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Blogging Pet Peeves

I’m really not a fan of this toxic positivity you find in the blogging world. Those people that brandish you with a pitch fork for saying something that’s negative. No aspect of life is ever going to be 100% good, all of the time. And the same very much goes for blogging. For all the good that comes from it, there’s bad too. And like most bloggers, I definitely have blogging pet peeves.

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Something pissed me off a while ago and I tweeted about it. Unsurprisingly, I got a reply from someone saying, “wow, what a negative way of looking at things”. *eye roll*. I wasn’t annoyed at the response. If anything, I owe that person the inspiration behind this post! So ta babe!

Shortly after that I tweeted to ask if anyone would want to see a blogging pet peeves blog post and the response was a resounding yes. It appears a lot of other people are sick of the toxic positivity too and would like to read more honest posts from bloggers about elements of the blogging world!

This was around 3 months ago. I’ve been putting this post off for so long so quite honestly, I’m a little nervous. I never want to offend anyone – I’m just not like that. But I want to be honest. So without further ado, here are my blogging pet peeves!

Forced / OTT Positivity

I kinda have to start with this one being as I’ve already briefly mentioned it but nothing grinds my teeth more than positivity Nazi’s on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love supporting people, cheering others on and making friends through blogging. But I can’t bare those who shove positivity down your throat every day.

Yeah, it helps to be positive. It’s nice to have a positive outlook on things and believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty positive person! But I’m also a realist. No industry is going to be positive all of the time and you know what? Sometimes shit happens in the blogging world and sometimes you’ve just got to talk about it like it is.

The follow / unfollow game

A pretty old one now but something that people stilllllllll do and just… ugh. It’s boring now babes. People have been playing the follow and unfollow game since the dawn of time it would appear. They think it’ll gain them more followers quicker. And it does. For a while. Until people notice and then you have all the followers but no dignity.

Begging for views and followers

This is what I tweeted about when I got that negative Nancy response a few months ago. I basically tweeted saying that it makes my eyes roll when bloggers basically beg for views and followers on Twitter (or wherever else they’re promoting their blogs) instead of creating good, engaging promotional content which makes us want to read it.

I mean, each to their own. Some people don’t care about that and that’s fine. But for me, nothing makes me want to read a post less than the blogger behind it basically guilt tripping you into reading it. Big blogging pet peeve!

Certain blog comments

I’m talking about those comments which just say, “Hey! Check out my blog *link*” that some bloggers leave, with no indication of having read your post at all. This is just down right rude and a huge blogging faux pas.

Bloggers misusing hash tags

I’ve honestly tweeted about this so many times that I sound like a broken record. But stop misusing the mother freaking hash tags! The #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired hash tags on Twitter are primarily for PR’s / brands looking for bloggers for campaigns / product reviews / sponsored posts etc.

So then whyyyyyy are you clogging up the feed promoting your blog posts? Or begging for followers to enable you to hit your next follower goal? If you’re not LOOKING for a BLOGGER then don’t use the hash tag for crying out loud!

Claims that blogging is the hardest job in the world

Lord give me strength with this one. I’m not saying blogging isn’t a hard job. It is. It’s my job and I know it’s hard. There are plenty of things which make blogging difficult. Like not knowing what your work load will be like from one month to the next. Or Having to constantly be on form, creating and promoting content.

But hardest job EVER?

All jobs deserve respect. We’re all just trying to do our bit. Get by. Make a difference. But I can think of plenty of other, harder and perhaps even lower paying jobs that being a blogger. Jobs which require long, grueling and emotional hours. I actually think it’s a bit disrespectful to even consider that being a blogger is harder than being a nurse for example.

Incessant moaning about views & followers

Christ this gets on my tits. Similarly to the “begging for views” thing, there’s nothing that makes me want to follow a blogger less than when they’re constantly moaning about “why isn’t anyone following me?”

Or “why are my views low?”, “why is nobody reading my blog?” or “why do I bother with my blog?” Firstly, that attitude is going to get you nowhere.

Secondly, it’s going to discourage people even more from following you and reading your content. We’re all entitled to have a moan every now and again of course we are.

But if you’re seeing lower views or your followers aren’t increasing as you think they should be, maybe it’s time to step back and actually have a proper think about why. And change it. Instead of complaining.

What are your ultimate blogging pet peeves? I’d love to hear them!

Blogging Pet Peeves

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  1. The follow/unfollow game annoys me so much. But yes, the “I’m just leaving a comment in the hopes of other people following my link but I haven’t read the post” kind of comments are probably one of the worst. Oh, and the click bait headlines that turns out to be bullshit content. Those always annoys me so much.

