AD | Maintaining healthy hair is not an easy task. And if the hair is long you really have to take good care of it as you go to sleep. One of the hassles that people with beautiful hair usually have to grapple with, is to take care for their hair while they are asleep. Most people out there are usually confused about the best ways to take care of hair while sleeping so that their hair is not damaged in the course of the night.

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Today we are sharing some amazing tricks on how you can easily protect your hair while you go to bed for sleeping without ever worrying again about waking up with damaged hair the following day:

It’s best to dry your hair before going to bed

Wet hair is weak and extremely prone to breakage. While sleeping usually seems so peaceful, you may totally not comprehend what really goes on when you go into full slumber. Your sleep may be characterized with lots of turning left and right without your knowledge, only to wake up the next morning to an already damaged hair. Wet hair is weak and so it is vulnerable to easy breakage so just ensure that you dry your hair well before jumping into your bed to sleep.

Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up

Most ladies think that by tying their hair before going to bed they are protecting it. Well this is a misguided notion because hair that is tied for several hours when you are asleep usually creates undue tension on the hair thus damaging it. When there is so much tension exerted on your hair, it will easily break. For this, it makes sense for you to let your hair loose or if you have to tie it, use a loose braid or a low ponytail just at the nape of your neck.

Or you can use a scrunchie

If you are pulling your hair backwards into a braid or a ponytail, avoid using an elastic band to secure it, you’d better use a soft Scrunchie. This greatly helps to secure your hair thus reducing the chance of your hair getting damaged during sleep.

It might be better to use a silk pillowcase

It is better to use a silk pillowcase than a cotton pillowcase to lay your head on when you go to sleep. Silk is usually gentler compared to cotton and will thus provide your hair with the much needed tender care needed to protect your hair from damage. Of course you know during sleep you actually don’t know how many times you will turn left and right so just ensure that you put your hair on something that’s soft and tender.

You can wrap your hair in a satin headscarf

A good quality satin headscarf just like silk pillowcase will go a long way in protecting your hair while you are asleep. The scarf will protect your hair ends and thus maintain your hairstyle which is what you certainly want. In fact a satin scarf will help to protect your precious braids or curls exceptionally well. If you don’t have a satin scarf you can use a silky bonnet or silky turban.

You can apply an overnight treatment

If you are an avid lover of keeping quality hair you definitely know about routine hair treatment methods such as incorporating hair masks and treatments at least once in your weekly hair care routine. Well, the best way that you can achieve the best results from such treatments is to apply a hair mask before going to bed. Leaving the hair mask on your hair overnight as you sleep is a great way to repair your hair and hydrate it. You can do this at least twice every month depending on your hair type.

Brush your hair before going to bed

Brushing hair is in fact the most basic care you can give your hair without much ado and it helps to promote shine and length. Brushing your hair from bottom to top with a puddle brush just before bed ensures that you go to bed entangle-free.

Massage you scalp

Massaging your scalp greatly helps to strengthen your hair so doing this regularly before going to bed will help to protect your hair and it remain healthy at all times.

Moisturize your hair before going to bed

Hair is known to regenerate the most during sleep just like the skin. For this, it makes sense for you to apply a good quality hair moisturizer on your hair just before you to bed. A better way to do this is to put at least 4-5 drops of lemongrass or argan oil onto your hand and then gently massage this onto your hair. Just ensure that you apply this to the ends of your hair.

How do you take care of your hair during the night?

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  1. Over the last few months I’ve tried to have a really focus on skin care in the evening – never once thought about hair-care. I love this post, it’s got some really great tips in it. I’m now guiltily thinking I really need to go and dry my hair…

  2. Thanks a lot, for sharing very useful ideas. Can you please suggest me how to increase my hair growth? My hair isn’t growing for years!

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