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It’s that time of the month AGAIN and I swear it comes around quicker and quicker every time. And every month this year so far, I find myself repeating the same thing in these introductions, “last month was quite the month, wasn’t it?” And that’s certainly no exception here either. It feels like each new month that comes our way, some new drama, some new tragedy – something new to contend with. 2020 really is something else.

Photo by Tanya Trukyr on Unsplash

But today I want to focus on sharing with you my brand new advertisers for this month! You’ll see there’s a few more in this post than normal, that’s because July is the first month where I’m introducing my new premium advertising packages. So you get an extra 2 incredible bloggers to read and love! Ready?

First up we have someone who you’ll have seen on my blog before but who’s always a welcome addition to my advertisers and that’s the lovely Kim, from Chimmyville. A lifestyle, travel and food blog that covers a bunch of topics from staycations, Disney, books, self care and more!

Posts from Chimmyville I’d recommend:

Our first new face of month and I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Sophie from her gorgeous blog Sophie Joan as one of my advertisers for July! For all things lifestyle, beauty and books then Sophie’s blog is the place you want to be along with her fantastic Behind the Screen series!

Posts from Sophie Joan I’d recommend:

My next advertiser for July is Kirsty from Kirsty Marie and Kirsty is someone I’ve known within the blogging community for around 6/7 years – since my book blogging days! But like me, her blog has also evolved and now as well as her fantastic book reviews, she also talks about mental health, relationships, travel and much more!

Posts from Kirsty Marie I’d recommend:

The next advertiser for this month isn’t a person but a whole community which I’m really excited to share with you. The Beauty, Brains & Business Community is a virtual network for Black female entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help this often overlooked population, build and grow small businesses in a safe space, surrounded by like-minded women. As well as a shop and a network, they also have a free blog with incredibly useful articles and content.

Posts from The Beauty, Brains & Business blog I’d recommend:

My next advertiser for July is Adventure Accessories, who not only have a fantastic blog with content all around travel and the outdoors but also a shop that sells handmade fun and functional gifts and products for outdoor enthusiasts. Where you can find anything from fashion accessories like scarfs and boot cuffs, blankets, water bottle carriers, journals and more!

Posts from Adventure Accessories blog I’d recommend:

Onto the first of my premium package advertisers now and first up is Jodie from Jodie Paterson, a fantastic mental health and lifestyle blog. I’ll be sending out a much more detailed newsletter about Jodie’s blog posts, so if you’re interested in that, sign up for my newsletter here! In these meantime, here are some posts to dip your toes into!

Posts from Jodie Paterson I’d recommend:

And my second premium advertiser this month but last for this blog post is Em from Em’s Mixed Bag. Again, sign up for my newsletter for a much more detailed newsletter about Em’s blog posts but for now, here are some fabulous posts from Em’s gorgeous lifestyle blog for you to get stuck in to.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my advertisers for July! Which ones are you going to check out first? Any blog posts that have caught your eye? Please do send them some love this month!


  1. All of these bloggers are new to me, except Sarah from Adventure Accessories! I’m so excited to get stuck into their content. Chimmyville’s content sounds great, I need to check her out!

  2. Thank you for these recommendations! It’s my day off tomorrow so I’ll be bookmarking these blogs and having a read. Love discovering new blogs!

  3. There’s a few blogs on here I’ve not heard of before so I’ll definitely have to check them out!

  4. You have excellent advertiser this month again! I love what you do for them and think it’s a wonderful idea. I’ll have to check them all out 🙂

  5. Another great selection of bloggers. I love Kim from Chimmyville. The other bloggers are new to me. I will definitely be heading over to their blogs and giving them some love. I love finding new bloggers and I love this feature! xxx

  6. It is lovely to see a bigger mix of bloggers here this month, as well as so many new faces! I love Sophie Joan’s behind the screen interviews; reading personal blogging stories always inspire me.

  7. And off I go on a following spree like usual… I love your advertisers posts because it always introduces me to new bloggers that I haven’t come across before. There’s some great sounding blogs here!

  8. I always look forward to these posts every month and they never disappoint! I like how you always do a little summary and really hype these awesome creators up. I have plenty of new blogs to read! X

  9. I like Kim’s blog! I haven’t heard of some of these bloggers before. I like to find new bloggers to follow and content to read. Thank you for sharing these bloggers Jenny xxx

  10. Thanks for having me again! 😊 All of these bloggers are new for me, so I can’t wait to check them out. 💗

    1. Completely missed seeing Kirsty on this list! 😅 #facepalm I’ve been following her blog for a while and we’re both part of the blog brew collab.

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