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Staying Safe During Your First Post-COVID Staycation

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Even though things are edging back to a sort of normal, COVID is still very much on all our minds. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we’re thinking about masks and hand sanitizer or whether that person is a bit too close for our liking. Or perhaps that’s just me. But I for one am over the moon that we’re settling in to a more normal pace of life now. Quite frankly I’ve missed it.

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One thing I’ve missed the most is my staycations. I love a staycation, having not been abroad for a number of years now and exploring the UK instead. I had a fair few planned for this year which sadly all got cancelled. But as thing start to re-open, we’ll all be heading back to our favourite staycation destinations soon enough. I personally can’t wait to go back to The Ferry House Inn!

But of course this IS a *new* normal we’re talking about here. So not everything will be the same as it was before. And as excited as we are of being able to head out into the world again, we need to take the appropriate precautions during our trips and staycations post-COVID.

Research the accommodation and ensure they have measures in place

I mean, this should be a no brainer for all hotels and B&B’s around the UK but it’s always worth checking *just in case*. I’m very much a just in case kind of person and I’m never one to hesitate in ringing up somewhere and asking allllll the questions. So before you leave, make sure you’re heading somewhere that’s taking the appropriate precautions.

Ensure your car is safe for the drive

If you’re going on a staycation in the UK then it’s likely you’ll be driving there. In the world of COVID, driving is certainly the safest option and the more you can avoid public transport the better. But I mean, none of that is any good if you car breaks down, is it? We can’t predict everything however so ensure you have a car warranty to cover any unexpected costs.

Pack enough masks, gloves and hand sanitizer

Remember you’ll need to take enough masks to cover your time during your staycation. If you have disposable masks, you’ll obviously need to throw them away after use. If you have washable ones and don’t have access to a washing machine whilst you’re there, then you’ll need to being enough to cover everywhere you go where you might need one. Same goes for gloves. And don’t forget to stock up on the hand sanitizer.

Take medical supplies and keep emergency phone numbers at hand

If one of you does end up falling ill on your trip and it IS COVID, you’ll definitely want to be prepared. Even if it isn’t COVID, you still want to be prepared. I had the flu during a trip 2 years ago and it was the most miserable weekend! Ensure you’ve packed paracetamol, inhalers (if needed) and all that good stuff and have some emergency contacts in your phone to call if things do get bad.

Research low COVID risk activities

Of course if you’re on a staycation, you’re not going to want to just sit in your room. But it’s normal to be wary of the activities you’re going to be doing too. Before you go, research the area and find some low COVID risk outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your staycation. I personally can’t think of anything better than spending a week relaxing in the countryside after the year we’ve had!

Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing

If there’s somewhere you desperately wanted to go but you don’t feel like they have enough safety measures in place and don’t feel comfortable – don’t do it. Your health is much more important! I think this period of time has really made us reflect on what we do actually feel comfortable with when it comes to strangers. So it’s okay if you’re barriers have changed.

Have you been on your first post-COVID staycation yet? How did you find it? What tips would you give to someone heading on theirs soon?



  1. Thanks for sharing, these sound like great tips, I’m going on a staycation in a couple of weeks finally, it shall be exciting to see what happens 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    1. Hope you have a lovely time!

  2. These are such great tips! I’m heading on a staycation in a few weeks! I’m excited to get out and explore again!

    1. I bet! Have fun!

  3. These are some great tips and I completely agrew with all of them. I’m writing this whilst on my second staycation of July and its definitely all very different to what it used to be but its still enjoyable.

    1. Glad it’s still been an enjoyed experience for you!

  4. Great tips! I’m in Manchester so I’m not sure if I can go anywhere right now with us going into a local lockdown x

    1. Oh yeah of course. Maybe when it’s safe again!

  5. I would LOVE to go away for a few days to the seaside for a staycation but I currently have zero plans! Boo!

    1. Ah maybe soon!

  6. These are all great tips! And I’m definitely thinking is that person too close basically every time I leave the house still so you’re definitely not alone there. Researching their covid measures and local cases is so important before you go anywhere. Wouldn’t want to accidentally book somewhere under local lockdown without realising x


    1. Absolutely!

  7. I’m a big fan of staycations and love exploring the UK whenever possible. I’ve been a bit nervous about Covid etc but I’m hoping to book my first trip away this weekend, so will keep these tips in mind!

    1. Ah how exciting!

  8. Such good tips and truly necessary right now. We’re taking a step further and flying to Lithuania today! The Baltic countries got away with the pandemic much easier than most countries, so there’s no need to wear a mask in shops and such, and people there social distance as part of the culture, which helps 😉 The traveling there makes me nervous though… being stuck on a flying metal tube with a mask on (thankfully only for an hour) with a looot of people. Thankfully they measure every passenger’s temperature and those who are “too hot” don’t get to travel. Exciting times!

