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Why A Great Interior Design Is So Important

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As I’ve gotten older, interior design has definitely become more of an importance to me. Which I don’t think is uncommon. I don’t see many 7 year old’s commenting on how the wallpaper in a restaurant isn’t to their taste. But it’s become increasingly apparent to me that an interior can really affect how I feel about a place. Whether that’s a home, a restaurant or a hotel.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Although it’s important to note that of course, everyone’s tastes are different. And just because mine differ to yours, doesn’t mean that yours are wrong and mine are wrong. For me, I can definitely get certain vibes just from the interior decor of an establishment. Interior designers have such a hard job as it is and obviously they’re not going to please everyone.

Since the rise of Pinterest, I’ve really come to learn what I love in an interior design. And some of my findings have been quite surprising to me. Whereas I’ve always known I’ve loved a more neutral, Scandi style interior decor full of clean spaces and limited clutter, it’s come to my attention that I find the opposite really attractive too and I’ve become *slightly obsessed* with darker interiors, like that pictured below.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit searching for interior inspiration on Pinterest, despite the fact that I’m so far off buying my own house and being able to do it up exactly how I like it! But a girl can dream, right? So, despite what your idea of a “great” interior design is, here’s why having one is so important:

It reflects who you are

Interior design is a great tool for expressing who you are. Of course if you live with a partner then there may be some compromises in your interior design choices but on a whole, how you choose to design your surroundings should reflect who you are as a person or who you are as a couple. Which I think is really important but also really beautiful!

It enabled you to spend time in a space you want to spend time in

There’s nothing nicer than spending time in a room that you LOVE. Whether that’s the design of your bedroom, your kitchen or your office. It can help with productivity and reduce stress and just makes your day and overall experience a more positive one. I love that element of interior design, how you can curate your own space.

It sparks inspiration and creativity

Which brings me nicely onto my point about inspiration and creativity. Interior design can definitely spark some of that in us! Get me onto Pinterest and my inspiration and creativity goes wild. I imagine how I would design a certain room or what I would change in a certain image and really gets my creative juices flowing!

It helps people learn about you

Of course if a room or a space is a reflection of you, then it’ll also in turn, teach other people about you. For example, you probably wouldn’t walk into a pink themed room for the owner of it to hate pink, right? A very basic example but you see where I’m going with this one!

It can reflect the mood of the room / place

I think this one is particularly important when it comes to places like restaurants, shops or hotels. As we’ve established, interior design can reflect who YOU are as a person and help people learn more about YOU. And the same goes for businesses. The interior of a business should reflect that business itself and at least some of it’s core values.

What elements of interior design are important to you? Are you guilty of spending hours on Pinterest? What interior trends do you like to see when you’re at a restaurant or a hotel?


  1. Very interesting and briefly explained article. Love to read it!!

  2. I’m learning to LOVE minimalist designs and more handmade decor than manufactured which is what I feel most relaxed in.

  3. Well said! Interior designs reflect how a person is.

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