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Goals For 2020: Business, Personal, Blogging & Well-Being

Well, happy new bloody year to ya! I hope you all stumbled into 2020 merry, bright and full of food with big exciting plans for the next decade of our lives. I think that’s the thing that’s REALLY messing with my brain – we’re in a new DECADE. Guess where I was when we last entered a new decade? Disneyland. My favourite place on Earth. So with that in mind, this decade is already down on the last.

I’m totally joking, the 2010’s might have started magically but they turned into an absolute nightmare. Although 2019 ended on a spectacular high, I’m so ready to put the last 10 years behind me and look forward to bigger and brighter things, with less fear and anxiety.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again this year: I don’t do New Years Resolutions anymore. I find them too overwhelming and unreachable and I think a lot of people feel the same. But you know me, I love a goal. Goals keep me striving for more and keep me on track. So although these goals are for the whole year, I’m not sticking them in a list with tick boxes.

I think the point of goals is to having something to work towards and something to keep us on the straight and narrow, so to speak. As long as I’m actively working forwards these throughout the year, I’ll consider it a job well done. My life got so busy towards the end of last year, a sign of what’s the come perhaps?

So I’ve categorized my goals into business, blogging and career and personal and well-being as those are the main areas of my life I’d like to move forward with. Here are my goals for 2020!

Blogging, business & career

Publish a book I’m proud of and a successful book release: This one is already halfway complete as in November last year, I signed a book contract to publish a book on mental health and well-being this September. Now I can say, I’M HAVING A BOOK PUBLISHED THIS YEAR. I’m working extremely hard and I hope I can have a successful book release and create a book that not only am I proud of but will also help other people. Pre-order here!

Improve my photography and grow my Instagram: I’ve never focused much on Instagram before because quite honestly, I despised taking photos. Even on my blog, you’ll have noticed I used a LOT of stock photos last year. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, I started experimenting with my photography style a bit back in September and found I was starting to enjoy it again! So I’d like to take that further and hit 2,000 Insta followers this year.

Consistently earn a full-time income from my blog / eBooks / business things: One of the proudest things I’ve managed to do this year is earn a consistently decent income from my blog each month. Of course some months are worse than others, that’s how it in freelancing but it’s steady and I’m so happy about that. I’m very close to earning a consistent full-time income from my blog and 2020 is the year for me to try and crack that!

Get invited on a press trip: In 2019 I was incredibly lucky to have been invited to Brooklands Hotel and Spa for a stay and also offered a free night at Pod Hollow in exchange for a review. These were 2 of my favourite places my boyfriend and I went in 2019 and it was a privilege and honor to be invited to them both. This year, I’d LOVE to be invited on a press trip somewhere and have the chance to work with a brand or tourism board on some travel content. Especially now my anxiety is better than ever and I’m keen to go out there and see things!

Get some professional photos taken: I suppose this one could be classed as both business and personal because although I’d be using them from a business point of view, it’s also a very personal goal as I’ve never been confident enough to do anything like that before. But I think it’s time to get some professional photos taken to use for my book and on my blog.

Personal & well-being

Go on holiday on my own: This has been a dream of mine for so long but due to how bad my anxiety has been over the last almost freaking DECADE, it’s not been doable. I feel like I’m in the position to maybe have a short trip away by myself. Not abroad but that’s okay. Perhaps somewhere like Norfolk or Great Yarmouth would be perfect.

Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone: I wrote a detailed post last year about comfort zones and how I’ve been pushing myself out of mine and 2020 is definitely the time to continue that. Although this isn’t easily measurable, I definitely want to experience more next year and continue pushing myself and making my world bigger.

Start driving properly again: My confidence to drive is something my anxiety ripped away from me quite dramatically over the last decade. And late last year, I started to get into driving again and regaining a level of confidence. My progress got a bit halted in December when I went for a routine eye test and was told my eye sight had got too bad to drive WITH my glasses (eek!) but now that’s sorted, I really want to knuckle down with driving.

Stop picking my bloody nails: This is a big one for me as it’s something I’ve NEVER been able to quit. I’ve picked my nails since I was a kid – I just love picking things. My nails are in the worst state of my life right now – I’d be embarrassed to even show you. So THIS IS THE YEAR I get nails back. Because literally, I don’t even have nail to paint right now. It’s just skin and finger.

