Do You Know the Crime Rate in Your Area?

AD | Without giving too many personal details away (we are talking about safety after all), I live just outside of London. It takes just 9 minutes on a train straight from my local station into London Liverpool Street. Right into the center of London. Which might sound like a dream but if you’re looking at moving, relocating for work or have started a new job somewhere new, thinking about the crime rate in your area is really important.

Crime Rate In Your Area

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Obviously we can’t all avoid it. We can’t all pack our boxes and move at the first sign of a little old lady being robbed on the high street. But we can factor it in to our decisions if it is time to move – especially if you have kids. Nobody wants to feel afraid every time they step out their door.

Do you know the crime rate in your area?

CIA Landlord Insurance have an incredible tool which is absolutely invaluable when it comes to checking the crime rate in your area. Although I’m not moving, I tested it out myself and…

I was pretty surprised at the results.

Like I said, I live near London. I’m not naive at the fact that the crime rate in London – and some areas around it – are high. Probably sadly at an all time high. In fact, a friend of a friend had his car stolen just a couple of weeks ago.

So this local property stats tool gives your area (after popping in your post code) a crime rating; less than 10 is low crime rate, between 10 and 40 is moderate and above 40 is considered an area with a high crime rate. My score?

45. Crikey.

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be quite THAT high. In fact, I’m certain that I heard once that our borough is actually one of the more safer ones. If 45 is safe, I can’t begin to imagine the crime rates in other areas more “well known” for it’s crime activities.

This tool goes even further. It also shows exactly how many incidents of a certain kind were reported within a 1 mile radius of your postcode within a certain amount of time. Everything from bike theft to arson to shoplifting. And according to the tool, there had been:

33 incidents of burglaries

76 incidents of shopslifting

3 incidents of possession of weapons

and 125 violent crimes (there’s many more stats but I’m not going to list them all)

It’s actually made me feel a bit sick. As someone who’s not moving any time soon, those are statistics I just have to live with. But like I said, this tool is absolutely incredible to find out the crime rate in your area or a potential area in which you might be moving to.

So with that being said, if like me, there’s nothing you can do about your location and your crime rate is on the higher side, I wanted to share some pointers about staying safe when you’re out and about and when you’re at home.

A lot of these are common sense – I by no means think my readers are stupid! – but we could all use a reminder every now and again.

Staying safe whilst out and about

  • Keep all bags closed, zipped and shut at all times
  • Try and keep your phone out of sight, if possible
  • Don’t advertise valuables – unless paying for something in a shop
  • If you’re out late, always let someone know where you are
  • Stick to well lit, main roads, especially if you’re alone
  • Where possible, always try and walk in the opposite direction to traffic. This will make it harder for thieves on bikes to steal from your bag or pocket as they’re riding
  • Be aware – try not to day dream, you might miss something important
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended – duh
  • If you’re using a cash point and see someone loitering around, try and find another one

Staying Safe At Home

Staying safe at home

  • Shut and lock all doors and windows when you go out
  • And leave any keys to any doors and windows well out of reach of the door or window itself
  • Don’t leave electronics or anything of value in visible areas that thieves may see through a window or letterbox
  • Try and always leave a light on – even if you’re out – to give the impression someone is in
  • Check all locks and alarms monthly to ensure they’re in working condition
  • If you’re going on holiday, check in with a neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on things
  • When you’re home alone, be wary when opening the front door. If anything feels off, shut it and lock it immediately

So do you know the crime rate in your area? Have you checked your own post code in the properly stats tool? Were you surprise at the result? And what do you do in order to stay as safe as possible?

* This post is in paid partnership with CIA Landlord Insurance


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  1. 25! I’m surprised! Although most crime is violent…

    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. Oh dear!

  2. jasonlikestotravel says:

    I can imagine this being really useful if you are looking to move and want to see what the crime rate is like in the area.
    I think if you’re stuck where you are though ignorance is bliss, I haven’t looked at my area and won’t be haha.

    1. I guess so. I’m more of a rather know the information and be vigilant person.

  3. this is both scary and insightful!!

  4. I thought the stats for my area would be low but your shock at the score for yours made me curious. The score for my area is 5 😂. I guess that’s good to know. It’s a really handy tool! x


  5. I witnessed a violent crime recently and it’s all been really horrible – and we live in a low crime area!

  6. Chloe Chats says:

    I moved to my area summer last year so don’t know much about the crime rating, but the link for it can’t find my particular area 🙁 It’s pretty handy to know when you’re looking at moving though, and it’s also quite scary how you might live there for years and not see rarely any crime but then you look it up and happen to see that quite a lot happens!

