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I’m really not a fan of this toxic positivity you find in the blogging world. Those people that brandish you with a pitch fork for saying something that’s negative. No aspect of life is ever going to be 100% good, all of the time. And the same very much goes for blogging. For all the good that comes from it, there’s bad too. And like most bloggers, I definitely have blogging pet peeves.

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Something pissed me off a while ago and I tweeted about it. Unsurprisingly, I got a reply from someone saying, “wow, what a negative way of looking at things”. *eye roll*. I wasn’t annoyed at the response. If anything, I owe that person the inspiration behind this post! So ta babe!

Shortly after that I tweeted to ask if anyone would want to see a blogging pet peeves blog post and the response was a resounding yes. It appears a lot of other people are sick of the toxic positivity too and would like to read more honest posts from bloggers about elements of the blogging world!

This was around 3 months ago. I’ve been putting this post off for so long so quite honestly, I’m a little nervous. I never want to offend anyone – I’m just not like that. But I want to be honest. So without further ado, here are my blogging pet peeves!

Forced / OTT Positivity

I kinda have to start with this one being as I’ve already briefly mentioned it but nothing grinds my teeth more than positivity Nazi’s on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love supporting people, cheering others on and making friends through blogging. But I can’t bare those who shove positivity down your throat every day.

Yeah, it helps to be positive. It’s nice to have a positive outlook on things and believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty positive person! But I’m also a realist. No industry is going to be positive all of the time and you know what? Sometimes shit happens in the blogging world and sometimes you’ve just got to talk about it like it is.

The follow / unfollow game

A pretty old one now but something that people stilllllllll do and just… ugh. It’s boring now babes. People have been playing the follow and unfollow game since the dawn of time it would appear. They think it’ll gain them more followers quicker. And it does. For a while. Until people notice and then you have all the followers but no dignity.

Begging for views and followers

This is what I tweeted about when I got that negative Nancy response a few months ago. I basically tweeted saying that it makes my eyes roll when bloggers basically beg for views and followers on Twitter (or wherever else they’re promoting their blogs) instead of creating good, engaging promotional content which makes us want to read it.

I mean, each to their own. Some people don’t care about that and that’s fine. But for me, nothing makes me want to read a post less than the blogger behind it basically guilt tripping you into reading it. Big blogging pet peeve!

Certain blog comments

I’m talking about those comments which just say, “Hey! Check out my blog *link*” that some bloggers leave, with no indication of having read your post at all. This is just down right rude and a huge blogging faux pas.

Bloggers misusing hash tags

I’ve honestly tweeted about this so many times that I sound like a broken record. But stop misusing the mother freaking hash tags! The #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired hash tags on Twitter are primarily for PR’s / brands looking for bloggers for campaigns / product reviews / sponsored posts etc.

So then whyyyyyy are you clogging up the feed promoting your blog posts? Or begging for followers to enable you to hit your next follower goal? If you’re not LOOKING for a BLOGGER then don’t use the hash tag for crying out loud!

Claims that blogging is the hardest job in the world

Lord give me strength with this one. I’m not saying blogging isn’t a hard job. It is. It’s my job and I know it’s hard. There are plenty of things which make blogging difficult. Like not knowing what your work load will be like from one month to the next. Or Having to constantly be on form, creating and promoting content.

But hardest job EVER?

All jobs deserve respect. We’re all just trying to do our bit. Get by. Make a difference. But I can think of plenty of other, harder and perhaps even lower paying jobs that being a blogger. Jobs which require long, grueling and emotional hours. I actually think it’s a bit disrespectful to even consider that being a blogger is harder than being a nurse for example.

Incessant moaning about views & followers

Christ this gets on my tits. Similarly to the “begging for views” thing, there’s nothing that makes me want to follow a blogger less than when they’re constantly moaning about “why isn’t anyone following me?”

Or “why are my views low?”, “why is nobody reading my blog?” or “why do I bother with my blog?” Firstly, that attitude is going to get you nowhere.

Secondly, it’s going to discourage people even more from following you and reading your content. We’re all entitled to have a moan every now and again of course we are.

But if you’re seeing lower views or your followers aren’t increasing as you think they should be, maybe it’s time to step back and actually have a proper think about why. And change it. Instead of complaining.

What are your ultimate blogging pet peeves? I’d love to hear them!

Blogging Pet Peeves

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  1. Oh I absolutely agree with this! With the begging for followers/complaining about low views thing, I think it annoys me so much because I get the feeling, but I also think that it’s totally the wrong way to go about improving your stats. I’d so much rather have people follow me/visit my blog because they want to, rather than because I told them to, or they felt sorry for me. After all, only the people who like my stuff are going to stay long-term.

