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Jewellery Picks for Winter 2019

This post contains gifted items

I think we can safely say that despite the fact September hasn’t even finished, I’m well into Winter and Christmas mode already. Having already written about preparing for the festive season and my Winter travel wish list as well as gearing up for gift guide season, yay! Which is madness. I’m not trying to wish the year away or anything but I feel like everything has landed on top of us this year quicker and harder than ever before.

Perhaps that’s just me. I have had a BIT OF A YEAR. But that’s another story for another post. Instead today, I wanna talk about jewellery. Because I love jewellery. Despite not being particularly fashion conscious, jewellery is definitely an exception. I think jewellery is a lovely gift to both give and receive for almost any occasion.

I don’t really have a firm favourite metal either. I love white gold, rose gold, gold and silver and all different styles and designs. Jewellery is so creative and versatile and I love how certain pieces can completely change a look or change what sort of style you’re going for.

I tend to land on the same handful of pieces depending on the time of year. For example, I have a pair of snowflake earrings in this post that I probably wouldn’t wear during Summer. So today I wanted to share my Winter jewellery picks for this year and a little bit about each piece!

1. Carrie Elizabeth Mini Hugging Hoops in Sterling Silver

These earrings were gifted but they will definitely be in my ears a lot over the Winter and Christmas period. These incredibly delicate, cute earrings hug your ear nicely and contain 0.12 carats of diamonds set within them too. Despite being so small, they really make a statement.

Carrie Elizabeth is a new brand discovery for me and I know I’ll be purchasing from them in the future for a special occasion. They have a vast range of styles and collections, including their Moonstone Rings, which are absolutely swoon-worthy!

2. Mickey Mouse Bracelet

My boyfriend bought me this for my most recent birthday on 4th September and it’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I own. But sadly, it was also the one I struggled to take photos of the most! So please excuse the really bad photo of this but I hope it’s good enough for you to see how cute the pendant is!

3. Snowflake Earrings – Diamonique

Obviously I’m not going to wear the same pair of earrings every day this Winter. And I’ll likely save my Carrie Elizabeth ones for more special occasions. So for more chilled, every day wear, I’ll definitely be wearing my snowflake earrings that were a gift from my Mum a couple of Christmases ago. I absolutely love these and they allow me to embrace my love for the cold weather even more! I definitely feel a bit like Elsa in these.

4. Beauty and the Beast Necklace

This necklace doesn’t get worn much because the pendant is quite big so I don’t tend to wear it for every day use. But I definitely want to get some wear out of it this Winter because it’s SO pretty. This necklace is a copy of the one that Belle wears in The Beauty and the Beast remake, see! Again, another gift from my boyfriend.

5. Leaf Earrings

I’m not sure what these earrings are called, the ones that go up your ears like this? But I really like them and again, these were another gift from my boyfriend for a birthday or Christmas or something. He knows his jewelry! I have a lot of ear holes, 6 in total, so I like to mix up my earrings as much as I can and earrings are probably my favourite type of jewellery to receive!

What is your favourite piece of my jewellery featured in this post? Are you a  jewellerylover like me? What’s your favourite type of jewellery to receive as a gift?



  1. Love how you’ve arranged the jewellery in the photos! I don’t have as big of a collection as I’d like, but maybe in the future.

    1. Awh thank you! x

  2. I was mentally preparing which item of jewellery I was going to comment on as my favourite and I had to stop because they’re all so gorgeous!!! Those first earrings are beautiful and I’d save them for special occasions too, but I really love the Beauty and the Beast necklace and it’s soooooo sweet that your boyfriend bought them for you! Beautiful picks all round – I really want to get into wearing jewellery… Like you, I don’t really have a favourite metal, so it’s always fun to look around and see what stands out.

    Jas xx

    1. I love mixing and matching metals too and not just sticking to one 🙂 x

  3. Omgosh what gorgeous jewellery! My favourite is the Mickey Mouse bracelet. I think it makes a great alternative to the pricey brands! Monica x

    1. It sure does! x

  4. I adore those hoop earrings! Might have to be a Christmas gift to myself!

    Jess |

    1. Go for it! Treat yo self! x

  5. Gosh, all the pieces are so beautiful x

    1. Thank you! x

  6. I love the way the leaf earrings lay across your ear like that. I could totally see myself working those into an outfit.

