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Do Views Mean Anything Without the Engagement?

We all want dem viewz, we’ve all read blog posts about how to increase or daily and monthly page views and I’m going to guess that we all get that little happy tummy flutter when we see our views are doing particularly well. I know I certainly do. And I also know that I can sometimes get very disheartened when I see they aren’t performing as well as I’d hoped or expected.

It’s only natural and totally normal to feel like that and there’s certainly nothing wrong with caring about your views and wanting to see those numbers rise. There’s always been a bit of a taboo around the subject of caring about stats in the blogging world, with the high and mighty claiming that “you should be blogging for YOU and the numbers don’t count!” But for some people they do. And that’s okay.

But I wanted to dig up the age old argument about views vs engagement. A couple of months ago, I stumbled across a tweet from someone I don’t follow (an awful lot of my posts are staring with, “I saw a tweet” recently aren’t they?) who had posted a photo of the stats from her WordPress app. They were pretty damn impressive. Like, breath catching in my throat sort of impressive.

Over 100,000 views in a month? This girl had some serious SEO knowledge and a lot of her views were coming from Pinterest too, which as we’ve seen, is a pretty up-and-coming platform for bloggers lately which can improve your blogging views by hundreds if not thousands if used correctly. So this girl got a LOT of blog views, clearly.

But what I also noticed was that the numbers under “likes” and “comments” (if you’re on WordPress you’ll know what I’m talking about here, if not, the app shows how many likes and comments you receive each day, month, year) were very low. These finding did make me wonder…

Do views mean anything without the engagement?

I’ve always been relatively lucky in that my blog gets a fair bit of engagement. Ever since I wormed my way into lifestyle, posting more discussion based posts and more posts which encourage conversation, I noticed the comments went up and luckily, I still get comments on all of my blog posts to this day. I love reading comments on my blog and sometimes, the comments are better than the post itself!

So looking at those stats, I kinda sighed. Because you know what? I’d give up hundreds of thousands of monthly views for regular, authentic, friendly engagement any day. I write my blog because I want people to read it. Obviously. But I also write my blog more so because I want people to relate to it. I want people to laugh, learn something new, know that whatever they’re going through they’re not alone.

I want people to feel like they’re talking to a friend when they read my blog, therefore encouraging them to start a conversation, leave a comment or a like and express their opinions.

I think it’s all very well impressing people with those types of stats and if you have the skill to make your blog receive those amount of views, that’s amazing. Because it’s not easy. We all know it. Some days it’s like shouting into the void and we’ve all experienced that and it’s awful. It’s a lot of hard work, time and effort to utilize your social media, work on your SEO and plant all those seeds for those views to grow on.

And I get everyone blogs for different reasons, some people care more about views than they do about engagement, some people blog as a hobby, others as a job and each and every persons priorities will be different. I think that’s very obvious. But personally? The engagement makes it worth it. If tomorrow, everyone suddenly stopped reading my blog and I never received a single comment ever again… (please don’t!)

I’d probably wouldn’t bother blogging again.

Hearing from readers is one of the biggest joys of blogging, in my opinion. Back in 2013 when I started blogging and had no idea where on earth followers even came from and it was a pipe dream to actually have a real, engaged following. But my blog grew, my followers grew, yes my views grew steadily but not to anything of the amount of what I’ve mentioned. But the thing I noticed most was the comments and engagement. Every time a new comment would come in, my tummy would flutter. Someone took time out of their day to comment on my blog post? I mean, that’s a pretty great feeling.

So to tie this up, I personally don’t think views do mean anything without engagement. I wouldn’t want to spend hours writing a blog post for 50,000 people to read it but no one to bother saying anything about it. But that’s just me.

Where do you stand on this topic? Do you prefer views or engagement? Do you believe views mean anything without the engagement?


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. Thats one thing I’ve noticed about the ‘bigger bloggers’, they have their blue ticks on Twitter and probably hundreds of thousands of views a month but hardly any comments/engagement!
    Always makes me wonder why… xx

    1. I know! It makes no sense.

  2. Love this Jenny! I personally prefer engagement, because that way I can get some feedback n my posts, and figure out if people like what I am writing or not.