    Also, who said that blogging is the hardest job in the world??? I’m not saying it’s easy, but c’mon. (Also, I’m generally not a fan of people trying to one-up each other on who’s got it worst.)

    Great post – I think it’s so good to talk about this stuff – it helps us all behave a bit better.

    1. I totally agree with everything you’ve said!

  2. Haha, in my head I was nodding along and agreeing with all of these x

    1. Haha glad you agree!

  3. My biggest one is when people don’t declare they’ve been paid for a post! Annoying AF!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Oooh yes good one! The “collaborative post” thing really pisses me off now. I used to use it but after the guidelines were reinforced and made stricter, it’s been made very clear that “collaborative” isn’t acceptable anymore!

  4. I completely agree with you. Being positive is really important but blogging is also a great platform to talk about issues or things that we want to change. I prefer reading real genuine post written by a human I can relate to, rather than a robot 😉 x

    1. Totally agree with you!

  5. This blog post had me nodding my head so much when reading it! I have to admit, I probably come across sometimes as so over-positive as I am a massive believer in the secret and law of attraction so for me personally always think looking on the bright side is important than being negative but I do share my bad times and mental health days too as they are equally as important. I adore that you’ve been so open about these facts darling, great blog post! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. I don’t think you come across too positive at all. You’re very honest and real 😌

  6. Thanks Jenny, we’re new here and your blog is soooo full of truths, do people really beg for readers on tweeter? but yes, if the content is right, it will attract eventually attract the right audience… You know recently someone told me… that because I wasnt so found of social media, fbook etc. I shouldnt even bother… that you need to be famous and a socialite to be popular… That was funny. Blogging just makes me happy… whether people reads our posts or not 💕💕💕 take care!

    1. I mean, social media is REALLY important for your blog, I will agree to that!

  7. I’m mentally clapping so much right now. I’m always saying the same thing!

    When people complain they’re not getting anywhere especially when I can see they don’t engage with others I’m like, well what do you expect? And the positivity thing! Oh man, there’s so much of it and that’s great but let’s get real for a minute… things aren’t always sunshine and happiness which is why I’m so honest in what I say and do.

    Well done for sharing this! 😊

    Love Lozza xo

    1. Hahah glad you agree! And yep, you get out what you put in 😌

  8. Oh my gosh, yes, yes and YES. I agree with so many of these – especially the begging for follows. I mean, as a blogger, you’re also a writer, right? So at least come up with a more creative way of saying it! I could go on and on here but let’s just go with I LOVE this post!

    1. Exactly 😂😂

  9. Omg the begging for views thing really gets to me! And follows. I don’t mind and will usually support when people are trying to get to a particular milestone, but I’ve started to mute “Can I get to the next 100?” people because it gets soooo excessive.

    Jas xx |

    1. It’s ridiculous isn’t it! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  10. This post made me laugh — I share the pet peeves but you made it funny instead of a moan. I also appreciate you comparing the hassles of a blogging gig to being a nurse since I had a call from my crying, stressed out, exhausted daughter this morning who is a labor and delivery nurse. Now that’s a hard job and it keeps me grounded when I think I had a bad day at my day job. I can’t tell me how tickled I was when you chose that job as your example of a tough one.

    1. Haha I’m glad it made you laugh!

  11. I’m 100% with you on all of these! I hate the comments that are so generic they could be left on any post, no matter the subject. I always make an effort to leave more than a few words – I probably, if anything, leave too big a comment! lol The ‘sunshine sallys’ though, ugh, life isn’t a bed of roses and neither is blogging, so they can take their ray of positive sunshine and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! lol 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Hahaha totally agree 😂 No comment is too long!

  12. Sarah says:

    I hate it when people just link drop in the comments and don’t actually leave a comment! Xx

    1. Me too x

  13. I actually agree with all these pet peeves if I’m being honest – although I am probably guilty of having done some of these things before!

    My biggest pet peeve is awkward comments, so basic that they clearly didn’t read the post!

    Jessica & James |

    1. Oh my god yes! How do you even reply to those?

  14. I can totally agree with some of these. Especially the forced positivity. People don’t always have to be happy, or even in a good mood all the time! PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE NEGATIVE FREAKING FEELINGS.

    The other thing that I can’t stand is completely BASHING someone to the wall when they have a different opinion than someone else or even one that very mildly offends. Like do 100 people need to re-tweet and publicly shame someone because they said something you don’t agree with? LIKE DAMN, bloggers can be supportive, but they can turn on others real quick.

    1. Oh god yes. I’ve seen that on Twitter far too many times – someone says one stupid thing or one little thing that goes against what someone else believes and suddenly it’s a witch hunt!

