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8 Ways I Make Money Blogging & Online

Making money online is alllll the rage right now. No seriously, the idea of being your own boss, growing a business and making money from the comfort of your own home? I can see why it appeals to a LOT of people. All you have to do is jump on Pinterest for 5 minutes to see blog post after blog post about how to make money blogging and online.

Make Money Blogging and Online

Now I’m not really into those posts titled, “How I Increased My Income by 500% in 2 Months!”, they can be incredibly misleading. And y’all know by now that I’m not one to sugar coat things or beat around the bush. I don’t make a 6 figure income through blogging. Or have Disney trips thrown at me every couple of months (I wish!)

And I like to keep it real. So I know a lot of my readers are people who want to make an income from their blog or perhaps who have just started to make some money from their blog but are looking for extra ways to build it up. Whatever your reason for reading this post, you’re in the right place!

So here are 8 ways I make money blogging and online:

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are definitely my main chunk of income from blogging. I’m sure most of you know by now but in case you don’t, a sponsored post is when a brand or client pays you to feature them within a blog post. They may suggest a topic for you to write about or give you creative freedom to come up with your own content.

Of course payments from sponsored posts vary quite a bit, from £50 to £400. And I am totally done with judgmental bloggers who make people feel bad for accepting a sponsored post which pays less than what they would accept. None of that bullshit here, thank you very much. But that being said, it’s good to not under sell or under charge yourself too much.


Advertising packages for bloggers

You’ll have noticed in my sidebar every month I have a handful of other bloggers logos and these are bloggers which have paid for an advertising slot for that month. I don’t charge much for bloggers who want to advertise with me, so this only brings in an extra £25 a month.

But I’ve always loved having advertisers and promoting other bloggers on my blog and social channels. You can find out more about my advertising package here. A lot of bloggers offer advertising packages of various prices, which include a number of things. If you’ve got a decent following and high engagement, this is definitely something to consider!

eBook sales

You’ll know I have 2 eBooks for sale because I never stop banging on about them and drop their links into my posts wherever I goddamn can (lol, shameless plug). But you sorta have to when you’re competing with so many other talented people in the same market. And yes, competing. There’s nothing wrong (or bad) about having competitors.

Sales from eBooks can vary massively from month to month. Of course the income from this is much higher in the weeks and month following when a book is released. And the sales do tend to thin out over time. But if you have serious knowledge and something to offer, then creating an eBook is a great idea.

I don’t charge very much for my books. If they were a more significant source of income for me, then maybe I would. But for me personally, the hard work is done so I don’t mind offering them for a slightly lower price. Especially as my books in particular are more aimed towards new bloggers.


Advertising packages for brands

Similarly to the bloggers package, I offer advertising for brands within my sidebar. Although this isn’t mentioned within that advertising page because I don’t want brands to get confused, as I charge more for brands than I do for bloggers. For brands, I tend to give them a monthly fee and then a yearly fee, which would always work out cheaper in the long run *business tip* and is handy for when you want to make money blogging and online.

Sponsored guest post places

This is a slightly… not controversial… but I know some bloggers wouldn’t have these on their blogs but occasionally I’ll host a piece of pre-written content from a brand or an agency on my blog. I’d say I get around 2/3 emails from people asking me to do this every day. Most of them want it for free *rolls eyes* or a ridiculously low price, like £7.

Now I’ll put my hands up and say I used to host content for a company for VERY LITTLE in the past. Before I really realised what I was doing. But it’s all a learning curve and I definitely know now that guest post placements from brands are definitely not worth less than a certain amount.

Social media promotion

Very occasionally, I’ll be asked to do social media promotion for a brand. In the past 2 months, I’ve done this twice for the same brand, who have asked for 3 Facebook posts and 4 tweets over the course of a few days which advertise their website and services. This usually involves a bit of negotiation between you and the brand.

Gifted products

Personally, I rarely do paid product reviews. At the start, I didn’t know you COULD have paid product reviews. I thought you were sent the product and that was your payment. Which it IS. But a lot of bloggers also want payment for their product reviews – which is totally fine.

But for me, I tend to just accept the products as payment and within the last 6 months, have been MUCH more selective about the products I review. Partially because I don’t have time to review 7 products a week for no money and secondly, as I’ve refined my niches a bit, not all products will fit my blog anymore.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re registered as self employed when making money blogging and online, you’ll need to declare the cost of the products you’re sent too!


Online surveys

I do online surveys as a “little extra” each month. Most of the sites I use are super easy and reliable and I’ve had a fair few payouts from them over the years! Obviously online surveys aren’t going to make you hundreds but for the sake of very little time and effort, it’s worth it.


Okay there’s one more I forgot but to save the hassle of changing all my graphics to 9 instead of 8, I’m just going to be lazy and add this one on as an “extra”. But one last way I make income through my blog is WordAds. The advertising system used by WordPress to place ads on your blog if you qualify.

I haven’t earned that much from WordAds, I got a pay out of around £90 last year and you need to make $100 in order to be cashed out. I’m almost at that threshold again so should be expecting another payout soon.

One more thing…

Okay last one I promise. One of the other ways to earn money online is also testing and reviewing products (affiliate marketing). On the website you can read about experiences with P2P lending platforms, which happen to be a great source of passive income not only for publishers but also investors. 

