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Howdy partner! How you doing? It’s bloody October. OCTOBERRRRR. I just, can’t. Autumn is well and truly underway and I am here for it. I’ve also started thinking about Christmas quite a lot too. I just feel like we REALLY need to make the most of this last part of the year and at least try and make up for the absolute disaster we’ve had so far. Who’s with me? To kick off October, I’d love to introduce you to my amazing advertisers!

Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

My first advertiser this month is someone I’ve had on my blog plenty of times in the past but I’m always thrilled to welcome back and that Kim from Chimmyville. Kim talks a lot about travel (specifically staycations which I’m a HUGE fan of myself), mental health and all sorts of fun and informative lifestyle content such as baking and tips on how we can protect the environment / animals!

Posts from Chimmyville I’d recommend:

My second advertiser this month is someone who I’ve also had before but I’m delighted to welcome back as well and that’s Madison from The Sarcastic Shark. Madison’s blog covers aspects of her life and career as a biology student, which I think is absolutely fascinating!

There’s quite a lot of different blogs and content to share with you this month and I am LOVING it. Including my next advertiser, which is Britt from Shed Happens. I love her blog because it’s all about pets and animals and if you’ve seen my Instagram, you know how much I love my dog! Britt’s blog is SO informative and a great example of a super niche blog that has been executed amazingly.

Posts from Shed Happens I’d recommend: 

Another new blog to introduce you to now and that’s the lovely Kelly from The Kelly Diane Report. Kelly talks about everything from beauty, books, food and fashion. But also has posts on everything from charity to gift guides to her love of aviation. There really is something for everyone on Kelly’s blog so definitely one I’d recommend checking out today!

Posts from The Kelly Diane Report I’d recommend:

Next up I have another new advertiser for this month and that’s Confessions Of A Travel Addict and the lovely Lois that runs it! Confessions Of a Travel Addict is a family, lifestyle and travel blog and has a ton of lovely content around lifestyle, travel tips, parenting, well-being and more! She has some great posts around family friendly days out in the UK too, so one for your parents out there! I was also hooked on Lois’s home birth stories!

Posts from Confessions of a Travel Addict I’d recommend:

I have a wonderful beauty and lifestyle blog for you next and that’s Kelly’s wonderful blog Until Another Day. If you’re into beauty, this one is definitely for you as Kelly talks a lot about make up and skincare but she also has other content around travel and lifestyle thrown in there for good measure! I’ve been reading a lot of Kelly’s blog this last month, so would highly recommend!

Posts from Until Another Day I’d recommend:

Onto my first premium advertiser of the month which is Neecee B, a blog which talks a lot about mental health and Neecee’s own experiences with mental illness including depress, anxiety, PTSD and OCD over the years. However she also talks a lot about her dog, Apollo. Which is a really lovely addition to the blog and serves as a more light-hearted element to what is sometimes very hard hitting topics.

Posts from Neecee B I’d recommend:

And finally, my last advertiser today is someone who’s blog I’ve come to absolutely ADORE over the last few months. She’s also one of the loveliest and sweetest people only and that’s Marissa from Marissa x Marsybun. A fellow Disney lover, Marissa lives in Singapore and talks a lot about lifestyle, beauty, travel and of course… Disney. Marissa’s beautiful blog is a joy to read!

Posts from Marissa x Marsybun I’d recommend:

Which of these blogs are you going to check out this month? Any you already love? Let me know!


  1. Oooooh, some new blogs to binge on, yay! I love Kim, Kelly Diane, Britt and Kelly’s blogs but the others are new to me. Bearing in mind Flora wants to become a marine biologist I think I have to head over to Madison’s blog immediately – thank you! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing these blogs, they are all new to me. Love finding new ideas & love Disney. Definitely checking out what Marissa x Marsybun.

  3. I’m so excited to be advertising with you think month, along with some incredible bloggers. There’s a few that are new to me so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  4. As you know, I love seeing new and old faces on the blogs I know! The Sarcastic Shark makes me smile; what a great on-point title for a blog. I look forward to checking out the writers I do not know and sticking with the ones I love.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Once again, you have included a couple bloggers that I haven’t heard of before. That’s my FAVOURITE part about reading your monthly sponsors posts – there’s always someone new and incredible that I just HAVE TO check out!

  6. I can’t believe it’s a new month already – what a fab list of blogs. Love founding out new people to follow this way 🙂 xx

  7. I’m so happy to be advertising with you this month Jenny! I feel like this is really a long time coming 😊 thank you for having me – and thank you for introducing new lovely bloggers to all of us in this post. Happy October!

  8. As the weather gets cooler, I always spend more time indoors ready blogs, so I think your list is going to be very useful to me. Thank you so much for sharing! I am sure I will find a few new interesting bloggers to follow thanks to this post.

  9. Great to see some familiar faces here! Can’t wait to check out the few that I haven’t heard of before – always great to learn about new blogs so thanks for sharing Jenny! 🙂

  10. Eeee some lovely choices here! Some very familiar faces but I do love to discover new people as well so I look forward to checking some of these suggestions out over the month x x

  11. Happy October 1st! How on Earth did we get here so quickly!? You know how much I love your monthly advertiser posts, I’ll be doing some good old blog reading today now!


      1. I love reading your posts introducing us to your monthly advertisers.
        It’s a great way to discover more wonderful blogs to read and follow.

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