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The 21st has come with plenty of problems political and physical, long and short term. The latest challenge we all face – whatever our level of wealth, and wherever on the political compass we sit – requires the majority of us to keep calm and remain indoors for as much as possible, so we don’t become viral infection vectors. Unfortunately, for many, passively sitting through a crisis is difficult and staying calm is a challenge. 

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Today, we’re looking at some of the ways you can control your anxiety and keep calm through the thousand natural shocks that 2020 seems determined to bring us. 

Health Supplements?

Some health supplements make big promises about how much they can help you, and you should always be wary of promises that seem too good to be true. One substance that seems to live up to its reputation is CBD: cannabidiol.

This is a compound derived from the cannabis plant, and while it doesn’t have any of the intoxicating effects – it won’t affect your judgement or get you high – but ongoing research seems to indicate it lets you enjoy some of the calming effects of cannabis, with some doctors believing it even mimics the effects of some anti-anxiety drugs!

If you order online from a specialist brand like Dayzed CBD can be delivered to your door so you don’t even need to leave the house to try it out!

Pick Your News Sources

In the age of endlessly scrollable social media and 24 hour news stations, it can be difficult to pull your gaze away from the unfurling crisis as it deepens. This can heighten your anxiety and send your mental health into a downward spiral, without making you better informed in any practical way.

The advice from the World Health Organisation is to choose a reliable news source: one that’s invested in keeping you informed, not making you watch and click forever. Get your news there and limit your access to other media if it’s proving a problem for you. This can help soothe your anxiety and focus you on the practical steps you can take to improve your situation.

Sleep Hygiene

One of the first casualties of anxiety is often sleep, and without sleep it can get harder to deal with escalating worries, forming a negative feedback loop that can wreck your well-being. Maintain good sleep hygiene: cut out caffeinated beverages after two pm (switch to decaf or herbal teas if you can’t resist a hot drink in the afternoon), avoid screen-time for an hour before bed, and if you can, try to work away from your bedroom. If you make your room a work-space, it can be difficult to mentally switch off in it after working hours.

Keep your room as a sacred space for sleep and relaxation, and you will find you can sleep better and deeper, making you more resilient to the stresses of the waking world.

There are many more things that can keep you calm, like exercise, spending time with friends and family, having a glass of wine or even accepting 50 darmowych spinów bez depozytu (50 free spins!) if gambling is your thing.


  1. Thanks for the timely advice. I think the American profit motive has over the years “ramped up” people’s minds with buy,buy,buy, long enough. We live very unhealthily right now with obnoxious advertisements of more is better. And then we have Donald Trump to set a poor example for us all. Every day.

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