October is next month. That means bonfire night is next week. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! For crying out loud this YEAR MAN. How has everyone’s August been? Alright I hope? I always have a bit of a chat about how my month has gone in my monthly newsletter if you’re interested (probs not) but let’s get into these 5 blogs to read this September!

Blogs To Read

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

My first advertiser this month is someone who I’ve had before but I’m delighted to welcome back because she’s so damn lovely and that’s Michelle from Simply Michelle. From beauty and lifestyle to honest posts about mental health, birth control and more, Simply Michelle is definitely worth checking out!

Posts from Simply Michelle I’d Recommend:

If you love blogs about blogging and personal development that give you the motivation to go out there and SUCCEED then Boss Babe Chronicles is the one for you today. Always got a little something for everyone! For tips on making affiliate sales, personal development book recommendations and more check out Boss Babe Chronicles.

Posts From Boss Babe Chronicles I’d Recommend:

In your quest for finding some new blogs to read this September, I’d highly recommend my third advertiser this month, which is the sweetest Alexa from The AlexaJade Blog. She’s also one of the loveliest people on Twitter, so you should definitely give her a follow on there too!

Posts From The AlexaJade Blog I’d Recommend:

Next we have a repeat advertiser but I’m always delighted to feature Kim from Chimmyville on my blog! Kim’s blog contains SO much that I love myself, including staycations, Disney, well-being and more! There’s always so much good stuff to read on Kim’s blog so I’d definitely recommend checking it out today!

Posts From Chimmyville I’d Recommend:

And finally, for September, my final advertiser is the lovely Amy, who’s blog Hashtags and Stoma Bags is dedicated to documenting her life with a permanent ileostomy and a stoma bag after suffering from Crohn’s since the age of 7 and Crohn’s Colitis since 17. If thing is something you can relate to on any level, I’d highly recommend checking out Amy’s blog!

Posts from Hashtags and Stoma Bags I’d Recommend:

If you’re after some new blogs to read, I hope you’ve found some good recommendations within this post! Let me know if you already read any of these or who you’re going to check out after this post!

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  1. God you’re not wrong, this year has gone stupidly fast. What a great range of blogs here, covering self-care and self fulfilment as well as holidays. Amy sounds like an incredible person too. I will have to check them all out, thanks for the links!

  2. Ohhh I will definitely check out Hashtags and Stoma bags. I was diagnosed with Crohns last year after a massive flare and numerous surgeries including a resection. I have been told I have a severe type and will likely end up with a stoma in the future so this will be something close to my heart. Thank you

    1. Ahh, hello! Please feel free to leave comments or inbox me! Crohn’s can be an overwhelming journey and you definitely don’t have to do it alone! My Instagram is ibdwarriorprincess if you want to reach me there too. Always here 💜

  3. Thank you for the feature in this! I’m going to check out the other blogs! Can’t wait to read other people’s blogs. Also a huge well done on yours, it’s fast becoming a blog favourite of mine! 🙂

  4. Thanks for having me again and the kind words about my blog! I don’t think I’ve heard of the other bloggers before(?), so I can’t wait to check them out.

  5. I love these kinds of posts!! You get to learn about so many interesting blogs! All of your picks sound amazing especially Amy’s!

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