Hey beautiful soul! This is just a quick blog post today to let you know if you don’t already that I’ve FINALLY released my very first blogging course! Blogging Mindset Mastery was released on Monday and is available for purchase NOW! I’ve been working incredibly hard on this for some time and a course has been on the cards for ages – but I’ve never found something I truly aligned with. Until now.

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know where my passions lie. Blogging, mindset and personal growth. And Blogging Mindset Mastery is a combination of all of those things. It’s a course designed to help you grow your blog and achieve your goals but in a structured way that focuses on a lot of mindset work as well as the practical tips and advice.

The aim of this course is to help students master their mindset around blogging and where they want to go with their blogs and help them fall in love with achieving their goals.

This course is the most “me” thing that I’ve EVER created. I love my eBooks and I’m incredibly proud of them but for me, those eBooks are very much JUST informational. This course however, I have poured my HEART into. I can see myself in every lecture. And I can say hand on heart that I have shared with you exactly how I’ve grown and mastered my OWN mindset around blogging, comparison, money, goals and much more.

As well as 7+ years of blogging experience, I also teach you how to:

  • Create an action plan for your blog that works
  • Create and set achievable goals
  • Master your mindset around money
  • Get organized and productive with your blog
  • Not get bogged down by blogging
  • Use the Law of Attraction

And much, much more. There are over 60 lectures altogether with additional task lists, worksheets, printables, affirmation lists and more! It is a LOT. And it’s a very involved course. It’s not something you can whizz through in half an hour. It’s something to invest your time and energy into in order to get the best results.

And for that reason, I really am SO proud of it. And I hope you love working through it as much as I loved creating it.

You will have lifetime access to the course, so if it’s updated in the future, you get an automatic update too and there are two payment options to suit your needs. If you want to grab Blogging Mindset Mastery and be on your way to growing a thriving blog that comes from the heart, this is the course for you!

Purchase Blogging Mindset Mastery Here!

That’s it for today, my love! x


  1. As a blogger who has followed you for years now, I cannot say how proud I am of you, the growth of your blog and your business!! Absolutely smashing it!

  2. Jenny I am SO proud of you for releasing this. I have to admit I haven’t started yet, BUT I have bought it and I can’t wait to crack into it this weekend when I can give it all the attention it deserves. You are amazing, have so much to share and I cannot wait to hear your words of wisdom and let you motivate me as you always do!

  3. Ooo this is so exciting, when I get my student loan in I should have enough money to purchase it!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  4. I literally bought this minutes after release! I attended your webinar at the weekend and I already have one of your ebooks, so I had no hesitation in investing. I’ve only just started working through it and I’m feeling really inspired and motivated already. Best of luck with the course, I’m sure it’ll be a success and a huge help to other bloggers x

  5. congratulations on this!! i’ve so loved and enjoyed watching you grow in these kinds of endeavours since i started following you back in 2018, and this is such a fantastic milestone. i hope you’ve been able to celebrate accordingly??? xx

  6. Massive congratulations to you! You work so hard and it certainly shows in what you share. I can imagine that this course is like a little piece of your heart that you’re sharing with the world and I’m so excited to see people totally thrive in their blogging journey thanks to you!

  7. Congrats on your first course! It sounds really great and I’m sure it will be helpful to many. I wish you much success and luck for the future!

  8. WOO!!! So proud of you, hun!! You’re going to help so many people with this course, including me! I’m planning on buying this next week when I get paid because I need all of your wisdom! It looks incredible!

    Daisy xoxo>

  9. It’s so inspiring to know just how much you love blogging – I’m going to have to check the course out soon! Hopefully my little blog can grow into something bigger soon x

  10. I’ve started working my way through the course and already implemented a couple of things last night. Thank you for creating the perfectly digestible blogging course. 🙂

  11. Love the sound of this course, I seem to go through periods of loving blogging and then get stuck in a rut of no motivation. I really need to do your course x

  12. Well done on releasing your first course! I can’t wait to book a slot in the near future. I hope it goes super well for you. You’re on of the bloggers I look up to, so I’m sure all of the information in there is quality and amazing. I’d love to have your mindset when it comes to blogging!

    Love, Em x

  13. I am so insanely proud of you for a start! You’re right when you say the course is you! You can hear you and feel you throughout the course.

    I didn’t work on it yesterday and I feel like I might get told off! 😂😂 but I did use my time wisely by applying for more blog opportunities, guest posts for the first time and organising advertising for the year!

    Your course is kicking me in to blogging shape! I am genuinely loving it x

    1. Hahah don’t worry I won’t tell you off! Absolutely no need to work on it every single day to get the benefits but so glad to hear you used your time wisely! I’m so glad to hear that! xxxxx

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