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. Ah that’s so exciting! It’s great that they’ve got away with it more lightly but are taking the appropriate measures!

  9. jennavon says:

    These are some great tips. I go away on the 10th August so it’s come in really handy to read it. I’ll definitely be bringing more sanitizer and anti bac wipes. X

    1. Hope you have a lovely time!

  10. Love the tips! I’m looking to go on a staycation in a couple of months with the girls. I’m definitely forwarding this to them xo

    1. Yesss sounds perfect!

  11. Almost everything is still closed where I am, and even then I’m still wary. The only adventure I’m okay with is a hike because it’s outside, but it was super crowded because everyone had the same Idea 🙁
    I can’t wait to not be scared anymore.

    1. Yeah it’s mega annoying when everyone has the same idea!

  12. Sarah says:

    Some great tips! Need to pack lots of hand sanitizer xx

    1. Definitely x

  13. Thank you for the tips, some things here I wouldn’t have thought about as I’ve never had to. We can’t just nip on holiday as we could before. I’m sticking to my own tent for now and see how I get on.

    1. Things are definitely taking much more planning.

  14. These are some amazing tips! My husband and I have been working from home since March and with our current very limited social life, we have GOT to get out of the house! I’ve been thinking of renting us a cabin out in the Shenandoah Valley, but have been worried about the risks. This is a great checklist of things to keep an eye out for! Thanks!

    1. Ah book it! You’ll be absolutely fine, epsecially if it’s just you two 🙂 You deserve a break!

  15. This is a great informative post 🙂 I just hope everyone around us will be responsible and considerate – that’s all that matters! I personally won’t be going anywhere as I’m way too paranoid.

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

    1. That’s a shame, although you’re not in the UK are you?

      1. not that the moment! travel restrictions are very tight here in singapore, won’t be flying over any time soon 😔

  16. Great tips! We have a few staycations booked for Autumn so I definitely needed this. There’s so much more to think about now, it’s crazy! xx

    Tiffany x

    1. I know, its ridiculous! Glad to hear you have some things booked 🙂

  17. I think that doing low risk COVID activities is vital, as you don’t want to be in your room all the time, you want to have fun as well!

  18. I love to travel but I am so nervous about going anywhere at the moment. It’s a strange feeling to not be able to go about freely anymore. I love this post as we are now having to think of a lot more when booking a trip away. Xx

  19. Great advice. We are going end of August to a caravan park for a two week break. xxx

    1. Bet that can’t come soon enough!

  20. I’m travelling to Cornwall this weekend and I’m so excited! Thanks for the tips – they’re really helpful.

    Zoey |

    1. Oooh yay! I bet that’ll be lovely, I love Cornwall!

  21. I’ve just recently been on a Staycation to the lower side of the Lake District around Kendal and Lake Windemere. It was perfect! Plenty of scenery to explore and no-where was so busy that we decided not to go. We visited a local National Trust property (grounds only) that was a pre-book only event and that was just a trip to another World! Forgot about COVID, me and my camera in amongst the fabulous gardens, plants and flowers! Everyone being sensible and numbers limited. It’s done me the world of good knowing I’ve had some down time away from my own four walls and my mundane desk at work. Can’t wait for my next adventure!

    Another great Post Jenny! Thank you, Luna Xxxx

    1. Honestly that sounds absolutely perfect. I love The Lake District. Windermere is beautiful .SO glad you had such a lovely time!

  22. I have been out for day trips during covid times, but have not had an overnight stay yet. I have one planned though so it will be interesting to see how that is going to be.

    1. Definitely! I’m planning one for September. I think the increase in cleaning practices is a good thing!

  23. So much to think about if you want to go away for a few days at the moment. It’s far too much stress for me with 2 autistic kids, so we won’t be going anywhere this summer 🙁

    1. Ah I know, it’s stressful for everyone but you definitely have to take your own circumstances into consideration.

  24. I think it’s so important that everyone only does what they’re comfortable with! Thanks for the pointers. I’m taking my first staycation of 2020 in September! Can’t wait. X

    1. Have a fab time!

  25. Tonyalee says:

    I’ve been abroad! So all my vacations are staycations lol but yes, agree with calling to check on accommodations! It never hurts to ask questions.

    Great tips Jenny!

    1. Tonyalee says:

      Edit: never been abroad!

    2. Thanks Tonya 🙂 Although in the US you have SO MUCH to explore!

    3. These are some really good tips – there’s so much more to think about now. My in-laws recently had to stay in a cottage in Manchester and had to take their own bedding, which I thought was a good idea!

      1. Oooh yes definitely a good idea!

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