    1. They are definitely the worst! Click bait is awful on YouTube!

  2. Great blog topic. Honestly, I haven’t had a lot of issues with a lot of the points that you’ve brought up, but the follow/unfollow thing really is discouraging. It’s a lot of the reason that I’m so turned off to Instagram. It feels like working a room full of ice queens over there; everyone seems solely interested in self-promotion

    1. The follow / unfollow game happens everywhere sadly! I see on Twitter a lot too!

  3. Blogs that have no option to comment. It says “read my blog but I don’t care about your opinion”.

  4. Oh my gosh yes I hate when people just blatantly use hashtags that aren’t relevant to what they’re posting! And I NEVER follow someone who leaves a “check out my blog” comment, even if the rest of the comment is insightful. It’s one thing to leave a link back, another thing entirely to be spammy!

    Thankfully I haven’t come across someone saying that blogging is the hardest job ever, because there are so many jobs that people’s lives literally depend on! Those are the hard jobs. Blogging certainly can be tough but those people can get over themselves haha

    Great post as always x

    1. I never follow people who say that either! Drives me up the wall!

      1. Agreed!

  5. First of all, you totally had my insides giggling in a good way. I am constantly looking at the do’s and don’ts of blogging since I just started this adventure. Thank you for the informational entertaining read!

    1. Glad it made you chuckle!

  6. I’m new to the blogging world so “begging”, I’m guilty of. Good to know. The follow/unfollow burns my butt. I feel like we should all support each other. Thank you for your list though. I did learn something

  7. I feel ya when it comes to these pet peeves!!! Nothing grinds my teeth more than when a blog(ill just use my site as an example i guess) such as decides to leave some random comment on a blog just so they can get their link out there! THEN they have the audacity to beg for readers through twitter with a badly misplaced #talker99 or some crap like it…. I mean, get a life, right(high fives you) ……thats why, on my site, talker99.wordpress, we absolutely refuse to play that follow game! You can rest a sure that if someone follows my site we certainly will not follow back….unless youre cool and write interesting stuff, then we might…. But all others, no way jose…. So yeah, totally agree on those blog pet peeves…….(high fives again, spins and then walks away)

  8. I agree with all of these, especially bloggers using the bloggerswanted etc Twitter hashtags to promote themselves. It makes it very difficult to find PR or brand collaborations. I actually like a little negativity in blog posts, that’s real life. Why should you me made to feel bad about having a negative thought or or opinion?

    1. I totally agree with you – I can’t stand overly positive people ALL THE TIME!

      1. Susan Taylor Brand says:

        You know people have to be real, and honest, and that means they can’t be positive all the time. My pet peeve is people who lie and say it’s all good and it isn’t. Because if we don’t acknowledge the problem, how will we fix it?

  9. Still kind of new to blogging. But those pet peeves had me nodding my head yes to all of them. It helps to know that others feel the same way.

    1. So annoying!

  10. This is a nice list of crap that needs to be addressed. It’s time authors displayed some etiquette.

    1. Nice list of crap hahahaha

  11. Jordann @thebookbloglife says:

    This is the best thing I have ever read! I actually laughed out loud. I loved all of your pet peeves and I definitely agree with all of them!

    And also cringed as I remember doing some of them in my younger days!

    1. Hahaha glad you enjoyed!

  12. This is a fantastic post, thank you! I found myself nodding and giggling as I read it. It was such an honest and authentic post, and I really loved it. I am fairly new to blogging, so I am probably still developing my own list of pet peeves. Yours seem pretty on the money, however. Thank you!

  13. Completely agree with all of these!

    1. Haha I’m glad!

  14. I really loved reading this! it really annoys me when people randomly message me on instagram ( baring in mind, they don’t engage in my content or have never spoken to me before ) and ask me how I have worked with certain brands and if they can have an email to contact to discuss working with them.

    1. Ugh that’s so rude!!!

  15. Caterina / 35mminstyle says:

    loved this! I try to stay away from such ‘faux-pas’ bloggers because I seek for authenticity but sometimes their comments are ridicolous: all exaclty the same.

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

    1. Haha I agree 😂

  16. I agree with everything said here. They’re my peeves too!

    1. Just so annoying!

      1. Yes!!! I’ve been blogging for a long time and have had a blog before my current one. I’ve seen it all lol.

  17. thewildflowerhippienl says:

    Begging for views and followers is the worst. I get those messages every single day. I try to ignore them.


    1. I definitely ignore them!

  18. I hate the forced positivity too, especially in videos. It is too cringe to watch.

    1. Sure is! I don’t want too many people like that thankfully.

  19. Love this article and agree with all of the points! But the OTT positivity is the one that really gets me because I’d much prefer reading stuff that’s real and I know most people out there prefer that too. I posted a snapshot from a brunch at one of the hipster spots in the city a month or so ago and mentioned that whilst it looked super instagrammable the actual food tasted average and I was quite disappointed with it and someone actually commented on how refreshing it was to read an actual real opinion no matter what it is.

    1. Wow that’s great that they gave you that feedback! I’m a bit sick of seeing all these gorgeous places in London without any actual real information about what they’re like to go to?

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