So those are the 8 ways I make money blogging and online. I’m in the process of working on a course, which hopefully I can add to this list when I’m done! Do you have anything to add to this list? Have you thought about any of these?

Make Money Blogging and Online



  1. Maybe one day I’ll be in a position where I’m making money from my blog, but I’m not currently and I’m kind of okay with it!

    As great as it does sound, it must be hard to have a stable income and I know that would worry me a lot.

    These are some really good suggestions for how to maintain a good income online, and it’s nice to see a blogger branching out into other things like eBooks too!

    Abi |

    1. It’s very hard to keep it stable month to month. And going into a new month wondering how much you’ll earn is kinda scary – but you get used to it! However not everyone could deal with the instability of it for sure x

  2. gianlucafiore says:

    These are a lot of good suggestions that I haven’t tried yet, thank you!

    So far I explored only affiliate marketing with abysmal results :/

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying affiliate links but people rarely click.

    1. Affiliate links are the one thing I’ve not tried properly!

  4. traveladdictedunicorn says:

    That is awesome and super inspirational!! Going to check out the survey links. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome!

  5. These are great ideas, Jenny. Blogs definitely offer a wide range of possibilities!

    1. They sure do! They open a lot of doors!

  6. Thank you for being honest and not claiming you make millions after a year blogging! That’s one thing I was surprised by when I first started my blog. “Where are those thousands?” was one of the questions I asked myself a lot.


    1. I didn’t realise you could make money when I first started 6 years ago, so thankfully I never had those thoughts! But those Pinterest images and claims that people make thousands in a month of blogging are so misleading!

  7. I love that you have so many things going on. You are doing so well at this x

    1. Thanks so much x

  8. I think you’ve covered it all. I also know if these ways to make money online.

    1. There’s also wordads

  9. Thank you for sharing these tips! I’m slowly moving my way to becoming a digital nomad and although i don’t have plans of making my blog solely my income source, these tips help me realize i could earn from my blog! I used to accept FREE guest posts, i should have charged! LOL! 😛

    – Hazel

    1. You definitely could!

  10. Such a helpful post, I’ve bookmarked it to come back to as I’m looking to generate some kind of income from my blog. After a break I’m back and I want to push on with it again and earn from it.

    1. Hope this helps!

  11. such a helpful post for those of us that would like to explore taking our blogs to another level!

    1. Thank you x

  12. A valuable post hun. 🙂

    It’s nice to see a genuine break down of how people can earn from their blog, rather than those hyped up Pinterest posts you mentioned. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Hate those bloody posts haha x

  13. Emily Ann says:

    This was such a well written post! I’ve always wanted to make money blogging, but I’ve always been so confused about HOW to do it and intimidated by all of the blog posts I see on Pinterest about how they make 6 figures a year blogging. HOW?????

    But I’ve saved your post and will now be referring to it when I need some encouragement and ideas. Thanks for writing such a great post!

    Emily |

    1. Thanks so much – glad you found it helpful!

  14. I’ve been asked to do sponsored guest posts a few times now and I’ve never accepted it. Not sure why, I’m not against it but I guess I don’t like that it’s not 100% mine. It annoys me so much when people complain about others accepting lower fees. If someone needs that £20, it doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t accept less than £100 🙄 X


  15. This is so helpful especially since WordPress ads pay pittance… I definitely want to try a couple of new ways to earn extra xx

    1. OMG I completely forgot to add word ads to this post – thank you for reminding me!

  16. These are great ideas! hopefully I can keep growing my blog to be able to incorporate some of them with my blog in the future!

    1. Thank you! You totally can 😌

  17. Thanks, for this post, Jenny. I had no idea you could these things. xxx

    1. You’re welcome!

  18. Great tips Jenny. I’ve had some sponsorded posts, gifted posts and even sponsorded guest posts – I didn’t know the latter was so controversial!? But once my blog gets bigger I think advertising is a great idea 🙂 and I’ve started doing surveys too. I’d be very interesting in a course or e-book personally, perhaps including some guidance for self employment?

    1. Well, it’s not controversial. I don’t think it is anyway! But some bloggers don’t do it because of the follow links involved and they don’t like content that isn’t theirs on their blog. Each to their own I guess!

  19. I think online survey sites are great for an extra bit of income. I’ve definitely not made loads that way but sites like Prolific I find do build up money quite quickly. Good for when emails are a bit quieter some months xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Yep absolutely – survey sites definitely won’t make you loads but a nice extra £30 or so at the end of each month!

  20. There are some great ideas here, thanks. Hopefully I can keep growing my blog until I reach the stage it can bring in a little cash for me.

    1. You absolutely could. Your blog is great and you’re so funny in your writing too!

  21. Laura Sneddon says:

    Thank you for being so honest. I’m just starting out so I’ll take every hint, tip and piece of advice going from successful bloggers. Thanks for sharing x

    1. You’re welcome, glad you found it helpful! x

  22. Sarah says:

    Some great tips, I might start doing surveys whilst watching tv! xx

    1. Definitely worth it as they don’t take long x

  23. alittletravelmedia says:

    Thanks. And I love the Harry Potter fandom. xox

  24. Sidebar ads to promote other bloggers is a good idea. Utilising other platforms makes sense. Definitely food for thought once my blog grows more!

    1. Glad you found it helpful!

  25. Thank you for this! I always value your advice and this is something I have been struggling with lately! Saving to my Evernote!!

    1. Awh thanks so much!

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