How To Date Virtually During Lockdown

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Last month I wrote a blog post about at home date ideas for couple who are stuck in lockdown together but of course that’s not the reality for everyone during this weird, stressful and scary time. Sadly, some people are away from their partners right now – I know a lot of my online friends are – and they have had to adapt to this weird, virtual dating world that none of us are really used to.

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Of course online dating is bigger than ever. We’re not new to meeting people online, engaging with people online and ultimately, finding relationships online. And there are so many different types of dating sites and apps these days, those that are based on location, such as this Edinburgh dating site. Or preference, such as Mature Edinburgh Dating.

But once you’re IN that relationship… well, you don’t imagine your love life is going to be halted by a global pandemic.

Alas, here we are. In the middle of a global pandemic. And a lot of people have found themselves in lockdown away from their partners during this time. In a time where it’s more important than ever to stay connected to loved ones, here are some ways you can virtually date and keep your relationship alive during lockdown:

Stay connected

As I just said, the first and most important thing right now is to stay connected. Not just for romantic relationships – but all relationships and friendships. Not only will it help you combat loneliness if you’re alone during this time but it’ll also help with your mental health. We need each other right now so if you can’t be there physically, be there virtually.

Have dinner together over Skype or video chat

Has anyone watched season 3 of Atypical? When they’re having the dinner party and Paige is there virtually, through a tablet? Well that’s what I’m thinking when I say this. Agree on a day and time – even a specific type of cuisine if you want – and have a virtual dinner date over video chat!

Make plans for when this is over

It’s really important to have things to look forward to right now, especially when everything is looking pretty bleak. So now would be a great time to make some plans together of things to look forward to when all this is over. Holidays you want to go on together and day trips you want to make. It’ll give you both something to look forward to, when those dark times hit.

Have a movie night together

I haven’t personally tried it myself but I’ve heard Netflix are doing this cool virtual link up thing where you can watch things at the same time as your friends? Either that or just choose a movie to watch at the same time together. Although you can’t see each other, knowing you’re both doing the same thing might help ease the loneliness.

Game together

If both of you have gaming consoles and have the same games, now would be a great time to game together and show each other who’s boss! Gaming is a great way to take your mind off of things and have a bit of fun – even better when you’re up against your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Go for a virtual walk together

So here in the UK, provided we’re not in self isolation and we’re not symptomatic, we’re allowed out of the house once a day for exercise. Most people have been enjoying going for walks – especially in nature, which has a calming quality about it anyway. Why not arrange a time for you to both go on your daily walk and do it together? Stay on face-time or on the phone and go on a virtual walk together.

Bake together

Similarly to having a meal and going for a walk together, if you’re both into baking, you can choose a time and a dish to both bake in your respective homes and go onto Skype or face time and bake together! It’ll give you a chance to do a relaxing activity as well as some time to have a chat together.

Here are just a few ways that you and your partner can have a fun, virtual date during this time in lockdown. Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? How have you and your partner been keeping connected if you’re away from each other right now? Let me know!


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  2. Brilliant tips Jenny. I’m lucky in that Blair is at home during all this, but it’s been a struggle not seeing people like my brother who I’m very close to. We’ve been doing a lot of gaming together so we can just chat and catch up while doing something fun, it’s really helped us feel a bit more connected and sane. I’m sure this post will give lots of couples who aren’t able to be close some ideas on how to stay connected!

  3. I know it must suck if you’re not together and can’t see each other right now but we’re so blessed that we have the technology to be able to do the things you’ve suggested here to stay connected. I know it’s obviously not the same but doing little things like making the same meal together at the same time adds an element of normality back in the situation x


    1. Yeah I totally agree – technology is a wonderful thing!

  4. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    Those are great ideas! It’s nice to get creative when things get rough to keep the spark going.

    1. Definitely! X

  5. These are such cool ideas! ps – I love the style of your blog it’s so pretty and the layout is really cool x

    1. Thank you x

  6. There are some really fun and unique ideas here. I never would have thought of taking a virtual walk together, but that’s a fun way to get some fresh air while still connecting!

    1. Thank you! Absolutely 😉

  7. Awww! This actually sounds super romantic considering! If I ever had anyone to date (even if it’s long-distance), I probably would have used these tips!

    1. Haha thank you x

  8. I absolutely love these ideas. I can’t imagine being without George during this time as it’s just so stressful but I know some of these would help if that had been the case. Having dinner together over skype would be lovely and I totally agree about making plans for the future. Having something to hold on too and look forward to helps massively xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. It really does. I think having something to look forward to and hold on to is important for everyone in this situation!

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