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I’m really not a fan of this toxic positivity you find in the blogging world. Those people that brandish you with a pitch fork for saying something that’s negative. No aspect of life is ever going to be 100% good, all of the time. And the same very much goes for blogging. For all the good that comes from it, there’s bad too. And like most bloggers, I definitely have blogging pet peeves.

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Something pissed me off a while ago and I tweeted about it. Unsurprisingly, I got a reply from someone saying, “wow, what a negative way of looking at things”. *eye roll*. I wasn’t annoyed at the response. If anything, I owe that person the inspiration behind this post! So ta babe!

Shortly after that I tweeted to ask if anyone would want to see a blogging pet peeves blog post and the response was a resounding yes. It appears a lot of other people are sick of the toxic positivity too and would like to read more honest posts from bloggers about elements of the blogging world!

This was around 3 months ago. I’ve been putting this post off for so long so quite honestly, I’m a little nervous. I never want to offend anyone – I’m just not like that. But I want to be honest. So without further ado, here are my blogging pet peeves!

Forced / OTT Positivity

I kinda have to start with this one being as I’ve already briefly mentioned it but nothing grinds my teeth more than positivity Nazi’s on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love supporting people, cheering others on and making friends through blogging. But I can’t bare those who shove positivity down your throat every day.

Yeah, it helps to be positive. It’s nice to have a positive outlook on things and believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty positive person! But I’m also a realist. No industry is going to be positive all of the time and you know what? Sometimes shit happens in the blogging world and sometimes you’ve just got to talk about it like it is.

The follow / unfollow game

A pretty old one now but something that people stilllllllll do and just… ugh. It’s boring now babes. People have been playing the follow and unfollow game since the dawn of time it would appear. They think it’ll gain them more followers quicker. And it does. For a while. Until people notice and then you have all the followers but no dignity.

Begging for views and followers

This is what I tweeted about when I got that negative Nancy response a few months ago. I basically tweeted saying that it makes my eyes roll when bloggers basically beg for views and followers on Twitter (or wherever else they’re promoting their blogs) instead of creating good, engaging promotional content which makes us want to read it.

I mean, each to their own. Some people don’t care about that and that’s fine. But for me, nothing makes me want to read a post less than the blogger behind it basically guilt tripping you into reading it. Big blogging pet peeve!

Certain blog comments

I’m talking about those comments which just say, “Hey! Check out my blog *link*” that some bloggers leave, with no indication of having read your post at all. This is just down right rude and a huge blogging faux pas.

Bloggers misusing hash tags

I’ve honestly tweeted about this so many times that I sound like a broken record. But stop misusing the mother freaking hash tags! The #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired hash tags on Twitter are primarily for PR’s / brands looking for bloggers for campaigns / product reviews / sponsored posts etc.

So then whyyyyyy are you clogging up the feed promoting your blog posts? Or begging for followers to enable you to hit your next follower goal? If you’re not LOOKING for a BLOGGER then don’t use the hash tag for crying out loud!

Claims that blogging is the hardest job in the world

Lord give me strength with this one. I’m not saying blogging isn’t a hard job. It is. It’s my job and I know it’s hard. There are plenty of things which make blogging difficult. Like not knowing what your work load will be like from one month to the next. Or Having to constantly be on form, creating and promoting content.

But hardest job EVER?

All jobs deserve respect. We’re all just trying to do our bit. Get by. Make a difference. But I can think of plenty of other, harder and perhaps even lower paying jobs that being a blogger. Jobs which require long, grueling and emotional hours. I actually think it’s a bit disrespectful to even consider that being a blogger is harder than being a nurse for example.

Incessant moaning about views & followers

Christ this gets on my tits. Similarly to the “begging for views” thing, there’s nothing that makes me want to follow a blogger less than when they’re constantly moaning about “why isn’t anyone following me?”

Or “why are my views low?”, “why is nobody reading my blog?” or “why do I bother with my blog?” Firstly, that attitude is going to get you nowhere.

Secondly, it’s going to discourage people even more from following you and reading your content. We’re all entitled to have a moan every now and again of course we are.

But if you’re seeing lower views or your followers aren’t increasing as you think they should be, maybe it’s time to step back and actually have a proper think about why. And change it. Instead of complaining.

What are your ultimate blogging pet peeves? I’d love to hear them!

Blogging Pet Peeves

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  1. Honestly, I agree with all your blogging pet peeves. Two that annoy me are the follow/unfollow game on social platforms and leaving insincere comments. You can instantly tell if someone hasn’t read the post or caption. Thank you for sharing dear, you raised some valid points.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

    1. It’s so obvious when someone hasn’t read your post! Those comments are so awkward to reply to!

  2. I think I stopped participating in follow threads fairly quickly tbh but I don’t pay enough attention to see if people play the follow/unfollow game. I just follow people I think are interesting and periodically go through my followers and see if I think they are interesting to follow back.

    The hashtags is a pet peeve of mine too. I mean just use #bloggers if you want the attention of the community rather than the PR hashtags!

