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How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

I’m like, really excited to share this post. If there’s one thing I’m good at and one thing I can compliment myself on with certainty, it’s that I can get things done. Whether that’s booking an appointment or writing a blog post. It might sound like I’m boasting (I’m not but there’s nothing wrong with bigging yourself up every now and again) but this is very much ingrained in my personality. I’m a type A Virgo. What did you expect? Procrastination is rarely an issue for me and I’d love to help someone learn how to stop procrastinating too.

How To Stop Procrastinating

Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

But you know, there are days where absolutely nothing will convince you to not procrastinate. Absolutely NOTHING will bring you out of your duvet cocoon, will stop you binge watching One Tree Hill, drinking too much tea and eating too many digestives. Nothing. And that’s okay. Procrastination is rarely an issue for me. Not never an issue. Some days that’s just the way it is so rule number 1. Don’t beat yourself up about it. 

BUT you’ve clicked this post because you want advice on how to stop procrastinating and that’s what you’re going to get. Although it’s important to not beat ourselves up when we’re having a lazy day and can’t be arsed to do anything, it’s also important to be able to GET THE THINGS DONE sometimes. Because you know, things need doing.

And the longer you continue to procrastinate, the harder it is to break the habits. Like with anything. Just look at the state of my fingernails for proof of that one. So let’s start breaking those habits and learning how to stop procrastinating and start GETTING SH*T DONE.

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done

Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

To-do lists, to-do lists, to-do lists

I literally live by to-do lists. I think I’ve written myself a to-do list every day for the last 3 years, apart from when I’m on holiday (and even then, I sometimes do!) so I know they WORK. Writing down the tasks you need to do always works because when life is as hectic as it is, you’re never going to remember everything. So do yourself a favour and just write it down.

Categorize and prioritize

And if you’re a serial to-do lister like I am, then you might want to take your to-do lists that one step further. Categorize them into different areas (e.g my to-do lists have “blogging/work”, “general” and “me”) and then prioritize your tasks by highlighting the things you need to stop procrastinating with and get done like, yesterday.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

If you really struggle and just need to try ANYTHING at this point, the Pomodoro Technique might help. It’s when you work on something for 25 minutes then give yourself a 5 minute break – to scroll through Twitter, stroke your dog, eat a cheesecake or whatever. 25 minute intervals can make overwhelming tasks much more manageable.

Remember to treat yourself

BUT if the Pomodoro Technique isn’t for you, then I’d definitely recommend remembering to treat yourself. Treats can encourage anyone to do anything. Especially chocolate flavoured treats. Seriously though, when we look at how to stop procrastinating, it’s sometimes less about the doing, doing, doing and more about the mindset.

Stop multitasking

This is something I’ve struggled with and something I’m still working on. The temptation to multitask and just get ALL THE THINGS DONE AT ONCE is so high but can also be detrimental to your productivity. So this point kinda falls under “how to be productive” as well. Which certainly goes hand in hand with procrastination. Not only are you making things harder for yourself but you’re also probably not completing your tasks to the best of your ability.

Turn off distractions

We all have days where every 5 minutes we’re picking up our phone and aimlessly scrolling through social media. There’s no need for it – it’ll still be there when you’ve finished what you’re doing. This is an easy one to implement, your will-power will probably be the hardest thing to contend with here. Try putting your phone in another room or turning it off completely. Don’t worry, you won’t die.

Remind yourself how good you’ll feel when you get this done

Another mindset related point but really MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING I TELL YOU. And switching up our mindset really is the easiest way to overcome so many procrastination, productivity and motivational problems in our lives. Remind yourself frequently how good you’ll feel once you’ve got your stuff done. How much pressure will be lifted.

Stop hitting that snooze button

This point starts way before you even begin to tackle that to-do list. And I find that getting a good start to the morning helps MASSIVELY with how to stop procrastinating. Starting the day right can have a tremendously good effect on the rest of the day. So if sleeping in late makes you feel sluggish and more likely to procrastinate, try putting your alarm on the other side of the room and DEFINITELY try and stop hitting snooze.

