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Meet My First Advertisers of the Decade!

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Well here we are, the roaring 20’s, once again. Can you believe it?  I hope you’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the start of 2020, sipping whisky in your Gatsby get-up. Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can! What else is there to read at the turn of this decade than The Great Gatsby? But enough about him, today it’s all about my January advertisers. Or my first set of advertisers for the entire DECADE, woah. Grab some leftovers and come and meet them!

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

My first advertiser this month is someone I’ve been following personally for ages and I’ve loved reading and interacting with online. Jasmine from Thoughts From Jas is such a babe and so funny, covers lifestyle, travel food, theatre and a bunch of other good stuff on her blog. She’s also got a banging Instagram and a brand new newsletter that you can sign up for here!

Posts from Thoughts From Jas I’d Recommend:

Next up, is Emily from Emily Underworld, I blog I adore because she writes about a lot of similar topics you’ll find on here. So if you read my blog regularly, you’ll love Emily’s too! Self care, lifestyle, blogging, beauty, days out and all the other things I love to read about. And I’m sure you will too! Highly recommended!

Posts From Emily Underworld I’d Recommend:

My third advertiser this month is someone else you wouldn’t have seen on here before but who you might know from social media, as she’s such a supportive figure to other bloggers so please do take the time to support her too! Natasha from Thoughts With N covers all things lifestyle, so there’s a little something for everyone!

Posts From Thoughts With N I’d Recommend:

Couple’s Checklist are my fourth advertisers this month and a new blog that I’m excited to introduce you too! Couple’s Checklist are young couple, Kayla and Mike who share the blog but each have their own corner, so whatever your preference, you can head straight to that!

Posts From Couple’s Checklist I’d Recommend:

And finally, for January, we have another one of my favourite bloggers and someone who I’ve loved watching grow over the last year. Our Favourite Jar‘s writing will touch and sit with you and I’m seriously looking forward to watching her succeed even more. As lifestyle goes, this is it. The highs, lows and everything in between.

Posts From Our Favourite Jar I’d Recommend:

Please do take some time to check out my advertisers for this month, you won’t be disappointed! Do you already read any of these? Who are your favourites? Any posts I’ve linked you’re eager to check out? Let me know! Pin this post for later:


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  1. deffo gonna check these out im always looking for new peeps

    1. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Some really interesting bloggers here, I’m really excited to check out the couple’s checklist as I’ve not come account their blog before x

    1. Thank you – enjoy! xx

  3. I’m such a big fan of Our Favourite Jar! Going to have to check out all of the other lovely bloggers you mentioned.

    1. She’s amazing isn’t she!

  4. Amie Cadwallader says:

    Some amazing bloggers here as always!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Thank you x

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