    1. Awh thank you! It definitely sits really nicely x

  7. I tend not to wear jewellery very often, i dont know why but its just one of those things i dont really think about buying. I do love jewellery though so maybe i should treat myself sometime soon. Love the look of the beauty and the beast necklace.

    1. You totally should! x

  8. Those mini hoops are stunning!! I really like the leaf ones too 🙂 I keep telling myself I need to wear more earrings (I have 7 lobe piercings, one helix and a rook piercing LOL and I only really wear my rook and a couple of my lobe piercing), but I can never really find earrings that suit together very well, if that makes sense :”) Those hoops would be perfect!

    1. It can be tricky for sure to find a lot of earrings which fit together nicely! x

  9. All the jewelry is so so pretty! I love the beauty & the beast necklace! So dainty! Must be my fav from your selection!

    1. Awh thank you! x

  10. I love the leaf earrings and the little hugging hoop ones. I have been trying to find hoops like that, that aren’t giant. I like jewellery and experimenting with different pieces and looks. The photographs are beautiful xxx

    1. These are super dainty and sit around your ear so nicely! And thank you so much x

      1. Xx

  11. Oh wow all of these pieces are absolutely stunning! I’m obsessed with that beauty and the beast necklace. & those silver hoops are right up my street xx

    1. They’re so pretty! x

  12. Oh my gosh! These pieces are gorgeous especially the Beauty and the Beast pendant!

    1. Thank you! x

  13. These are some pretty picks! Very winter ready, especially for the Christmas season!

    They would also make great presents!

    Jessica & James |

    1. They sure would! A lot of these were gifts and I’ve loved them all! x

  14. I love gold and a couple of years ago received a beautiful gold slave bangle from my wife. I wear it always. I love the snow flake earrings. xxx

    1. Aw that sounds lovely! x

  15. I love jewellery and I have 7 ear piercings so I’m always on the lookout for a nice pair of earrings and I love those Carrie Elizabeth ones! Her rings and necklaces are so dreamy as well. It’s also really sweet that your boyfriend has gifted you a few of these pieces, makes them even more special xx

    1. Her pieces are super dreamy. I wish I had ALL THE MONEY to buy everything she makes! x

  16. Casey | McCourtSkee says:

    I absolutely love that Mickey Mouse bracelet! I’m similar where I’m not much of a fashion guru, but I so love jewelry!

    These are all gorgeous pieces, but I’m definitely partial to the Disney ones!

    1. Awh yes! I absolutely love Disney themed jewellery! x

  17. That beauty and the beast necklace is gorgeous! I also love those leaf earrings – I’m drawn to anything simple but pretty like those. I totally agree with you on the crazy fast year, too…

    1. Simple and pretty is definitely a winner! x

  18. Those hoop earrings look gorgeous x

    1. Thank you x

  19. I love jewellery based off Disney. That Mickey Mouse bracelet was beautiful and I love the beauty and the beast one. The only jewellery I wear is earrings. Those snowflake ones would be perfect for me.

    1. Same, anything Disney and I’m in! x

  20. Those Carrie Elizabeth earrings and lead earrings are gorgeous! I love receiving earrings as a gift. I’m not crazy for dangly earrings but I like sparkly studs (mostly because I don’t want little hands getting ahold and pulling).

    1. Eeek bet that’d hurt! x

  21. I really love those hoop earrings, though to be honest I like all the pieces you picked. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Thank you 🙂 x

  22. Lisa's Notebook says:

    Oh wow, Jenny, those Carrie Elizabeth hoops are GORGEOUS, so delicate and pretty. I don’t wear silver but the moonstone rings sound lovely too. And I absolutely love your Beauty and the Beast pendant necklace, that’s exactly the kind of jewellery I’d wear – Carl has excellent taste, he’s a keeper! X

    Lisa |

    1. Awh I’ll tell him that! x

  23. These pieces are all so beautiful! I think my favourite has to be the beauty and the beast necklace, that is stunning! xx

    Tiffany x

    1. Thank you! x

  24. Omg those earrings are gorg 😍😍 love this post xxx

    1. Thank you! x

  25. Oh my, those earings are lovely.
    I can’t wear earrings right now because of some problem with the hole in one ear (who new you could get problems after 20 years?) but I’m so looking forward to wearing earrings again.
    And that necklace is amazing, big pendant or not 🙂

    1. I sometimes have problems in my ear piercings after having them pierced for so long too! x

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