    1. Yeah I agree, if you don’t get any engagement how will you ever know?

  3. I totally agree with this post! I’ve seen bloggers of instagrammers with loads of followers and views but with hardly any engagement and that’s not how I’d like my blog to be. I do still think about the numbers a lot but I do get a good amount of engagement so I’m happy with that! X

    1. I’d HATE that! I was literally stunned at this persons stats. Over 100,000 monthly views and like 20 comments throughout the whole month?

  4. aimsysantics says:

    I think I would have to agree with you on the engagement front. I think getting a comment or like on a post is much more rewarding, as the person has usually read the post and scrolled right to the bottom to leave a comment. (I know there are people who just comment meaningless stuff to get a comment back). I guess you don’t really get a notification with blog views as you would other interactions, apart from milestones etc.

    On the contrary, though, I do like seeing the blog views going up when I do look at my stats.

    Fab post!

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Oh yeah totally, those people who comment “great post” just get put in my spam folder tbh!

  5. We believe engagement is so important! In our eyes, if people are reading and engaging then are the views worth it? The reason we started blogging was to spark engagement with us and that makes us the happiest!

    1. Yeah absolutely!

  6. I would much rather have engagement rather than just lots of views and no comments. Engagement is important, unfortunately it can go up and down but it’s lovely to know people are reading your posts and enjoying them!

    Samantha |

    1. I think it’s totally normal to go up and down though, you’re definitely not alone there!

  7. Loved this post Jenny! I would much rather have engagement than lots of views and no engagement. Feel like brands are mostly interested in follower numbers when it should be engagement.

    Megan |

    1. Thank you! I’m inclined to agree – brands do focus on reach in terms of views much more sadly!

  8. Great topic! I think I’d rather have the engagement. I created my book blog to have book discussions, not to just have people visit my blog.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Thank you! 😌

  9. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Such an interesting topic. Me personally, I’d rather have the engagement because, like you, it means so much that someone has stopped by to read what I sweated blood to create and something in my burble has resonated with them. It makes it all worthwhile. But I know brands and businesses will go for views, which I guess makes sense, because they want to get their products seen. The higher the views, the more chances to get seen. High views might not lead to high sales but low views definitely won’t either. As another commenter said, ideally, I’d love a mix of both! Great post, Jenny! X

    Lisa |

    1. It’s a tricky one because 100,000 views might mean 0 sales if your audience aren’t really invested and interested but 10 views might mean 5 sales if they are! It’s so tricky x

  10. I’m with you too. I can’t say I get a gazillion views or comments, but I know I am much happier to get comment notifications than I am seeing the views on my dashboard. The views are interesting just to see what kind of posts people are looking for, but they don’t mean anything if there are no comments or even likes.

    1. I totally agree, all the views in the world doesn’t give you anything to go on!

  11. Can I be greedy and have both? 😂
    I miss having conversations in the comments but my posts are not exactly ‘comment friendly’ Most of bloggers that I’m close with is on IG so we interact a lot on the app

    1. I personally think any post can be comment friendly 😌

      1. Really? I feel like there are certain posts that hard to comment on especially the posts that you couldn’t relate to/understand

      2. Even if I can’t relate to a post it makes me want to comment though!

      3. That’s cool! I always find myself loss on words lol lie even if I want to comment on something, I’d overthink and re-edit the whole thing and ended up not commenting

  12. I much prefer interactions with other bloggers because I know they’ve read my post.

    1. Yep very true z

  13. ofbeautyand says:

    I love seeing the viewed numbers but engagement is so important x

    1. It really is x

  14. I think I would rather have the engagement over the views or at least with. I used to be quite terrible at reading blog posts but I was partly too lazy to comment and also it caused anxiety at not knowing what to comment. Silly I know. I have gotten so much better at it and I always comment on blog posts that I read now. Plus, I make sure to say more than a few words. I probably say too much in comments now. 😀 haha

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Haha there’s no such thing as saying too much! I hate those 4 word comments to be honest x

  15. I think stats are great for sending to publishers and that’s just about it. As a book blog, I need high views to be able to show interested parties – but as the person behind the blog, I want the engaged audience. I’m really bad at remembering to reply to comments, and always feel guilty when I can’t think of something to say if someone comments on my post. I also often don’t have the time to comment on others, so I understand where low comments come from. I try and choose a day every week to spend some time commenting on posts, rather than just reading them (like I do every day), but for the most part my method is really inefficient as I’m only commenting on certain people’s who happen to post on that Tuesday rather then a really good blog post I read a few days ago that is now too far down on my feed to find.

