Over the course of the last year, I’ve become more and more aware of the environmental impact of my actions. I mean, how could you not be? It’s everywhere. Back in January, I blogged about how I was embarking on a year of sustainable fashion and since then, I’ve only been more motivated to become a more environmentally friendly blogger.

Environmentally Friendly Blogger

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Every now and again, I’ll feel a pang of guilt over something or another. Throwing something away. Too much packaging in a parcel I receive. Not using a product I was sent months ago. It’s always something. Although I do tend to feel guilty about almost everything – all the time.

But that’s another post for another time. Today I want to talk about being an environmentally friendly blogger. It’s safe to say, our industry isn’t particularly environmentally friendly.

Fast fashion hauls and excessive buying to name just a few things that impact our environment.

Of course I’m very aware that we can’t ALL do everything. I’m a realist. But I believe that if we all do our bit, it would make a huge impact in the greater scheme of things. As bloggers or “influencers” however, I do believe we have some sort of responsibility to at least TRY and be adopt some environmentally friendly practices.

This may be easier for some than others, depending on your niche and lifestyle factors. Being a Vegan food blogger, it’s quite easy to see how they’re helping the environment. But someone like me, who isn’t Vegan and who blogs about a lil of everything sometimes, it’s much harder to see what I’m doing in order to be an environmentally friendly blogger.

This isn’t me trying to convince you I’m doing the world oh so much good. I know I could be doing more. Which I explained in my year of sustainable fashion blog post back in January (God doesn’t January feel like decades ago?) but these are all actions I’m taking or at least planning to take going forward with my blog.

If you feel like you’re in a similar position to me and need to refine your practices to become a more environmentally friendly blogger, here are some realistic suggestions for you!

Environmentally Friendly Pin

Recycle all of your packaging from PR packages

This is a super obvious one and I’m sure you’re all doing this anyway *side eye*. But one of the easiest things we ca do is ensuring that we recycle everything we possibly can from the packages we’re sent. Some bloggers – especially big influencers with a lot of followers – are sent a LOT of stuff (I’m not one of them). Stuff = packaging. So the least we can do is dispose of that packaging sensibly.

Voice your concerns to brands who aren’t environmentally friendly

It’s always worth making a point if some brands aren’t being particularly environmentally friendly with their packaging too. Not blogging related, I tweeted Tesco once when our shopping was delivered with an unnecessary amount of bags and they did reply to me and look into the issue. So as long as you’re clear and explain your concerns respectfully, there’s nothing wrong with speaking out!

Donate anything you don’t use or won’t use

As I said, influencers are sent a LOT of stuff. I’ve watched YouTubers in the past do P.O Box hauls and I’m just flabbergasted at the amount of things that they’re sent. They only have one face, how on EARTH are they going to use all those products? If you’re sent a fair few things from brands, there’s no doubt that they’ll start piling up after a while. Instead of throwing anything you haven’t used, donate it instead. To friends, family or worthy causes.

Only accept gifted opportunities you’re really interested in

This is something I’ve really honed in on doing and I’d urge you to do the same. When we first start getting sent things to review or start getting noticed by brands, it can be SO EASY to say yes to everything. I’ve certainly said yes to gifted products in the past that looking back have me thinking, “what the heck?”. Just because something is offered to you, doesn’t mean you HAVE to say yes.

Consider only promoting cruelty-free and/or Vegan products

As well as shopping sustainably, another thing I’ve been trying to do more is only use and promote cruelty free and/or Vegan products. My main priority is cruelty free. But if they’re Vegan too? Great! Shopping for cruelty free and/or Vegan skincare, make up, hair care and body care is always a good move to make. I currently only shop at Superdrug for my skincare because they do such an incredible range of cruelty free and Vegan products.

Have no-buy months

I think everyone should do this anyway. Blogger or not. But within the blogging industry in particular, I can see why it’s a problem. HAULS. Wanting to grab a new outfit for every Instagram photo. Wanting to be seen with the latest products and latest clothing. Perhaps try creating content around what you already own? It’ll also help you save a ton of money!

Support environmentally friendly businesses

We promote a LOT OF BRANDS on our blogs and social media channels. Not all of them the most environmentally friendly. I know I’ve promoted a fair few in the past which are the furthest from environmentally friendly you can possibly get (fast fashion, I’m looking at you!) Instead, try and use your platform to promote brands which ARE actively sustainably and/or environmentally friendly.

Turn off your electronics as much as you can

Us bloggers… we use a lot of electricity. Laptops, phone chargers, camera chargers, camera equipment – the list goes on. It’s easy to rack up that electricity usage, especially if you’re a part-time or full-time blogger and on your devices for a large majority of the day. This is one I’m going to work on. But make a point of turning off your devices – especially over night! This will also give you a nice break from the screen!

What actions are you taking to be a more environmentally friendly blogger? Do you have any tips to add to this post? Let us know in the comments!


