial. Maybe I’ll have to try these ones.

    Lola Mia x

    1. You definitely have to commit to them!

      1. lolitambonita says:

        yes they take a lot of work!

  11. I would never use sites that ask for your money – I also never trust them.
    I have to admit it didn’t even cross my mind to try make some money this way, but it does sound like nice small earning on a side.

    1. Neither would I. The only place I do is Bet365 when I bet on Formula 1 but that’s my choice and OBVIOUSLY you have to put money into that website otherwise you can’t bet. But anything like this that requires you to leave a deposit… nope.

  12. I’m on the hunt to making some extra cash for purchasing my blog domain this year! How lovely you shared survey websites because I actually been looking at some sites but wasn’t sure if they were legit. Gonna check out your sites since you’re a trusty blogger 😉

    Natonya |

    1. Haha thank you! I like to think so 🙂

  13. I have tried so many survey sites but didn’t like any of them. Either the questions were too personal for me to answer them or the payment process was off way. I’ll definitely check the one you mentioned and see if I can sign up (provided, it’s based on country)

    1. You definitely have to commit. It’s not a quick way to make LOADS of money but it’s a little extra at the end of each year which is always nice.

  14. I used to be a part of a survey site when I lived in the US & it was nice getting some extra money! I should definitely look into these except for One Poll. Less than £2 in a month? No thank you!

    Tales of Belle

    1. But they literally take 30 seconds some of the surveys, so it’s worth it IMO.

  15. Oh, thanks so much for this post! Extra cash always comes in handy, so I signed up for Prolific. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. That’s great! Hope it’s a success for you 😌

  16. I like using Prolific. I also use Valued Opinions, and Slice the Pie as well.

    1. I’ve never heard of Slice the Pie – thank yoy for sharing!

  17. Lisa's Notebook says:

    The only survey site I recognise is YouGov and I’m very hit and miss with that because the surveys are, as you say, quite repetitive and long. But I like the sound of PopulousLive and Prolific, I’ll definitely be checking them both out, thank you for the links, Jenny. And that’s amazing how much money you’ve made for what is a relatively small investment of time, congrats! Lisa xx

    Lisa |

    1. The YouGov surveys are VERY boring and repetitive I will admit 😂 But for the sake of a couple of minutes I think that one can be alright. I’d definitely recommend Prolific!

  18. I find the prolific surveys so interesting but find it a little hit and miss on whether there are any studies to take part in. I used to use YouGov aaaages ago but haven’t logged in for a really long time x


    1. Yeah they can certainly be a bit hit or miss. You definitely need to have your tab open like ALL day otherwise the spaces get filled so quickly!

  19. I may actually need to try this out! When I was really into online games like IMVU that offered surveys to earn game credits I was actually REALLY good at earning points on them… (almost embarrassingly good, haha, I could never spend them all). I don’t really go on IMVU anymore, but maybe I can make real money off surveys now!

    Katherine |

  20. Okay – I never liked the idea of doing surveys to get money but you have convinced me otherwise. Seriously! Thank you for linking this to me!

    1. You’re very welcome! I totally understand how scammy they seem at first and there’s probably some dodgy sites out there but these ones are really good! 😌

  21. Prolific is my fave! The money builds up so quickly and it’s fab how fast they pay too. I’ve tried so many survey sites in the past but that’s always a nice one to go to for a little extra cash xx

    Tiffany x

    1. I love Prolific and some of the surveys are genuinely quite interesting!

  22. I’ve signed up for a couple of these in the past but I always seem to miss the deadlines! I’ve got to try again because every little helps these days!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. I’d just suggest keeping them as tabs on your laptop or bookmarking them on your phone and checking every morning 😌

  23. Definitely some solid sites here for earning a little bit of extra cash. I dig it. Smart and simple. Easy money too.

    1. Absolutely – very easy money! I’ve also just discovered the Curious Cat app, I’d highly recommend that one too.

  24. I used to write reviews and finish surveys for money well before blogging but the sites I used aren’t going anymore x

    1. That’s a shame x

  25. This is such a helpful post. I’ve thought about doing this in the past but never known where to start. Will definitely be checking these out. Every little helps, so as you say even 10p for 30 seconds of my time is better than nothing! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Totally! And it’s 25 quid at the end for literally answering 3 or 4 questions so it’s worth it IMO! 😌

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