    1. I think when you’re so busy, you can only do what you can do. We don’t all have time to be commenting on posts 24 hours a day for sure! I use comment swaps as a way to keep on top of blogs I like / follow to make sure I’m commenting on their posts. I used to be a book blogger but I never really had to worry about the amount of views of anything when it came to publishers – I think times have SERIOUSLY changed in the book blogging world since then! But I can relate because a lot of brands now want to know your stats.

  16. I agree with you, views just mean people have clicked on a link and your page appeared, but it doesn’t mean they have read your article, or that they were actually interested. I’d happily give up half my views for sincere and interesting interactions with others. I’m lucky to have amazing blogging friends who support me and comment as much as they can, even if something it’s just a little note to let me know they’ve liked the post.

    1. Yep I totally agree. Even if ALL the clicks through to your blog do equate to someone reading your post, it’s still no indication of whether they enjoyed it or what you’re doing well!

  17. Totally agree. I’d rather someone read and enjoyed my post and took their time to tell me that than have 1000 of views.

    I’m a long way off the big monthly views but my comment numbers are pretty high which makes me really happy 😊🥰

    1. That’s great and definitely means you’re heading in the right direction!

  18. Another really interesting topic you’ve covered here! I agree that without any comments I don’t feel views are enough. Pinterest is great for me when it comes to bringing traffic to my blog but without the engagement it doesn’t feel like I’ve really succeeded as a blogger if that makes sense.

    Love Lozza xo

    1. That makes total sense and basically what I was trying to get at in this post!

  19. As a small blogger, I LOVE when I get a comment 🙂 Especially when someone says they like my art work it really makes me happy. My blog posts reach views of normally around the 100 mark – I would like some more views, but I am actually more happy when I get more comments – it’s nice when someone takes time to write something!

    thanks for this post – makes me feel better about my views!


    1. I totally agree! When I was a new blogger, I honestly couldn’t believe people were taking their time to actually respond to me, it’s a great feeling!

  20. For me my blog is super personal and niched in such a way, but I love the messages of other hippies going through the same thing asking advice and want support too. I’m lucky I have blogging friends that although my content is no way related to them, still comment and show some love, I love these guys!! They mean the whole world to me xx

    1. Awh that’s lovely!

  21. I’d much prefer the engagement. I’d love more people to share and click on my links.

    1. Although more shares doesn’t always mean more comments! But I know what you mean x

  22. I agree with you too and I see it too, bloggers with a heavy following but nobody comments. I know why that is though, it is usually bloggers who never comment themselves on other people’s blogs though so I think it’s only natural others don’t either. I’d rather have less followers but more comments and likes 🙂

    1. Being active and support definitely does play a big part in it!

  23. I completely agree! If I’m honest I don’t even really track views – I know it goes up when I post and it smaller when I don’t and that’s fine. Like you it’s comments and likes that really mean something to me so that’s what I’ll work on if I find my numbers dropping… Receiving comments is exciting! A view is just a view, it doesn’t give you any idea as to whether the person viewing the content actually appreciated what you wrote (and to be honest, if someone is getting tons of views but no engagement then that suggests that their audience isn’t actually that into what they write, and I don’t think I’d want to be in that position personally)

    1. I definitely agree for the most part. A lot of high SEO posts will get loads of views and it’s clearly something that a lot of people need to search for but with no feedback? Well you have no idea what you’ve done well!

  24. I agree! Why spend hours writing something that people read but don’t bother leaving feedback on? I personally lvoe engagement so that I can engage back! Who cares if I have 100 views a day on my site if people are popping on, skimming and popping off again without saying BOO!?

    Wonderful post as always love!

    1. Yep totally agree! And thank you 🙂

  25. I love seeing that people have read by blog but I do feel disheartened at the lack of engagement. It leaves me wondering if I have wrote content people like, if it’s actually been read. I think I would rather have the engagement than the views personally.

    1. You’re in the majority! I often feel like that when my engagement is down too, it can really get to me.

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