Whether you’ve just set up a new business or you’re running an established company, you can’t go wrong with branded merchandise. There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to branded merchandise; anything from promotional water bottles to a new set of uniform for your staff will have a great ROI for your business. Essentially, it is a tactic used to entice new customers or engage existing ones.

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Perhaps you’re an eCommerce website selling T-Shirts. You could add a little branded product, like some chocolates or a beauty product, to your customer’s delivery to reward them for ordering from you. This will ensure they remember you and encourage repeat purchases. This would be a particularly useful tactic at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s and other special occasions.

Maybe you’re attending a pitch meeting to attract new clients. You could take along some branded pens and notepads so that even after you’ve left the meeting, your brand name and logo remains at the forefront of your potential client’s mind, possibly on their desk for the foreseeable future.

Branded clothing is also a fantastic option, especially if your staff has to wear it as part of their uniform. You’ll essentially turn your employees into walking, talking billboards for your business. If you’re not a customer facing business or your staff don’t wear uniform, you could think about giving away t-shirts, hoodies and caps etc. at corporate events to help get your branding out there.

The type of promotional merchandise that you go for should always reflect your business values and possibly even link to the type of products or services you provide. For example, if you claim to be an environmentally friendly business then you may want to opt for environmentally friendly branded merchandise. If branded merchandise sounds like a good option for you, don’t hesitate to get some professional advice before choosing your products.

Are you a fan of branded merchandise? Have you ever purchased branded merchandise from your favourite brands, businesses or creators?

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