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How To Switch Off And Relax

My boyfriend Carl gave me the idea for this blog post after the 85th Friday night in a row when he said, “I really hope I can switch off tonight and sleep”. When he knows he’s got a busy day at work on Saturday, it’s rare that he’s able to switch off on the Friday night and get a high quality sleep. And I’m 99.9% sure that he’s not the only who struggles with how to switch off and relax. Although most of us haven’t been at work lately due to COVID-19, it’s still important to switch off and relax.

For me, sleeping is rarely the issue. Despite having woken up multiple times every night for YEARS due to a variety of problems such as an uncomfortable mattress (when I say uncomfortable, what I really mean is, the springs were sticking out and poking me in the back), but switching off from work, from my to-do list and from my active monkey mind… boy oh boy…

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

I’ve always had a problem with productivity. Always wanting to be on the go 24/7, always trying to ACHIEVE something and never wanting to do anything that didn’t seem productive to me. It’s something I’ve been working on a LOT over the last few years and the art of switching off and doing something unproductive has become more and more relevant and important to me.

I even tweeted this a little while ago and enough people seemed to agree with me.

How to relax and switch off is something I’ve worked tirelessly at trying to achieve. Of course it’s never going to be a case of reaching a certain goal or destination but instead finding the tools and strategies that work for you and actively trying to avoid anything that doesn’t serve you.

So whether you’re desperate to try and switch off from work, a personal problem that’s taking up far too much of your mind or you’re just trying to learn how to relax more, here are some ways I’ve learnt how to switch off and relax:

Find something you bloody love

That ISN’T related to work or the thing you’re trying to switch off from. Don’t kid yourself with this one. If you’re a full-time blogger like me and you try and convince yourself that you’re “switching off” by writing a blog post – you’re not. Sorry. Despite the fact that you might LOVE what you do, it’s almost crucial to find yourself something that you love, which is unrelated to work, which will help you switch off. For me, that’s something like:

  • Playing a video game
  • Watching a TV series that I absolutely love and can get totally engrossed in
  • Reading a fiction book that’ll whisk me away

Let go of the mindset that every second of your life has to be productive

This is THE ONE. The thing I’ve struggle and struggled and struggled with. This notion that everything you do has to be actively productive. Every action has to be working towards a goal. Since when did we all become so obsessed with proving that we’re so busy, all the damn time? Shifting this mindset is tough but once you do, you’ll feel so free. And remember…

…that self care is not just productive – but vital

Self care and relaxation IS productive in the way that it’s allowing you to regenerate, regroup and reset. Remember, we only have enough energy for one day at a time. At some point, your body and your mind is going to be screaming at you to stop and relax, to take care of it, to take care of YOU. I see it a lot in the blogging world, people almost boasting about getting no sleep and working all night. It’s not just unnecessary – it’s sad. Sad that we live in a world where people feel like they need to do that in order to succeed.

Ditch the phone

Setting screen time limits has really helped me in how to switch off and relax over the last year. Having those limits on deters me from checking Twitter or my emails past a certain time in the evening but also, the lack of phone use later on at night will also help your sleep due to the blue light from your phone not passing through your eyes – yay!


If it’s your mind that’s on overdrive and not allowing you to switch off and relax then journaling could play a really pivotal role in your well-being. Allowing yourself 10 minutes to write down everything that’s going on, how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, will help get those thoughts out of your head and down on paper. Leaving you with a little extra room to chillax.

Write your to-do list for tomorrow

Sometimes, what stops me relaxing is thinking about all the stuff I need to do tomorrow. So to combat that, I simply make sure my to-do list for tomorrow is written as soon as I finish working that day. Work is still fresh in my mind, so I know exactly what I’m going to need to work on the following day. And that really helps me leave work in the notes on my phone and be able to switch off and enjoy my evening.

Have a bedtime routine

This point can be totally tailored to you – which is great. You can literally curate your own relaxing bedtime routine that will help with switch off and unwind for the day. The good thing about a bedtime routine is that once you get into a habit and make it a regular thing, your body recognizes it and is like, “oh hey! I’d better start winding down for the day!” Maybe introduce some gentle Yoga, a skincare routine or read your book for half an hour before bed.


And finally, meditation can have such profound benefits on your mental well-being. Finding the time to meditate for just 10 minutes each night will help calm your mind and your racing thoughts and although it won’t stop them coming completely, it’ll at least give you the chance to work through it. I think you can learn so much about yourself from meditation so you never know – give it a go!

Inadequate psychological and physical recovery after a long day can lead to health problems. So it’s vital that you find a method of switching off and relaxing that works for you. Of course there are so many factors which affect it, such as technology (which is eVERYWHERE) but we can only do our best, right?

How do you relax and switch off for the day? Do you do any of the things mentioned here? Do you have trouble switching off and relaxing?



  1. I’ve always struggled with insomnia and I think it’s just because I have an overactive brain at this point. I tried reading before bed to help me switch off and get me offline. That resulted in my brain being totally wired and thinking of potential plot twists as I was jumping into bed. At least it helps me switch off from my day and the real world for a while even if it doesn’t help me sleep! x


    1. Haha oh dear! Well right now, I’d much rather be thinking of a made up world than the current one we’re living in before bed!

  2. Great post, something that I definitely needed to read at the moment! The point of telling yourself that you don’t need to be productive all the time is so important, I often get so annoyed with myself if I’m just sat on my switch or just lying on the sofa watching Netflix because I feel like I’m just wasting my day but it is super important to do things that help you relax and switch off. At the moment as I’m working from home its been difficult as I end up switching off my work laptop at the end of the day and as I don’t have to travel home I just feel like I’m constantly working! Hope you’re well 🙂

    Chloe xx

    1. I feel like that too, even though I always work from home. It’s a hard thing to switch off from! Glad you found this post at the right time! xxx

  3. Boss Babe Chronicles says:

    All great ideas! I’ve been heavily into meditating and sticking to a relaxing nighttime routine.