    The begging, one came up in my timeline the other night and I rolled my eyes, although it did at least ask how people got what this person thought were unrealistic numbers of views so I responded to them and someone else replied to my response that my views had only gone up because they had tweeted some of my links :-O I didn’t know how to respond to that because it completely invalidated all the work I have put in but equally I didn’t want to invalidate her by pointing out there hadn’t been a spike on the day that they did that so *shrug*.

    1. Follow and unfollow has always been of my pet peeves. It really is a sneaky thing to do.

      1. It’s such a dirty tactic!

    2. I don’t ever take part in follow threads – they’re quite insincere. That’s quite a cheeky thing to reply! But don’t let it get to you.

      1. I’m so glad it’s not just me, I was thinking I was being over sensitive XD
        I’m moving on from it pretty quick 🙂
        I think it’s too easy to fall for the follow for follow threads when you are new and still figuring things out

  3. Abigail Huggan says:

    Yes!! I love this post!! I agree with these 100%. There is literally nothing more annoying that people leaving a generic comment. It’s just like did you even bother reading the post?! I also find the constant promotion of posts on social media. The worst thing about this is people who don’t use their social media for anything besides promoting their blog. It just feels really robotic and unorganic, at least show there is a person behind the account.

    1. I agree – I find it difficult to find the line between too much social promotion and not enough. I promote myself quite a lot – multiple times a day but I’m always on Twitter, chatting and replying to things too so I hope that’s not too robotic!

  4. I am on board with you on all of those. Even though, I stopped paying attention to some of them, so I forget that the unfollow/follow game is still A Thing because I don’t check on my Twitter stats that often anymore – sounded that right?

    Anyway, I really love that idea. Maybe I should do my own list as well – obv I’d link back to you ♥

    1. Haha yes, I totally get what you mean. Please do! I’d love to hear yours 🙂

  5. Omg yes to so many of these! I hate that it’s always seen as such a bad thing if you’re the tiniest bit negative on social media, but life isn’t all rainbows and happiness! I’d much rather be real and share when things aren’t always great rather than thinking I can’t be honest xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Exactly, I really do think it’s helped me in the long run that I DO say things how they are and don’t pretend everything is rosy when it isn’t.

  6. I hate ‘follow for a follow’ comments on instagram! x

    1. Me too x

  7. I agree with all these! I try to stay positive most of the time, but sometimes it’s good to just vent and get it all out ya know!? And, I hate when bloggers say, “Am I the only one who…” No, No you aren’t!

    1. Yeah totally! Tthat’s natural and… normal? Oh my god yes, I tweeted that when Game of Thrones was on and it got thousands of likes haha! Clearly we’re not the only ones annoyed by that!

  8. Dan says:

    I’ve only been back blogging for a month or so but I can definitely say that ‘Follow/Unfollow’ is my biggest pet peeve. I also agree that its ridiculous how many people are doing it. Instagram is the worst for it!

    1. It sure is! Bloody ridiculous!

  9. Hi, Jenny! Thank you for this post. I am entirely new to blogging (two weeks in), and I’m noticing these patterns already. What day and time do you publish a blog to get the most feedback? I know I’m just getting started, but I find it very difficult to get a dialogue going…Best to you!

    1. It’s totally different for everyone depending on where you’re from, what you blog about etc. I’d suggest checking your stats / Google analytics and see when your most popular time / day is and go from there!

  10. I agree with you. It’s great to have a positive and supportive outlook but it can have the oppostite effect if it is overdone. It’s not ‘real life’ and for me, it’s so much more important to get conversations started about what’s really going on with people. It’s that whole social media fake showing the best side of you that feeds insecurities. Let’s just be real! And talk about the stuff that’s good… and not so good.

    1. I totally agree! Yes! I hate the fakeness and I’d rather have REAL conversations.

  11. Haha yesss Jenny, this post is spot on! Only the other day, I had someone drop me a blog post link in a DM with no message and I’d never spoken to them before either… I was thinking, um okay what do you want me to do with this? Also, misusing the #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired hashtags are a big pet peeve of mine too. There is so much spam to filter through before you find anything genuine, it can take up so much time! Definitely agree with your blogging frustrations, great post, thanks for sharing! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. I had this too! Wonder if it was the same person haha? I just ignored it xxx

  12. Katy Stephenson says:

    I completely agree, the positivity sometimes can be overwhelming and realistically, we’re not all that positive 100% of the time!

    And omggggg the follow/unfollow game is without a doubt the thing I hate most about blogging!

    Great post Jenny, I feel like I’ve almost had a little rant and I feel better now haha

    Katy |

    1. Exactly we’re not. I’d rather use my platform to share real life and get a dialogue going and make people feel like they’re not alone – rather than forcing happiness and positivity down people’s throats who might really not need that.

  13. These are exactly my pet peeves. Love that you wrote it, and they don’t just apply to bloggers either, any social influencer, youtuber could be added too.

    1. Totally!

  14. You nailed everything that I wanted to said. I also like to add that I dislike it when some putting others down/saying how wrong is it for bloggers to want to make money from blogging. For some, blogging is a job and to not being paid on doing your job is just crazy.