Get up earlier and exercise

And finally. A way to procrastinate which actually helps with procrastination in the long run. Win. So as well as not hitting the snooze button, getting up earlier and getting some exercise in for the day can really help with procrastination. You’ll feel more awake and alert and a little endorphin hit never hurt anyone. I personally always feel more productive when I’ve exercised as opposed to when I’ve been a potato.

If you’re a procrastinator, I hope you can take some of these pointers and implement them into your own life for more productivity and motivation on a daily basis! Do you have any of your own tips to share? Pin this post for later:


  1. Hey Jenny, thanks for this post. I highly agree with the pomodoro technique, categorising your to-do list and thinking about the result of the outcome. I’ve actually wrote a post about productivity when working from home and I’d say that time blocking helps so much to create discipline – putting stuff on your to-do list and setting aside a time deadline. I’ve also created a daily planner for productivity which I’d love for you to check out and hope you find it useful – its easily customisable but help to write a to-do list in chronological order and categorise priorities by what type of task it is:

  2. Such a helpful post, cannot wait to implement the same

    1. Hope these tips help!

  3. Ahh, the post that may as well have been titled “I’m talking to YOU, Beth!!!” I feel like I’ve been begging you for your hints, tips and just a smidge of your motivation for ages and you’ve really knocked it out the park with this post. Thank you so much for always sharing your wisdom with me. I’m going to really, really try hard to change my mindset and be a blogger who gets things done. You’re the best (feel free to shout at me if you see me slacking haha!) x

    1. Hahah you know what, I will you know! I know how much potential you have and I ain’t gonna see you slacking! xxx

  4. This is really handy for people like myself who can fall down that procrastinating hole. I’m either all or nothing.

  5. I am the worst procrastinator in the woooorld! So many great tips on just getting started!

    1. Thank you x

  6. These tips are absolutely amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Thank you x

  7. I feel seen! I was literally procrasting while reading this! x

    1. Haha oh no!

  8. Yes to turning off distractions! That’s my favorite way of getting things done.

    1. Easiest way too!

  9. I’m rubbish at it – but I’m getting stuff done this week – but also playing sims… lots

    1. Put the Sims down!

  10. Love this! I’m a massive fan of to-do lists so any excuse to use them more makes me happy! xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Yesss same!

  11. Procrastinating is one of my biggest downfalls! However, since I’ve started doing to do lists, it really us helped me be more active and get things done. I’ve never heard of the Pomodoro technique, this is something I’m definitely going to try! x

    Lucy |

    1. Oh god lists are a life saver!

  12. Procrastinating is something I really struggle with! x

  13. Yesss! 2020 is the year of WORKK! Let’s give ourselves a bright future!

    1. Absolutely 🙂 x

  14. Great post, Jenny! I love waking up early in the morning and working on my book. Right now, I’m thinking of getting back into journaling and also exercising in the morning 🙂

    1. Journaling is AWESOME! that’s probably my #1 motivation source

    2. Exercising in the morning helps me SO MUCH!

  15. Get up earlier and exercise! That is the piece of advice that hits home for me. By the time you get home from work, you don’t even want to think about exercise, far less to actually do it. It’s always better in the morning. A great start to your day. Thanks Jenny!

    1. I’m definitely gonna start exercising!! You’re so right, I always *try* to after a long day and it never works out for me

    2. Absolutely!

      1. adamjnew85 says:

        Procrastinate is my middle name. I need to study this properly

  16. Great tips! I already love to do lists, but I did not know the Pomodoro method yet! Thank you!

    1. Hope it works for you!

  17. Great tips! I am a fan of to-do lists and I love to check them off as I go along. Rewarding ourselves for accomplishing things is very important. I think a timer is a good way to do a chore we either do not want to do, or a project that seems overwhelming. I believe the most important thing is just starting. Once you get started, you see progress and that is a reward in itself. Also, I will now and again light a candle that smells wonderful…it is very calming as you set off to tackle your list…a bit of tranquility to focus, and then begin!

    1. Yes, getting started is the hardest part. After that, everything definitely flows easier!

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