    Chloe xx

  7. Sarah says:

    This is really interesting! I am going to have a look at where we live xx

  8. elenxmai says:

    This is so interesting! Unfortunately the website you linked doesn’t have any crime info for my particular area, but I’d say it generally pretty safe. I’ve looked up the rates out of curiosity in the past and while there were a handful of dangerous crimes it was mostly things like bike theft and petty vandalism hahaha. It’s quite a rural area and I’m lucky to be able to leave the front door unlocked and not be massively worried about it. I’m always hyper aware whenever I travel outside of my little hometown! I’ll be keeping your tips in mind for staying safe, thank you for sharing Jenny. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

    1. I’d love to live a more rural area!

  9. This is actually a really interesting read, when I was moving I didn’t really think to even check the crime rate for my area even though I think it would be pretty low. It would be good to check though because I also live just outside of London x

    1. Definitely worth checking! I can imagine it’d be pretty similar to mine!

  10. This is super interesting. My local area has experienced an increased level of crime recently, but it still fairs relatively well according to the tool you linked to. Our criminal rating is only 20.00, which is a lot lower than the 45 you mentioned for where you live. I do live in Devon, though, so I suppose it makes sense.

    Out of curiosity I also looked up the postcode of a house I’ve fallen in love with on Rightmove (house prices are a DREAM), and the crime rating is 59.21. I mean, I knew moving up North would mean higher crime rates, but that’s a pretty substantial increase. Nothing like a good ole’ crime checker to make me think I should consider changing the location I plan to move to.

    1. 20 is a decent score for sure! I love Devon though – I’ve visited a couple of times!

  11. Great tips! Not going to lie, I went straight onto the property stats website and searched my area… 49, ahh!

    1. Crikey! That’s high!

  12. This is so interesting! I am off to find out what mine is now. And what my new house area is!

    1. Hope it’s not too high!

  13. Mom of the Moment says:

    Great tips, as always! I always check into a place before I move, but I find it easy to settle in and forget to keep tabs on the current happenings. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Easy to do!

  14. This is a really interesting article! I may have to check this out for where I live. We’re not too bad for major crimes but there’s a lot of pettier stuff… cars being keyed, bricks thrown through windows, car thefts, and so on. Apparently the car insurance here is the highest in the borough because of it!

    1. Oh wow really?! That’s interesting. Ain’t it funny how certain areas attract certain things more?

      1. We just have a load of irritating kids around and no police presence, I think that’s why!

  15. Jack Bransson says:

    I haven’t check it yet but would be interesting to know. Good tips though, to be out of trouble from crimes and stuff like that. We did have a situation about house thieving not long go and it wasn’t good.

    1. No I can’t imagine it was!

  16. I’ve never thought to check the crime rate in my neighbourhood. I will now though!

    1. Hope it’s not too high!

  17. I don’t and there is a part of me that doesn’t want to know or I’ll worry more.

    1. I just think it’s good to be aware of these things

  18. I just checked and it’s 16.91 – mostly from anti-social behaviour, which does not surprise me. It was interesting being able to look at the stats too. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Wow that’s a lovely low score in comparison to my 45! 😂

  19. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is only something I thought about quite recently after a house on my road for burgled. I definitely could use with being more savvy with safety as I think you can get a bit too comfortable with your house sometimes, and I’m personally awful for leaving windows open when I leave the house.

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿 http://www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. Great post! I never thought to check the crime rates. I guess I just want to think I live in a safe neighborhood because if not then you can’t stop thinking about all the what ifs. Thanks for sharing.

      1. True but I mean nowhere is 100% safe. I just think it’s good to be aware and vigilant!

    2. I totally agree. We had a robbery down our road a few years back and after that almost everyone had new garden gates fitted!

  20. Mandi Schneck says:

    My husband and I are kind of neurotic when it comes to this. We love going to our county’s website and looking at police reports to see what’s been going on in our area. Luckily, it’s pretty safe with the exception of things like unlocked car robberies and other crimes of opportunity.

    1. I’m glad there’s nothing too serious around your area! I’m a little bit the same – I like to know what’s going on.

  21. I live in the US — Florida to be precise. It’s a great place but it attracts a lot of crime. Anything can happen anywhere but I avoid living in dangerous neighborhoods if I can an always utilitze sites like these to do research if I’m going relocate.

    1. Crikey I can imagine!

  22. I’ve never ever thought about checking the crime rate, only because it doesn’t make a difference as I’m still going to live where we live. One to think about maybe xx

    1. Yeah I mean it makes no difference to me either but it’s interesting stats

  23. I don’t know the crime-rate in my area but I generally feel very safe, especially for such a big city. The biggest problem is people driving on motorbikes snatching bags and phones. I think it would be hard to get away with a break and enter where I live as its down an alleyway and people know each-other.

    1. We have a huge problem of moped thief around my area at the moment too – it’s a nightmare!

  24. I don’t and I don’t think I want to know…even though I probably should x

    1. I think it’s something we should all be aware of tbh!

  25. This is actually really interesting and not something i have ever thought much about. I’m in a village now, and because it’s near a prison and it’s mostly filled with guards/police there is a low level of crime here. But where I lived before was hiving with it!

    Excellent post and something different for a Friday morning.

    1. Isn’t it funny how you can feel safer near a prison? I think I’d feel the same tbh. I always feel safer when there’s guards and police about!

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