So I’ve kept it pretty short and sweet for 2020 because if 2019 taught me anything, it’s that things can CHANGE and your life can take a different direction at the drop of a hat. But these are things which are incredibly important to me, which I want to work on in 2020 and beyond. What are your goals for 2020?



  1. I have never set new year resolutions. I don’t think they work. My goals are to expand my blog and promote it more. I also want to find a career I love.

    1. Resolutions rarely work, I agree. More achievable goals are much better! Best of luck with yours! x

  2. Awesome goals, Jenny! I’m glad to read that your anxiety has become more manage throughout the years. You totally deserve to go on a brand trip. I can only imagine the amazing content you’d come up with!

    1. Thank you so much

  3. Awesome goals and congrats on publishing your book! That’s amazing 🙂 I can totally relate with you on the driving as I have the same issues. Good luck with 2020!

    1. Thank you very much 😌

  4. These are some great goals. I managed to stop ruining my nails some five years ago, but still fall back to the bad habit weirdly when I’m at the cinema o_O

    I hope you have good luck with them all ❤️

    1. That’s strange!

      1. Hehe yeah. Such a weird trigger. Guess I just need extra large popcorn to keep me occupied 😋

  5. Thanks for writing!
    You didn’t ask for tips, but I have also had issues with picking and peeling and biting at my nails, also since childhood. I was actually able to grow my nails out for all of last year (sadly they did not make it through my final round of college finals in December, but barely touching them for almost a full year is still an accomplishment for me). It’s kind of a weird trick and it might not work for you, but how I stopped messing with mine is by not touching one pair of nails at a time. I started making my pinky nails off-limits (since they are the least satisfying for me to naw on) while biting at my other nails with regular fervor. After about a month, with my pinky nail growth to encourage me, I stopped biting the next pair of nails, then my middle nails, and so on. Maybe it will work for you!

    1. You know what, I actually had that thought last year. Like February 2019! I started it but I gave up so quickly but it’s definitely a really good method! I’m actually just going cold turkey at the moment and setting myself a goal of not picking for the whole of January. Day 4 and going strong! x

      1. Keep up the good work!

  6. Good luck with all of your goals this year! I’m normally one to cheer for the business ones more but your personal ones really got me this year. You’ve come SO FAR recently and I’m loving your motivation to push forward and do things like solo travel and gaining confidence to drive again x


    1. Thank you so much, that’s such a lovely thing to say xxx

  7. Congratulations on your book! That’s amazing. I love your photography goal. I got a new camera for my birthday so I have similar plans!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your new camera! x

  8. I’ve got so many plans for this year, but my ultimate goal is to be healthy and happy!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. That’s a pretty good goal if I’m honest! x

  9. Excellent goals! I’m a huge fan of keeping things broader than “I will exercise for an hour a day” or something or that sort – I always find bigger picture goals so much easier to keep on top of (not that any kind of change is easy per say!)

    This year I have stuck with three big areas: Mental health (re-learning and re-engaging with activities that diminish my anxiety and stress), Physical Health (at least yoga every day, even just a little, and keeping on top of my overall diet in terms of eating more vegetables), and finally Creative Health (writing a little every day and working towards completing my first novel). Nothing uber specific but enough specificity to feel like I am chipping away at these goals bit by bit. Thanks for the great post!

    1. I read your post on your goals. I’m big into Yoga so I can definitely vouch for how effective that is x

      1. I’m excited to get back into it! I’ve still been doing it every day while pregnant but modifying a lot. So excited to take on Adriene’s HOME series after recovering from our little one’s birth!

  10. Good luck with your goals, sweetheart! These are some fab goals – going on holiday on your own sounds like a fantastic idea. 🙂

    Soph – https://girlvsworldblog.com x

    1. Thank you! x

  11. Intend and you shall conquer, only resolutions do not work and here is why https://sunniesmybunnies.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/resolutions-or-intentions/
    All the best and have a fantastic 2020 🙂

  12. Great goals! I’ve managed to set some myself for 2020, though no resolutions!
    Misa | Misassortments

    1. Nope, no resolutions here either! x

  13. Great list of goals to have for you personal and blog wise, hope you complete them in this coming year 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    1. Thank you very much!