      1. It gets so bad! I don’t like when bloggers turn on each other like that at all! We are a community, but that also means we should try and respect when people disagree with us, not turn on them the second they have a different opinion.

  15. I’m with you sister. I personally haaate the follow/unfollow game it’s so dishonest and nowadays people aren’t that slick. I like that they’re apps to recognize and just unfollow them right back. I also hate generic comments like great post because I honestly don’t know if you’ve really read the post. Other than that I think I’m square. I truly enjoyed your hinesty.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree with you!

  16. Love to read your posts. You hit this one on the nail. I am so annoyed by hashtags. I followed some great blogger but had to stop, between the @ and # you could not read in between the words. I do use # too but try to keep them as far away as possible from the main content. The follow my blog or great post which have no meaning with what you just posted, gets to me. And yes too much positive feel good can’t say anything bad is getting on my last nerve. Thank you Jenny for this great post.
    xoxo Giangi

    1. Hash tags are invaluable sometimes when it comes to promotion but you definitely have to be able to understand the tweet!

  17. First – kuddos for telling it like it is!! I guess since I’m new and still learning, I don’t have many pet peeves yet – except the follow/unfollow thing! That really irritates me! Its not that I’m so focused on numbers but when you are trying to build a following it does matter to an extent. And what makes it worse is, like someone stated earlier, it is usually someone with thousands of followers. I just don’t get it… Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s ALWAYS those with hundreds of thousands of followers!

  18. The HASHTAGS. That annoys me, but I don’t think I’d consider that a blogging pet peeve. Mine are as follows (grab a drink now)… 1. when people don’t leave their comments when I tell them I’ll return a comment then make me feel like the bad guy who doesn’t return because I can’t find them. 2. BS comments ‘great post’ or ‘looks good’ are the biggest for me. 3. Also follow/ unfollow but I unfortunately have become too used to that for it to register….

    There’s definitely more but I think that’s enough complaining for one comment. One final thing though, I think the thing about it being the hardest job came from a legitimate place. Obviously, it’s not the absolute hardest thing. But I do think people emphasise how hard it is because a lot of people from outside of the industry think it’s SOO easy and bloggers literally take a few photos and call it a day. I feel like the comments about how hard it is came from trying to defend against that perception then somehow got over stretched? GOD I need to shut up now. Essay over x


    1. Oh I totally agree, blogging is a hard job, I know it is. I’ll definitely blogging until I’m blue in the face when people say “it’s so easy, it’s just writing and taking a few photos” or whatever other misconceptions they have about it. But those who are constantly complaining or claiming it’s SOOOOO HARD, like, really?!

  19. S.S. Mitchell says:

    I totally agree about the follow/unfollow game, it’s really immature isn’t it? What’s wrong with a bit of reciprocity? That’s my top peeve.

    1. It’s so immature and a dirty tactic.

  20. Yes! Love this post. Couldn’t agree more. I especially hate the over the top positivity, it always seems very fake and I think it’s important to have some balance!

    Coralle x

    1. I agree! I can’t stand it – it totally puts me off following people!

  21. Loved this post Jen. 🙂

    One of my biggest blogging pet peeves is your no. 1: forced positivity and lack of adherence to reality.

    I see so much of this online, including criticism of anyone who doesn’t share the same opinion. Sometimes, I feel like the world has gone mad, hehe.

    Hope you’re well hun. xoxo

    1. I totally agree! I mean I get that everyone can share what they want and if they don’t WANT to share anything negative then that’s fine. But at least don’t over-do the positivity! Nothing in life is THAT positive haha!

  22. I can so relate to this… people need to stop copying what others do as well, it’s getting boring to see pictures of 500 people on the same place, with the same vibe, all the time!

    1. AGREED! I’ve wanted to talk about this for ages but I’ve been too scared. I see the same photos on my Insta feed over and over again and I’m BORED.

  23. Asrianne says:

    This is the best!!!! Literally, you laid it all out and didnt leave anything on the table. This right here is by far the best read of the day!!

    1. Haha thank you so much that’s quite a compliment!

  24. Good one, Jenny, I definitely agree with all of these. Being relatively new and more active on Twitter, the follow-unfollow game is especially annoying!!

    1. It definitely is – it’ll only get worse I’m afraid!

  25. I definitely agree with a lot of these pet peeves to do with blogging, especially the follow/unfollow it’s just plain annoying and boring now that people still do it and it’s always the ones with thousands of followers. I will say I probably have done one or two of these in the past but definitely not any more as I now myself find them annoying! X

    1. It’s always those with LOADS of followers! I can’t help but think lots of the people following them don’t really realise what they’re doing.

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