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It must be love, love, loveeee. Hey, how you doin’? It’s the month of love (I know, already, right?) and with a new month comes a new set of advertisers for you to stalk, follow and love. I hope you’ve had a great start to this new decade. It still feels weird thinking that. Although late 2019 and 2020 has officially been the busiest time of my LIFE so I’m writing this in December, lolol.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Ya gal always likes to plan ahead, you know that. The start of a new year approaching always makes me more motivated than ever – hence why I’m writing this so dang early. But anyway, wanna meet my brand new advertisers?

Ugh, I discovered Chapters of May last year and I instantly fell in love. It was love at first sight. Being on her blog feels like a real blanket of love, with the soft colours, her incredible imagery and bookish content. Anika also covers lifestyle, a bit of fashion and travel and is also a photographer (no wonder her photos are so lovely!)

Posts from Chapters of May I’d Recommend:

If you’re all about productivity, self-help, personal development and career advice, then Words By Olivia is the one for you today! You know I love all things personal development, so I’d definitely recommend Olivia’s blog as she covers topics such as physical well-being, mental well-being and professional well-being. Yeehaw!

Posts from Words by Olivia I’d Recommend:

If you want advice that’s going to help with your blog and business, Rachael Hope is the gal for you today! Covering business tips, social media tips, Pinterest advice, SEO and more as well as her STUNNING abstract artwork – which you can purchase directly from her blog too! A girl of many talents.

Posts from Rachael Hope I’d Recommend:

Next up we have Vicky from Kabuki Rune who is your go-to gal for all things cruelty free beauty. Make-up, skincare, hair care – you name it, Vicky has a cruelty free recommendation for it. She also covers lifestyle and showcases her incredible photos on her beautiful blog too!

Posts from Kabuki Rune I’d Recommend:

And last but by no means least, my final advertiser for this month of love is Sarah from Sunshine Sarah xo. Sarah is a little bit of everything gal who covers topics such as mental health, mid size fashion, travel, self care and ALL THAT GOOD STUFF. Sarah’s blog is a little ray of sunshine, so you should definitely have a nosy!

I hope you enjoy my advertisers for this month! Do you read any of these blogs already? Who are you going to check out after this? Do send them a whole bunch of love! Pin this post for later:


  1. So I’m very late to this but what an excellent selection of advertisers! Both Olivia and Rachel sound like people I need to be taking advice from, and Vicky’s blog sounds perfect for helping me replace all my old cosmetics with cruelty-free ones! I also just love Anika’s whole aesthetic and I need her advice for making my photos as beautiful as hers haha! x

  2. I think there’s only one I’m already familiar with here which I don’t think has happened before! Looking forward to discovering some new bloggers x


  3. I came across Anika’s blog a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it – she has such a way with words and she shares some truly beautiful photos to go with her posts. I also remember seeing some of Vicky’s photos when she promoted one of her blog posts on Twitter and being in total awe of her photography skills! I will definitely check out the rest of your February advertisers too!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  4. Books and blogging advice? I’ve got some great blogs to check out here. I haven’t actually come across any of these lovely people before so excited to go for an explore.

  5. Excellent, some new blogs to stalk! I’ve heard of a few of them, especially Rachael’s. Her Pinterest, SEO and social media advice posts are gold, so useful. I love that you recommend some of your advertisers posts too, that one from Vicky about choosing jewellery looks really interesting, heading over now! Lisa x

  6. Another great selection – I have read posts from Kabuki Rune already which have been great. I want to focus more on personal development this year so Words by Olivia sounds like a good option for me!

  7. I like posts like this, allows me to find new bloggers that sound interesting! I love that you offer advertising! I need to start advertising this way too! Thank you for sharing these bloggers Jenny xxx

  8. Wow, your super organised Jenny! I’m still writing my end of Feb content and we’re in Feb! 🙈 I always look forward to these posts as it introduces me to new bloggers. I’ve been reading Vicky and Sarah’s for a while now, but the others are new to me.

  9. I can’t believe February is here already. Everyone was moaning about how long January was but I thought it flew by!

    Some great looking blogs here; I didn’t know about any of these lovely bloggers until I read this post so I think I need to go and check them all out now 🙂

  10. A lovely selection of bloggers you’ve got this month! I’ve bookmarked some of the posts listed to have a read of later. They are lovely looking blogs and I cannot wait to find new regular reads from them xx

  11. Ooo I’ve bookmarked all their blogs and I’m excited to sit down and check them out later! (I also agree that they all look so good!)

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