  14. I haven’t written out my goals for 2020 yet; I usually do on NYE/NYD. I’m looking forward to being more creatively aesthetic (does that make sense haha) & making my blog a place that I feel can inspire others. I’m so excited to see how you accomplish your goals 😉 You’ve got this Jenny!

    P.S. Your photos in this are fabbb. I love that diary! Where’s it from? x

    1. That makes total sense! And the diary is from Tesco – don’t think you have one in the US!

  15. Emily Ann says:

    Oooh these are some fantastic goals!! And like you, I don’t set resolutions, I set goals. I find them easier to achieve and more manageable too. Less mystical than resolutions, haha. I’m so proud of you for the book you wrote and what success you’ve for freelancing! Like you, I want to up my photo game and use less stock photos. And I want to get out of my comfort zone- even if my comfort zone is both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time! I hope you 2020 is amazing and you cross off each and every one of those goals!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you manage to get outside your comfort zone this year! By the sounds of your latest post, you already have! x

  16. You’ve done so well with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone that I really do believe you’re going to smash all these goals – and then some! I cannot wait for your book to be released, I love your writing and this is such an amazing opportunity. I hope you’re as proud of yourself as I am of you!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Thank you so much – you always leave the best comments <3

  17. I like that you’ve split your goals into personal and business! Good luck with going on a holiday on your own that sounds really exciting!x

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m excited for that too! xxx

  18. l would absolutely love to be invited on a press trip, maybe it’ll happen in 2020, who knows! I’m so looking forward to reading your book, I know already that it’s going to be an amazing read! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are because you definitely deserve it! xxx

  19. katy gilroy says:

    can’t wait to see you smash all your goals this year x

    1. Thanks babe! xxx

  20. Your opening couple paragraphs made me chuckle, and I love your mix of goals.
    I know where you are at with your nails; I used to bite and pick mine until the ugliness of them just made me turn red. What I did was wear lace gloves to stop myself from being able to pick them. This year, I am actually proud of my hands, and I hope you get to experience the feeling soon!

    1. Thank you! And I really hope I can experience that too. My nails are revolting… honestly. It’s such a bad addiction but I need to stop!

  21. These are some fabulous goals, Jenny. I don’t know much about the last ten years but I feel like you’ve positively bloomed in the last half of 2019. I’m so proud of you (I hope that doesn’t sound patronising). I cannot wait to see what you achieve this year and I hope we get to meet at last too! Xxx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Not patronizing at all! Thank you so much and yes we absolutely will! I’ll get my ass on a coach and get to Bath! xxx

  22. I really enjoyed reading this post as I love setting myself goals at the beginning of each year. I can totally relate to what you said about the importance of having something to work towards – even if I don’t manage to achieve all of my goals by the end of the year, I take satisfaction in knowing I did my best!
    I wanted to wish you good luck with yours and I genuinely hope they all come true for you soon. Having a book published is absolutely amazing and I’m sure this is just the beginning for you – Happy New Year, Jenny!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

    1. Thanks so much! And yes that’s exactly it – knowing you’ve done your best is all we can hope for really! xx

  23. Great goals Jenny! Definitely all reachable. I’m excited to hear how you get on. I too would love to go on a press trip somewhere close or far away. Jennie xx

    1. Thank you! xxx

  24. Some great goals for the year, I know you’ll achieve amazing things and I have no doubt that you’ll conquer these! I’m so excited for your book release and I know it’s going to do so well 💛 I also want to do some solo travel and learn to drive xx

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you get to do both of those soon xxx

  25. I totally agree about setting goals instead of resolutions – it feels like less pressure. You’re publishing a book this year? You’re living the dream! I wish you well with all your goals. Mine are basically the same as last year – move to London, get a job I’d enjoy, meet my dream woman and try to get fit. I bought 2 magazines today – one about beginners yoga and one about running – but then I bought a load of chocolate too! Baby steps 😂 Thanks for sharing! x

    1. It’s all about balance! And thank you – yes in September! Madness! Totally agree what you said about goals not being as much pressure xxx

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