  1. This is a question that I have been tossing around in my brain for awhile now. After a lot of experimenting in the blogging sphere, I have started my current and newest blog, with a lot more intentionality than my blogs in the past. As I think about how I hope to partner with brands and affiliate programs down the line, i am really questioning what is the mission of my blog and how sustainable and ethical are the paths i pursue. Being environmentally friendly is truly such a journey.

  2. Great post Jenny, you’ve really gotten my thinking. I’ve actually been thinking about going cruelty free in my makeup/skincare for a while, but it’s been hard for me to figure out how to start. Do I throw out all the stuff I have that isn’t cruelty free for instance? But I am going to look more into it. Thanks Jenny!!

  3. There are so many great tips in here that I will be adopting. Since lockdown hit, I’ve been really good with not buying things just because I can, I hope I can keep it up when things calm down a little!

  4. This is definitely something we need to focus on as bloggers and we can help lead others by example. I’ve found that recycling packaging from collab to use for my own giveaways is one great way to cut down waste, plus as you’ve said only take on the collaborations you really want.

  5. Thank you for sharing on such an important topic Jenny. I do my bit by trying donating all of the clothes I don’t wear any more to charity at least a couple of times a year, and always try to source my products ethically, but I know there’s still a lot more I can do too.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

  6. Great post Jenny!
    I have always recycled packaging & products in the past & will continue to do so.
    I also shop at Superdrug because of their vegan skincare!
    There is so much we can do but we all have to start somewhere! Xo

  7. This is such a great post!! Such useful tips and ideas! I host with lyrical host and they plant a tree every year that you’re with them, so that’s a little way you can be a bit kinder to the planet <3

  8. Such good tips! I’m guilty of leaving my electronics on all the time. I need to become better at turning off my laptop when it’s not in use!

  9. Great tips, the packaging on some PR items can be ridiculous. I guess the whole vegan thing is helping me be more environmentally friendly. And only accepting products of genuine interest is better for the planet in terms of wastage and your brand! x


  10. I think generally eating less meat and dairy can help massively too as it’s the most environmentally damaging industry and I have been donating more items to friends and family too x

  11. These are some great tips Jenny, I do try and do what I can but there is so much more I can do and change to try and be more sustainable and environmentally minded! I definitely want to try and start shopping more sustainable brands! X

  12. I definitely am not the most environmentally friendly person in the world but it’s something I am actively working on! I also think you’re bang on that bloggers/influencers have a huge responsibility in making sure they do their bit. I think you’re so right to encourage people to only accept gifted items they’ll actually use. I know of a few bloggers who seem to accept any and everything, and I’ve definitely been guilty of it too! But that’s so much transport for something that’ll end up in a bin so I definitely wouldn’t do it again x

  13. Loved this !!
    I always try to be extremely conscious about being environmentally friendly but thereโ€™s a lot I never thought about thatโ€™s on this list such as recycling PR package material and having no-buy months. But this was great to read and I will definitely be making changes.
    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. Fantastic tips! I always donate anything I don’t want or need rather than throw them away. Any boxes etc are recycled, and currently a massive PR box is being used by my kitten to play and eat in (so she doesn’t mess the floor!). There are always ways we can find to be more sustainable and I know for one we’re definitely making more of an effort.

  15. I absolutely love this post! I am all here for anything which makes me more environmentally friendly. This year I have been trying to purchase things to reduce waste like reusable make up pads and sanitary towels. Thank you so much for sharing Jenny.

    Love Casey xx

  16. I make sure I recycle all cardboard boxes and packaging whether itโ€™s from pr or things I have bought. Itโ€™s amazing how much you can recycle!

  17. This is such a great post. So many great ideas for how to be a more environmentally friendly blogger. I definitely agree that you should just accept collaborations that you are truly interested in and will actually use and love. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great tips! I really love the idea of bloggers and influencers using their power to help brands change their ways. And I love doing a no-buy month, even in my non-blogging life!

  19. I didnt know superdrug had cruelty free and vegan products, I’ll have to check them out. I don’t really think too much about what I buy at the moment, but I do really want to change that.

    I am so bad for leaving electronics on all the time ๐Ÿ™„ I can’t even remember the last time I turned my phone off! I’m definitely going to have to work on that one, and it’ll make them last a bit longer too!

  20. I love your ideas on recycling packaging; one of my little pet peeves is I never know how something I buy will be packaged, so I tend to like to find a brand that packages only as needed instead of using too big boxes or too much plastic wrap and stick with them.

    I also love the idea of regifting unwanted items that are sent via brands! There are so many outlets for unneeded things if people opened their eyes bigger to find them. Thanks so much for sharing this and, hopefully, opening some eyes!

  21. Totally agree with you. We are all responsible and need to take actions to protect the environment. well done for talking about it!