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December. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Can you believe we’re here already? Did you think we’d ever see December, back in March when it felt like the world was imploding around us? But yet, here we are. We made it. And however this year has gone for you, I urge you to spend a moment of appreciation for getting yourself to December. To kick off the month, I’d love to introduce you to my 8 amazing advertisers!

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

My first advertiser for this month needs NO introduction because I’ve had the lovely Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook on my blog plenty of times before but I always like to promote her blog because it’s absolutely one of my favourites and Lisa is one of my favourites too. Over the years I’ve known her online, she’s started to feel like a big sister to me and I couldn’t recommend her blog enough for all your lifestyle, gardening, books and beauty needs!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d recommend:

My next advertiser, Planning With Em, is a new discovering for me this year but one I’m SO GLAD I discovered because her content, topics and niches are RIGHT up my street. Anyone that loves organization, productivity, bullet journalling, you’re definitely going to want to check out Planning With Em! Although she does post about things such as self care and mental health too. So a little something for all of us!

Posts from Planning With Em I’d recommend:

December would appear to be the month of beautiful blogs because my next advertiser, Miss Monro, is someone else who has a gorgeous blog and produces gorgeous content too. A fairly new blog but definitely one to check out and keep an eye on! Bianca posts about beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle as well as blogging related posts too!

Posts from Miss Monro I’d recommend:

My next advertiser needs no introduction, as she’s been a favourite of mine for some time. Claire from Our Favourite Jar is one of the loveliest people I’ve met online and her blog deserves all the love! Claire documents her family life, from the good to the bad and does it absolutely perfectly. Her real, raw and honest posts about grief are some of my absolute favourites to read and I know they’ll help a ton of people going through the same thing.

Posts from Our Favourite Jar I’d Recommend:

My next advertisers is also a relatively new blog but definitely one I’d recommend following and keeping an eye on for more content because the lovely Billie from Billie Geena covers topics related to buying your first house! From budgeting tips, to interior wishlists to more practical advice, I can imagine a lot of people will find Billie’s blog very helpful – including me!

Posts from House of Hyde I’d recommend:

I’m thrilled to welcome Jenna from The Ramblings of Jenna Von back for the second month in a row as a premium advertiser! Jenna is a lifestyle blogger but talks very openly and honestly about her experience with mental and physical illness, such as Bipolar and Endometriosis. Definitely one to check out this month if you haven’t already and send her some Christmas love!

Posts from The Ramblings of Jenna Von I’d Recommend:

My second premium advertiser for this month is Jaclyn from Jaclynistic Vibes who has become one of my absolute favourite bloggers over the past year! Her blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and she covers such a range of wholesome and wonderful topics such as mental health, organization, relationships and more. She’s also one of the most supportive and sweetest people ever so definitely give her a follow and a read this month!

Posts from Jaclynistic Vibes I’d recommend:

And my final premium advertiser for the month is something I think a lot of new bloggers reading this will find very helpful and will want to check out ASAP and that’s Izzy from Izzy Matias. Izzy covers all things blogging, from growing your blog to making money from it and she offers incredibly sound advice for bloggers of all levels and experience! However she covers various other topics throughout her content too. All in all, she’s just brilliant.

Posts from Izzy Matias I’d recommend:

I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been with my final set of advertisers for 2020! I absolutely LOVE these bloggers so much and I hope you will too! Let me know who’s posts your checking out first!


  1. You’ve got a fantastic set of bloggers advertising with you this month! I already know some of them, but there’s a couple I’ve not heard of. I’l check out their blogs now. x

  2. Wow, December already, and thank you so much for having me back, Jenny, I’m delighted to have you as my online sister! I’m absolutely thrilled to read all these lovely comments too, and very proud to be in such good company. Can’t wait to check out those blogs that are new to me now 🙂 xxx

  3. I honestly can’t believe it’s December already!! These all sound like absolutely amazing bloggers, I know a couple of these but quite a few are new to me! So will be fun to check them out xx

  4. It’s hard to believe it’s already December & before we know it it’ll be New Year’s Eve!
    I love Lisa’s blog & I will have to check out the other lovely bloggers!

  5. Aw thank you so much Jenny for those lovely words! They really have put a smile on my face. I’m loving the other blogs who are advertising this month too, as there’s a few new ones for me to check out. The ones I already know are fantastic, so I’m honoured to be listed with them xx

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