    1. Meditating is fabulous x

  4. I’m not gonna lie, I am finding it so hard to switch off right now but I am also exhausted!! So many great tips! Thank you!]

  5. I think we’re quite similar with the whole productivity thing – it’s like I crave completing productive tasks and if I don’t do that then I feel useless. I’ve found that adding self-care activities to my to do list really helps with that as then I still get the boost from ticking it off a list. I love the idea of doing your to do list the night before – that definitely helps!

    1. YES! I totally feel that way as well! I add self care activities to my to-do list. I add EVERYTHING to my to-do list so even when I’m doing a “relaxing” activity, I still feel like I’m being productive. Which I realise probably isn’t the healthiest approach x

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  7. Bedtime routines, reading, journalling, and colouring are some of my favourite ways to “turn off” my mind!! I love your suggestion ditching the phone; I’ve been doing that for awhile, and it’s been such a wonderful change of pace xx

    1. Oooh colouring before bed. That’s a great idea!

  8. Fab post! I’m the same and struggle to switch off and relax but I find that putting my phone away before bed and reading a book instead has helped me immensely! x

  9. These are really good ideas! I always try and put my phone to the side an hour before bed and just read for an hour – sometimes I succeed and it’s great because I fall asleep straight away and feel totally relaxed, but sometimes I’m pretty much glued to my phone (oops)! I do think it’s really good to have a bed time routine. Like even though I’m working from home at the moment, I’m still going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time as well, that definitely helps me. Thanks for sharing x

    1. That sounds great that you’re still waking up at the same time. I’m struggling to wake up early at the moment and it’s really affecting me!

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to switch off and truly relaxed! I’ve done things to distract me like watching things on Youtube or listening to easy music, but I may have to give some of these a go! You can’t go wrong with planning in advance!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Hope some of these help!

  11. Such great advice! I love reading before bed to switch off from screen time but have got out of the habit recently. I also love doing yoga after work to properly relax xx

    1. I’ve really enjoyed reading before bed recently!

  12. Love these ideas! I think there’s a lot of pressure to be productive during this time at home and learn something new or improve something but it’s totally okay to not do that and just take each day as it comes! I’ve been struggling to switch off at night but reading usually helps rather than being on my phone! xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. I’m absolutely taking each day as it comes! That’s so important to do! x

  13. Love this blog post, in fact I’ve recently written about my relationship with bed / my sleep routine on my blog too. I can either fall asleep at the drop of a hat, or I find it really difficult and require an eye mask and earplugs. My best nights sleep are always after a long 12 hour shift at work however, there’s really nothing like it.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

    1. I loved your blog post about your bed! Could really relate. I can often fall asleep pretty easily. The only reason why I won’t be able to sleep is if I know my partner can’t sleep. Weird!

  14. I’ve started doing yoga again and it’s making me so happy! It’s keeping me away from my phone which I am very grateful for.

    Al x

    1. I’m so happy to hear that!

  15. I have been struggling with switching my brain off at night! Thanks for the tips xx

    1. You’re welcome x

  16. Since becoming furlough, I’ve had this serious need to stay productive and do the most with this time but what others keep telling me is that I need to relax, so this post has come at a really good time! I’ve just invested in some journaling stuff, so I’m looking forward to doing that and focusing on myself more!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk

    1. Ah I think it’s whatever suits you best. I absolutely couldn’t just relax 24/7! It’s about finding a happy medium, I think 🙂

  17. I’m so guilty of using partial work tasks as a switch off tactic from work. It’s weird. Sometimes, I feel like even though I’m not blogging, I should still do something blogging related but lightweight like jotting down random ideas. I’m getting better at allowing myself a REAL break by going on walks, dancing, listening to music or even cooking and it’s a nice way to let my mind escape. You’re so right about meditation. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and it makes a huge difference in the way I see some things. I see how a break is valuable. Nice post!

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Haha I feel that SO MUCH! I do those “light-weight” tasks and feel like I’m “relaxing” when I’m really not haha!

  18. I deal with insomnia on and off. I’m pretty miserable right now as far as being tired. I’m really going to work on my nighttime routine i desperately need sleep.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that.

  19. I totally agree with these. I’m currently watching Agent Carter and that helps me switch off – when I put my phone down!! I can’t meditate before bed though, I always fall asleep 🙈

    1. Love finding that show that really helps you switch off. I’m working through Desperate Housewives again and that’s doing it for me!

  20. Hmm. I’m lying in bed on my phone suddenly deciding that I want to get blogging again, have way too much to catch up on. I also spent the evening reading because I want to get some reviews written. I definitely needed this post as a reminder that it’s okay to do stuff for no other reason than it’s fun and to actually now and again not do anything. Great post!

    1. I’m glad this post made you realise that! I need reminding of that TOO OFTEN.

  21. I love the idea of the to do list. Always forgetting to so things I need to do!

    1. It’s such a helpful tip!

  22. Relaxation is a wonderful way to wind down to sleep, and I love that you demonstrate relaxation does not just come through doing nothing. I love writing, reading poetry, or listening to music. 🙂

    1. Absolutely. I find I’m usually less relaxed when I’m doing nothing!

  23. Great post Jenny! <3

    1. Thank you x

      1. <3

  24. Heather Nixon says:

    I’ve been reading much more which had been helping so much x

    1. I’ve been reading loads at the moment too x

  25. Good ideas! I read, watch nba basketball videos and read sports articles to keep myself entertained. I recommend this list to everyone who’s reading this blog post.

    1. I do the same but with Formula 1! That really helps me relax!

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