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Well hey there beautiful soul! How are you? I can’t believe how quickly August went. Although of all the months since March, August was definitely the busiest month I had in a while! Things are still a bit weird out there but it’s nice to see things going back to some sort of normality. It’s doing wonders for my mental health. But anyway, enough about me. Today’s post is all about my September advertisers! It’s a good bunch!

Photo by Rebecca on Unsplash

I’m starting off this month with a book blogger. I love advertising book bloggers because it kinda makes me feel like I’m going back to my roots, considering books are what got me here! Say hi to The Bookworm’s Fantasy, for all your bookish needs! You’ll find a lot of reviews of Thriller / Psychological Thriller on here so if that’s your genre and you need some new recommendations, this one’s for you!

Posts from The Bookworm’s Fantasy I’d Recommend:

Moving on, we have Cozy Stylist, a beautiful lifestyle blog that I’ve read for some time now and always enjoy. If you’re all about that comfy and cozy lifestyle, then this is definitely the blog for you to check out today! You’ll find a ton of wholesome topics to choose from such as home decor, self care, holidays, career advice and much more!

Posts from Cozy Stylist I’d Recommend:

Next up this month we have What Helen Loves – an incredible blog focused on personal growth, living intentionally and learning how to live a simpler life. I absolutely love Helen’s content and there’s a lot of topics that I talk about myself. Helen’s blog is so inspiring in making you want to live a better, more minimal and stress-free life. Definitely one to check out!

Posts from What Helen Loves I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is Sweet Allure who I’ve followed online for as long as I can remember. First of all, I absolutely love the green and gold colour scheme of her blog! If you love travel content, then Taryna has a bunch of it on her blog from local travel adventures to posts about Europe. As well as a ton of other content and her amazing Etsy store where she sells beautiful Disney and Harry Potter watercolours!

Posts from Sweet Allure I’d Recommend: 

My next advertiser is an absolutely brilliant blog that I have learnt a lot from over the time he’s been blogging. Adam from Dad Does Autism talks about what it’s like being a Dad with two Autistic children. He shares tips and advice for other parents as well as documenting his life and days with his children, Jack and Lily. A well worthy read I’d highly recommend checking out – whether you’re a parent or not!

Posts from Dad Does Autism I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is Kayleigh, who runs the blog Kayleigh Zara. Kayleigh talks about a ton of helpful topics, such as University advice, blogging tips and Pinterest as well as regularly sharing helpful blogging posts and resources to help you grow your blog too! Kayleigh has had such great success over the last year so, so if you’re looking for blogging advice, definitely one to check out!

Posts from Kayleigh Zara I’d Recommend:

My first premium advertiser for this month is someone I’ve worked closely with recently on a live webinar and that’s Jenna from The Bloglancer. I have admired Jenna for so long and she’s one of the best bloggers, business women and general all-round fab people in this industry. Jenna offers a ton of services and resources to help bloggers such as eBooks and 1-2-1 audits and considering her success and work ethic, she’s definitely a worthy person to teach you how to grow your blog. You can check out more on her services page.

Posts from The Bloglancer I’d Recommend: 

My second premium advertiser of this month is Yaya Tales – an absolutely fabulous personal growth, self care and self discovery blog which I’d highly recommend checking out if you’re on your own journey of self growth! She also has free worksheets and an Etsy store where she sells mental health workbooks, which I’d highly recommend checking out!

Posts from Yaya Tales I’d recommend:

And finally, I’m absolutely thrilled to have Mariam from Boss Babe Chronicles as one of my advertisers this month as I’ve been working closely with her over the last few months as she’s been managing my Pinterest! Mariam’s blog is packed of personal growth, business and blogging content. She’s an absolute master at Pinterest and has also grown her blog massively over the short space of time she’s had it!

Posts from Boss Babe Chronicles I’d Recommend: 

Which of these blogs are you the most keen to check out? Do you already read any of these? Which posts are on your to-read list? Let me know!


  1. So many good blogs here, including two of my three favourites for blogging tips – Kayleigh & Mariam (you’re the third so it fits together perfectly!). I also really love Tarn’s blog, such pretty photos. I need to catch up with a few of the ones I don’t know though – the Bookworm’s Fantasy and Dad Does Autism sound so good!

  2. Wow, you’ve got some great bloggers this month! Some I’m following, some are new – and I’m very excited to check them out so thanks for the recmmendations!

  3. Yaaay! I always love seeing posts like these because I love checking out new blogs and seeing what people are up to! Thank you for sharing these every month 😊

  4. I’m always so excited when you share these posts because I love finding new blogs to follow. It made me happy to see some of my favorites on this list! I can’t wait to see what they all post this autumn 🙂

  5. I love Boss Babe Chronicles for the healthy lifestyle, mindset, and blogging tips! The Bookworm’s Fantasy I have not yet heard of, so I look forward to checking out a couple new blogs this month. It is also a joy to see Dad Does Autism here; I love his wholesome writing. 🙂

  6. ‘What Helen Loves’ sounds like just the right blog for me, gonna check that one out immediately! Love these posts, there’s always something new and interesting so thank you for these! xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  7. Great suggestions! I’m aware of a good few of these bloggers and personally love them! But I’ll definitely check out the others. Yaya and I have worked together before and I couldn’t recommend her more as a writer.

  8. I love discovering new blogs to sink my teeth in to and your advertisers post is always the perfect round up! I can’t wait to be featured next month x

  9. Ooh as always a fantastic bunch to check out! I’ve been looking to read more book blogs so I’ll be stopping by The Bookworm’s Fantasy ASAP!

  10. Some great familiar bloggers here but I’m looking forward to checking out more from them over the month.

    I just can’t quite believe we’ve hit the last quarter of the year, it’s madness x

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