    1. Ugh yes, that’s a big one for me too! Blogging is my job, I make money from it so what gives someone else the right to say it’s not “real”?

      1. Absolutely! People need to accept that time has changed and you can earn money from non traditional jobs like blogging or being a youtuber

      2. I was just about to put this exact comment on but see you already have. I’m pretty new to blogging and it’s not my job (I have some adds and links to products but haven’t and am unlikely to make any money on them). Those kind of comments just feel like a bit of blogging snobbery to me. I admire the folk who make it their job and will click on those links if I see something I think I will want 😊

  15. I just started being serious with my blog so currently I don’t have any pet peeves. But I am surely mentally prepared for some after reading your blog post. Thanks. Sending love from India.

    1. Haha I’m glad this has prepared you in some way!

  16. Lisa's Notebook says:

    This post made me giggle, Jenny! But seriously, you are spot on with these points. Begging for views and moaning about the lack of views/followers is SUCH an eye roll. If you’re creating good content, posting in the right places, and engaging with others then everything will come in time. Blogging is a long game, not an overnight result. If that’s what you’re after then you need to rethink your choices. And I love the analogy with nurses, that’s absolutely right. Blogging is hard work but it’s not that hard. Fab post! xx

    Lisa |

    1. Totally agree. These people who start a blog and 2 weeks later wonder why they haven’t been paid for a post yet. Crying out loud haha.

  17. Hahah I love these!! I hate it when blogger moan about being bloggers it’s just like you have one of the most amazing free moving jobs love what you do! Great post as always jenny x

    1. Exactly! And yes it’s tricky at times, most jobs are. But you are SO LUCKY.

  18. The misuse of the #bloggerswanted or #prrequest hashtags gets on my nerves! I look for those hashtags near on everyday and like you said, it gets clogged by blogger’s wanting to promote their blog or asking for blogger’s to send them their newest blog posts – NO!!

    Lucy |

    1. Yep! I check every day but it’s mostly aimless scrolling at this point!

  19. I’m guilty of a few of these myself lol , to each their own I guess… nice post though I enjoyed reading it

    1. Haha, thanks.

  20. I’m glad you wrote this and had the courage to share it! I hold my hands up, GUILTY, that I’ve used the wrong hashtags and I’ve moaned on about certain aspects of blogging on my bad days. Guilty as charged!

    I’ve since learned the correct use of the hashtags, and am trying to take it less seriously and just enjoy the journey!

    The follow/unfollow game is so strong, and I hate it with a passion. Especially on Instagram! There is just no need like, either follow me and stay following me or don’t. This is by far my biggest pet peeve!

    1. I think if you learn from your mistakes it’s all good. Using the wrong hash tags is an easy mistake to make! It’s just those people who KEEP doing it!

  21. I have to agree with you on all your points there! They are things that annoy me too! The other one that I’ve had recently is people copying posts, like, I ran with an idea and a day later someone did the exact same thing and on looking at their blog have done it several times with my posts! Xxx

    1. Ugh, that’s rubbish! I’ve had that a few times too.

      1. Yeah, it’s not nice! Not really sure how to deal with it xx

  22. Very helpful for me as a newbie of things to avoid. I also hate the follow/unfollow game which I’m seeing on Instagram-seems totally pointless with all the apps out now that bring these folk to your attention. Great post!😊

    1. Totally agree!

  23. I think you have pretty much covered them all, Jenny…
    Personally, I think all the pity posts are the worst!

    1. SAME! Cringe.

  24. I think the 2 here that get me the most are the follow/unfollow thing and the specific comments thing.

    The ‘follow 4 follow’ thing just annoys me so much, you just can’t seem to get away from it… also… if you like someones posts or pictures or tweets just god darn follow them!! It’s not hard and it doesn’t take a lot… if anything asking for a follow just makes me think you’re a self centered idiot who doesn’t care what I post anyway #sorrynotsorry

    And the comments thing… like… it’s another case of ‘did you even bother to read what I wrote?’ or did you just come here for attention? I appreciate wanting to promote your blog or posts but there is a time and a place to do it.. and other peoples blogs is not that place. Like.. people work hard so why can’t they just work hard too? I don’t get the mindset I really don’t…

    Anyway, I agree with all your points, it’s just those 2 that irk me the most! Great post though! Remember to check out my b- *just kidding* 😉😂

    1. I totally agree. I don’t mind when people leave their links in their comments with their name, as long as they’ve actually read my post and left a genuine comment!

  25. The follow/unfollow thing REALLY gets on my nerves! Don’t do it, just stop!

    Also when you take part in smaller thread sharing posts and it’s a complete all who comment thing. I’ll spend ages reading and posting a genuine comment only go get nothing in return.

    Or not commenting because it means signing in or signing up, god I have accounts for so many different platforms now so I can interact with blogs I like.

    Ha for a newbie I have a fair few pet peeves myself it would seem!

    1. I hate the blogs that require you to solve a bloody mystery in order to leave a comment!

      1. Oh god me too!! Nothing I have to say is quite THAT important to jump through hoops for 😂

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